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  1. i install this ac again after i seen the update was released hoping that the stutters would be resolved , but unfortunately not Wat a waiste ,MSFS 2020 no thanx. goodbye
  2. Hi is the crj compatible with the latest p3d hotfix
  3. I just installed this plane today, cause I bought fs2crew and the performance is still the same. I notice a drop in performance when looking forward towards the windscreen in VC. Maybe true glass has something to do with performance loss.
  4. i have stutters when taxing and tried everything performance is not great on this AC .
  5. Hi Ed did u find out which add on caused this problem
  6. Yes i fly the labs 4 more than 3yrs never had this problem
  7. My first flight flew the SID cinda1a out of eddf at 4000ft i got the overspeed alert
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