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  1. Aribusfan, thank you for your help, I went to that thread, saw the problem, and noticed a solution was found and a new version posted on the Aerosoft Updater. This great aircraft is now loading up correctly and I'm back in business! Thanks!
  2. The Aerosoft F14 is one of the simulation industries great aircraft but unfortunately during re installation onto latest version of prepar3d, prepar3d almost immediately on load up of the F14 produces a crash cdt on pressing Ok on bottom right corner. . To load, I tried directly from the selection menu or changing aircraft once at the default airport/aircraft both with same results. Since I have not had issues for several years with aircraft (I mostly fly the Aerosoft CRJ & PMDG aircraft I am unsure how to trouble shoot this case or how to get needed crash logs. Windows version 10 home 1903 os build 18362.535 Processor I7-6700 3.4 ghz 16.0 gb graphics nvidia gtx 1080 driver version 39.1.25 Prepar3D 4.5 .13.32097 F14 version updated via ASupdater I had done, what I believe was the proper automatic de installation of the F14, prior to the latest P3d upgrade the last time but delayed installing the F14 until now. normally use linda, active sky, but even with those not loaded up, same issue. I don have orbx sceneries installed. Any tips welcome. I don't want to do anything drastic because the CRJ is main main aircraft and I want to keep that running smooth. I thank the developers for having immortalized this aircraft. Wallace
  3. Per the manual, a click spot on the placard above the pfd/mfd removes the yoke. Enjoy
  4. I second, third, and fourth an an American themed 900. One the the most recent delivered is a PSA N610NN. The 900 With the American livery is o e of the best looking aircraft.
  5. For those that use this setup for their mode control panel and other, I can report that the upgrade to CRJ pro was seamless. I did a Client only upgrade of Prepar3D V4.5 to to the latest, installed the CRJ and all my custom knob/switch functions worked as with the prior version with the LINDA. This new version of the aircraft has been very stable and a pleasure to fly on my system for my test flights. Great work Digital Aviation/Aerosoft teams. As a reference point, here are some specs on my side. Out of the box Alienware with 1080TI graphics card Saitek ST290 joistic, throttle quadrant, rudder peddles MCP pro combo II Active Sky (cycle Prepare3D once before running Active Sky or it will not know where it is). Orbx scenes plus other complex scenes No shaders HD on I do not use the Navigraph fuction of EFB as I have separate charts All the best. Wittkoff
  6. Glad to hear. Thanks!! Tons of hours of enjoyment with prior version of crj and MCE. Last night simulated a maneuvers validation flight with the pro and all went super well (short of being the actual aircraft or a multi million dollar level D simm) and today I am going to test out with MCE so perfect timing! With the way the check list work it should be super easy to make my custom check list to the new aircraft as simple as copy/rename/paste/. I will need to see about the voxscript. Thanks again.
  7. That would be great because this approach cleanup is common practice. Thanks.
  8. Great simulation of this aircraft done by Aerosoft. However, like the real thing you need to study it to fly it well. The systems go amazingly deep (almost as deep as you would go as a rw pilot) considering its price point. If you enjoy shorter hop regional flying, this is by far the best simulated one available. Some minor issues on how the FMS behaves when modifying flight plans in route and cleaning up approaches when cleared or setting up visual approaches on the FMS (like the DC river visual). However no complaints because the price of this simm is less than probably a single lime of code in the real FMS. I treat any issues that do exist as a “custom MEL” that I have a work around for just as in MELs for the real world. My understanding there is a further refinement of this aircraft in the works.
  9. Thanks for quick reply. No problem.
  10. Does anyone know how to disconnect the pitch trim. This is done on first flight of day acceptance with a switch to press on the back of the yoke. I do not see the switch modeled or a key board shortcut. What a great simm plane by the way.
  11. Great news. This plane is worth further refinement.
  12. I fully agree. I fly often and have definitely gotten my money’s worth. For my part I’m willing to invest in it’s continued refinement. Also using multi crew experience and customizing to a real world ops and flying as such makes it excellent.
    Simply excellent! Thanks so much for Steve putting this PSA American Eagle 900 Livery. The 900 is an excellent aircraft and having the American eagle version is great. Btw, the Aerosoft team has done a fantastic job with this aircraft. We are really lucky to have it in our hanger. PS. I had to do the manual install but it worked out great. First time I have done such. Follow the example how the existing aircraft are setup. The aircraft.cfg that you will edit will be in the 900 folder and the name of the folder you will create to put the files in is as listed in "texture =" This case name the folder "texture.AE_N574NN"
  13. Hum... yes... procedure or technique differences ...or... .fuel savings or reasonable angle for beverage carts and flight attendants in the back... the great thing about simulation is the that the simulator pilot can set rules that he/her chooses to create for the experience. Thanks for the high end developers who make this possible. A little virtual trick I use for the developers that create a great product that shows great investment to model an aircraft (8 to 9 digits price points) for only 2 to 3 digits is to use a “custom MEL” while the issue is resolved (if possible within the scope of this hobby’s platform) The way this works is to create a work around for a known simulator issue and treat as an MEL . For example the APU power/fuel switch that does not behave properly if managed early in the simm load up (at least for me). My solution to this is to keep the aircraft on ground power while I do other stuff and start the gpu later which for me produces the right switch light logic. My recondition for virtual simmers is to support developers with feedback on improvements while at the same time not getting stalled on specific issue.
  14. I confirm as well the speed and alt changes in legs page require an exec and volume button pushed in is “on”. I also agree on the speed trend being to jumpy. I made sure to disable any wx that produces turbulence. In the rw aircraft even in turbulence this speed trend does not jump around. Good stuff and thanks Hans for sticking around with us CRJ pilots!
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