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  1. timma

    The issue of N1 going down/up with throttle movement

    thanx for that Hans ive had the same issue
  2. i had the same problem the crj didnt load properly, but after reloading it again and setting it to cold&dark it worked fine
  3. timma

    CRJ 700/900X Update Progress

    Still waiting, so they still in Vegas
  4. I too have the click spot on the windshield p3dv4.2
  5. timma

    CRJ Update 1.0.5 incoming

    Will it be a complete installer
  6. timma

    CRJ Update 1.0.5 incoming

    cant wait to dust her off and take her for a spin my dear lady thanx Hans
  7. I had a similar situation when taxing ,started taxing and all of a sudden the plane came to a complete stop i had to apply power above 35% to get going again.
  8. Same problem with lnav over flying waypoints and ils plane banking to the right on approach
  9. im havin the same problem, now the plane cant hold the ILS banks to the right
  10. timma

    EDDT ground textures shaking

    i have the same problem
  11. More vc shots pls ! i love the quality of the modelling
  12. timma

    Fatal Error

    It is a big disappointment ,i feel the game is half done and the performance is awful for that price its a rip off !!