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  1. Hi, I just uploaded the new version and i have no cruising, descent, approach and landing checklist (i Don't use fs2crew) but before the version i had all those checklist with the virtual copilot includes in the plane Maybe i miss Something... Thxs for help (i'm using P3D 4.5) Alex Ps : i start my descent at THE TOD Point
  2. Hello everyone, Thxs a lot for help It works, i changed the brightness on my screen Alex
  3. Hi, I read different things on the Airbus website, but it's not clear Have you any advice to use correctly anti ice ? Have a nice day Alex
  4. Hello, What are shader tweaks ? i m using simbrief, and other add ons
  5. Hello Ok thxs So it's full white and i can t read the doc
  6. Hello, Just 2 questions : is it possible to change efb bringhtness and how to turn of landing lights after take off ? because i can't thxs
  7. Thxs. I have already updated the 330 but the problem is still here
  8. Si i updated the version and it has changed nothing still impossible to change the value
  9. Hi dave, Thxs for your answer Yes i use the last version of P3D4 And no the lastest experimental update. Where can i find it ? cause in the aerosoft updater, there is no other version that
  10. Hi, I have a problem with the flight control unit. I put my mouse on the altitute butom (or heading, spead…) and it doesn't change the value I use P3D 4.5 Thxs for help
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