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Active A330s by Operator


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Just wanted to post this since there was some discussion going around in the A330 Preview forum.


I am compiling a list of active A330s by operator (sorted highest - lowest). For the sake of simplicity, this list will include 200,300, and F variants.

  1. Turkish Airlines 51
  2. Air China 49
  3. Cathay Pacific 43
  4. China Eastern 43
  5. China Southern 35
  6. Delta 35
  7. Etihad 31
  8. Singapore Airlines 30
  9. Qatar 29
  10. Korean Air 29
  11. Qantas 28
  12. Thai Airways International 27
  13. American Airlines 24
  14. China Airlines 24
  15. Aeroflot 22
  16. Garuda Indonesia 22
  17. Hawaiian Airlines 21
  18. AirAsia X 20
  19. Malaysia Airlines 19
  20. Lufthansa 19
  21. DragonAIr 18
  22. Emirates 18
  23. KLM 17
  24. Air France 15
  25. Asiana Airlines 15


Obviously the list goes on and on, hopefully I will be able to update this list if anyone is interested.


This list was created for informational purposes only. I am always open to critique or suggestions.


*Information derived from planespotters.net

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good idea ...

look here

When I compared planespotters and wiki that same Wikipedia page, I saw that the numbers with planespotters are higher. I assumed that that was because of a more upgraded list with planespotters; that's why I chose to go with that information :)

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Indeed there's a lot of outdated information on the internet, therefor sources are not always reliable. Also that list of A330 operators is somewhat outdated in some cases. For example, it says Air Asia has got 16 A333's in their fleet. If I look at their own wiki page it says they got 20, plus 3 operated by Thai Air Asia and 2 operated by Indonesia Air Asia. Those last two are not even listed in the list of A330 operators.

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