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  1. how will the frames be compared to the AS buses ?
  2. whats happening to this project is it still on going
  3. Nice to see her coming along , i guess i have to start reading the manual
  4. lol! i do exactly the same,i guess all simmers think the same
  5. Thanx looking really good guys keep up the hard work
  6. Can u guys pls post some close up shots of the external model
  7. EDDT ground textures shaking

    i have the same problem
  8. I agree with richcam427 we were weeks away to release and now it seems as if theres another delay,same old story year after year.
  9. Are we close yet or another couple of weeks
  10. good to hear the new sound set is top, cant wait .
  11. Will we have the crj for xmas or wait another year!
  12. More vc shots pls ! i love the quality of the modelling
  13. who did the external model ? Amazing work guys its almost time to pop the champagne