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  1. I loaded up the video from an iphone on an ipad so not if that makes a difference for some of they are able to view. If desired I can send it to someone to reformat and upload as needed.
  2. Yes Thanks, I stand corrected. : ). Perhaps the better way to say it would be that pressing in either fuel boost pump will arm the boost system in which case more complex pressure control logic on each engine feed takes over as evidence of the table above.
  3. I agree that is one wish I have on a crj pro future version as the fuel pump check is done once a day. I would give priority to simulating these compared to more obscure failures. Note it is the fuel check valve which makes sure the boost pump from the opposite side fuel system is not feeding a fire on a failed engine side.
  4. Yes, The essential thing about starting to understand the fuel boost pumps is that pressed in “on” is not really/necessarily “on” but instead “armed”. Once armed it can turn on or remain off depending on the engines running, proper operations of the main ejector that feeds the engines normally and condition of the other fuel boost pump. The systems detects the fuel feed pressure and depending on some other factors will be on or remain off.
  5. Now almost 3 years of flying both the Aerosoft crj and the real one, I was worried about the risk of picking up any bad habits that could transfer over. This also in respect to final approach phase, landing, flare phase. I have been pleasantly surprised that has not been the case an I would argue just the opposite. I would agree that final flare on the P3d crj does not feel quite as “under control”as rw (yes, less nose up flare than the real thing), however the level D simm does not do that well either or p3d simm in general. I am amazed how energy management (flying the appropria
  6. Excellent thread... here is another question that would be fun (and a fun question to see if modeled in this simulator that honestly does a great job with the synoptics page for the price point). What causes the Adg (air driven generator) to auto deploy and if deployed, what buses/equipment/systems does it power? I’m not at my computer to see how the crj handles this but I’m curious myself. NOTE, I (we) should not have expectation for the as crj simm to model things like this accurately with the likelihood of this coming into play in the real thing or even level d simm standardized trai
  7. A must have and well done. See https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/541082-linda-available-aircraft-modules/
  8. Yes, this refinement on the FMS, for “cleaning up the approach and making it big” would be icing on the cake for this great plane. The same function is also used for setting up for visual approaches when not backed up by an instrument approach.
  9. Thank you the Aerosoft and crj teams. A truly amazing simulation, I am truly amazed at how close it is to the real thing both from the depth/fidelity of the systems to the accuracy of the flight dynamics. This is the aircraft to “live” the simulated regional flying regime (together with multi crew experience and airports like Drzewieki KDCA . I am pleased with the further refinements (I view as clearing of MELs) that keep coming. Thank you.
  10. Aerosoft via their updater came up quickly with an updated version that fixed the problem. Therefore if you have the very latest this specific problem should not be an issue.
  11. Aribusfan, thank you for your help, I went to that thread, saw the problem, and noticed a solution was found and a new version posted on the Aerosoft Updater. This great aircraft is now loading up correctly and I'm back in business! Thanks!
  12. The Aerosoft F14 is one of the simulation industries great aircraft but unfortunately during re installation onto latest version of prepar3d, prepar3d almost immediately on load up of the F14 produces a crash cdt on pressing Ok on bottom right corner. . To load, I tried directly from the selection menu or changing aircraft once at the default airport/aircraft both with same results. Since I have not had issues for several years with aircraft (I mostly fly the Aerosoft CRJ & PMDG aircraft I am unsure how to trouble shoot this case or how to get needed crash logs.
  13. Per the manual, a click spot on the placard above the pfd/mfd removes the yoke. Enjoy
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