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  1. Mathijs literally just answered this in the first post on here...
  2. I stopped using PFPX until they update. I'm using Simbrief for the meantime
  3. Are the paintkits with the previous version cross-compatiable? Meaning will I be able to use liveries created before or will they need to be rebuilt? (Apologies if this has been asked before I couldnt find a thread asking this or if I'm posting this is in the wrong section[emoji1] )
  4. Hey Guys, Since the A33X will have a more "fine tuned" CFD than the current A32X, will some of this tuning include making it easier/simpler to connect together? I've always had trouble having a connection 100%. E.g. Sometimes only one of us can be master, etc. (This ofcourse is after multiple attempts to get it to work) My second question is: Should we expect the CFD in the A318 experimental be what will be released in the 33X? (Considering all future updates to experimental) (I only expect a smoother connection process since Shared Cockpit in the Q400 can connect with no issues whatsoever for me. I had always assumed it was an issue with my connection before trying with the Majestic) Cheers
  5. Very Nice! Keep up the good work! P.S. Wouldn't lie if I said I'd love to see a slightly longer vid (or other scenarios like T/O or APP )
  6. Happy Friday Aerosoft! Were one week closer to release Can't wait for today's eyecandy!
  7. Hey guys, Wondering if someone can point me in the right direction. I'm pretty excited for this product, so I want to get a headstart on repaintingt. Now obviously the repaint kit for the 33X isn't available yet, but I want to start on the 320 kit so I have some idea what I am doing. I looked for some good tutorials on youtube and through the search here on the AS forums. But I didn't really find anything useful (there was one post with alot of pages and I went through a few and most people were posting requests there as opposed to learning how to repaint) -- So I guess I want to start self-learning. I know I need Photoshop, which I already have. And I've seen people talking about using DXT as a converter (I'm assuming as a last step to convert to a readable format) -- Do I understand this correctly? I am also assuming, this is the DXT converter I need http://www.mwgfx.co.uk/programs/dxtbmp.htm -- Can someone confirm this? Rest of the steps from the posts I read is just basically trial and error? Also, does anyone know if I can use one of Holgi's liveries for the A320 as a template and play around with it? If so, do I just copy the folders and use the files? (For my own personal use only ofcourse) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  8. That's kind of why I personally promote doing open betas. Now I know that it isn't Aerosoft's usual route. But an open beta will probably limit the amount of hotfixes needed after the initial release due to all the different users using different hardware/software specs and reporting any issues to AS. That would probably also mean a further delay in the release, though. But hey, we all want a great aircraft to fly. (Either way I am positive AS will deliver a great aircraft) Obviously I'm just another crazed AS fanatic, so don't mind me.
  9. It's nice to start having an idea of the timeframe. This is not saying I am expecting it to release in December, but now I know not to expect it earlier. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!
  10. Hello Everybody! Thanks Stephan for the updated pics! Looking great as always. I can't wait! Just a quick question to whoever knows the answer to this, and you guys might not even have the answer to this. I am assuming aerosoft will pressure Topcat for this: Should we expect topcat to be updated once the A330 is released to include the A330? And if so, will it be updated with the release or should we expect it in a later update? Maybe you guys will just create the text file for topcat and we can add it manually? I use PFPX as my main flightplanning tool, so just wondering when I will be able to export routes, etc. so I can fly this beauty Thanks, and as always, if this has been answered in the past, I apologize.
  11. Hey Troopa, couple of people including myself posted about Kuwait Airways A330-200, can you please include them in the above list? Thanks
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