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  1. So i guess , i have to return it to my supplier. thanks for your Help Dave
  2. Thxs Dave for the tips i checked and even tried with an other cable and nothing... it's weird because he can detect the reverse button
  3. No problem Yes, i tested in the windows usb game controler, all axis are working except for the axis for the throttle 2 Maybe it’s a hardware issue
  4. Hi Dave, Thanks for your answer. The Sim that I’m’using is in the title of the post ( p3d v5 Hf 1) i think my main problem is my pc do no recognize the axis for the second throttle ( no issue for the other axis) Best regards Alexandre
  5. Hi Ben , Thxs for you answer. I figured out my issue ( with my old pc) , so the profil working except with my new pc which do not recognize the throttle axis Number 2 best regards Alexandre
  6. Hi everyone, I just tried to set up my honeycomb bravo throttle but it seems my pc doesn’t recognize axis 2 for the throttle, anything else is working Any suggestions ? Or should i return it ? Best regards Alexandre.
  7. Hi everyone, Just followed the step by step in page 1, but didn't work for my bravo throttle whereas the default profil seems to work. Best regards Alexandre
  8. Hi, I just uploaded the new version and i have no cruising, descent, approach and landing checklist (i Don't use fs2crew) but before the version i had all those checklist with the virtual copilot includes in the plane Maybe i miss Something... Thxs for help (i'm using P3D 4.5) Alex Ps : i start my descent at THE TOD Point
  9. Hello everyone, Thxs a lot for help It works, i changed the brightness on my screen Alex
  10. Hi, I read different things on the Airbus website, but it's not clear Have you any advice to use correctly anti ice ? Have a nice day Alex
  11. Hello, What are shader tweaks ? i m using simbrief, and other add ons
  12. Hello Ok thxs So it's full white and i can t read the doc
  13. Hello, Just 2 questions : is it possible to change efb bringhtness and how to turn of landing lights after take off ? because i can't thxs
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