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  1. Totally solved! As simple as install the scenery, open the sim and enjoy. Completely agree! Thanks for your lesson, Oliver. I'll go to bed with something new learned. I though that Scenery Library or third party tools were the only ways to add sceneries into the sim. Now I know that I was wrong. Thanks for your platinum-class support (fast and useful) and keep your amazing job feeding our beloved community with awesome addons. Happy rest of the weekend and safe landings!
  2. Hi Oliver, Honestly no, I didn't. I'll do it in that way right now and will let you know. If everything goes fine, bye-bye to SCE
  3. Hello, The installer itself didn't add the scenery to the sim. Therefore I had to add it after installation was completed. After the second installation I tried to add the scenery via Scenery Library within the sim without success. No matter if I use SCE or Scenery Library in the sim; the result it's the same.
  4. Hi captains, Yesterday I bought the recently released Malaga Professional. After install it, I added the scenery to the sim (P3D v4.2) via SceneryConfigEditor app, went to to see if everything was in place and bad surprise. I can't see the textures. There's no terminal building, ground crew, etc... just a big black color instead. The only things installed were the jetways. The first thing I did trying to solve the issue was uninstall, reboot and reinstall with the same result. Any solution?? Some help is needed. Thank you in advance. Ivan.
  5. Ahhh, perfect. Now I know. Thanks Chris, for your helpful answer!!
  6. Hi, My question is how I can use those templates .txt files? I see in "Downloads" section one template made for my actual VA. I've downloaded it but now I simply don't know what to do with it. Thanks in advance Ivan Lewis
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