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  1. I would agree for the axis and switches. I can imagine going through the pain of remapping the AP panel. So basically I did just that - a new preset with only AP, gear, and trim mapped.
  2. Absolutely. When it came to my AP issue, avionics master was assigned to one of the blank switches and it wouldn't let me switch AP on (even though everything else on the A/C was functioning fine despite the switch setting). I just unassigned all my switches since most of the Alpha or Bravo switches don't seem to work yet anyway -- safer that way for now. So lesson learned. For every new type of aircraft, un-assign all the axis and switches before programming. Issues encountered so far related to not properly programming the Bravo properly: ENG1 or ENG2 t
  3. Hello All, I've been flying the CRJ on MSFS since it came out without any issues whatsoever. Now for some weird reason, engines won't turn on either manually or by selecting one of the aircraft state buttons. N1 stays at 3.0 and N2 at 25.0 and won't change. I tried removing the aircraft (deleted the folder from the official folder - bought off MS store) and reinstalling to no avail. I'm not sure what else I can try at this point. Flew yesterday with no issues. Literally the only thing that changed is that I installed the Bravo Throttle Quadrant earlier today.
  4. Hi Guys. So I got my throttle quadrant today as well. Having the same issue as above. My exe file is pointing to the correct path, but it won't start up with the simulator. I tried renaming the exe file and reinstalling drivers but nothing happens. I don't have antivirus or anything of that sort to block the program from running so I'm not really sure what's the issue here Tried running as admin, no change. I'm running it on the Aerosoft CRJ by the way. (The buttons and axis all work, it's just the lights) I've attached my exe and logs if anyone can help I'
  5. Hey Troopa, couple of people including myself posted about Kuwait Airways A330-200, can you please include them in the above list? Thanks
  6. +1 for Kuwait Airways!!! Brand new aircraft, first one (9K-APA) was delivered on 23 Jun 2015 Would also like to add other KAC A330 registrations: A330-200: 9K-APA (Delivered: June 2015)9K-APB (Delivered: July 2015)9K-APC (Expected delivery soon)9K-APD (Ordered, expected delivery in 2015)9K-APE (Ordered, expected delivery in 2015)
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