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  1. i install this ac again after i seen the update was released hoping that the stutters would be resolved , but unfortunately not Wat a waiste ,MSFS 2020 no thanx. goodbye
  2. Hi is the crj compatible with the latest p3d hotfix
  3. I just installed this plane today, cause I bought fs2crew and the performance is still the same. I notice a drop in performance when looking forward towards the windscreen in VC. Maybe true glass has something to do with performance loss.
  4. Problem is I did my 1st flight in p3dv5 with the a330 and performance was smooth like me wife's bottom The AC handled well without any problems. So thanx AS for a job well done.
  5. Yes in the ezdok effects menu there's an option to enable taxi fix.
  6. I tried it with no improvement .the a330 is very good performance compared to the crj
  7. i have stutters when taxing and tried everything performance is not great on this AC .
  8. i fixed it by reinstalling the crj and updating through the aerosoft updater.
  9. i have the same problem i posted in the systems forum and still no answer gave up on this ac.
  10. Hi Ed did u find out which add on caused this problem
  11. timma

    crj pro is dead

    Hi Otto nothing new i have installed apart from reinstalling the crj, i deleted all panel states turned off av, deleted P3d.cfg but with no success should i try installing the p3d client again. thanx
  12. timma

    crj pro is dead

    Hi any help pls i just reinstalled the crj pro and now no power and all controls are frozen.
  13. tried everything with the new update still getting stutters when taxiing and external view .all my other add ons Pmdg,Fslabs Qw run smoothly. gave up on this AC .
  14. is there a list of fixes for what has been fixed or is it just 1 fix for navigragh charts ctd. thanx
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