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Thank you very much!


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Thanks to all of you for

incredible 1 million downloads ...

I am absolutely speechless!

Thanks to Matthijs for this area in the forum,

I need this really,

because I have no idea how I can answer all your mails and especially to fulfill your wishes!

I'm trying to map everything here in the next few weeks,

then you can inform yourself here.

You want to have a repaint?

Then you can request it here,
I will try to fulfill all wishes,
but always in sequence.
(please never forget, we have so many good paint artists in our forum)

What I will not do:

I will not give information how long it takes. (Hey, I do this in my spare time, I have 3 children and a wonderful wife!) ;)
Since I'm here in the forum I have almost every request made
​​(more than 600 textures 2 times as clean and dirt)
and why? (because I'm just so)
I do it because it makes me fun and I want to give you a pleasure and so it should stay.

Thanks to Stefan for the incredibly hot models and his support if it did not even work that way!

... and sorry
my bad English, maybe one of you can teach me ...
... and do not get me wrong, I'm always positive!


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No, we simmers all need to thank YOU!!! There are many very good reasons you have achieved 1 million downloads! Quality and quantity- in our niche it's a pair of words not often heard together. I swear you've invented some software that just puts out quality paints in blinding speed, and you're just hiding it.... ;)

You're a quality repaint machine Holgi, and the fact that you do so many user requests is unheard of. Congratulations and of course can't wait for more!

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Holgi, I've become a "repaint snob" - I only install and use your repaints on the A318/9 (and the AXE A320/1). The are consistantly stunning!

THANK YOU for the hundreds of repaints you've created to improve the hobby. :clap_s:

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Hiya Holger,

Thank you Holger for your awesome work and contribution to increase the quality of our hobby we so much love :D

Special thanks for the quick service with "Untitled" A318 Elite!!! :cheers_s:

Best regards,


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