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Here's my first flight, amazing little aeroplane to fly. Taken in P3D in the circuit around Andras Field. My verdict, an excellent and very unique ultralight which is a joy to fly.

Just fits in the hangar


Great view from the office


Wasted runway? Lift off before the displaced threshold






Really nice structural details


Handles a cross wind surprisingly well


Floats quite a bit in the flare too


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Was going to post a pic but cant figure out how upload any more. Do we need to host elsewhere and just link??

Maybe you've reached your quota. So there are 2 solutions:

- delete some of your older attachmates (via your Account Settings)

- use ext. space, like dropbox or whatever (imageshack is anyoing cause of their advertisment)

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Great plane, thanks for the gift!.

I was able to download it with no problems the first time. When I went to install it, my Norton Antivirus system quickly removed it completly off the hard drive.

The second time I tried to download it, Norton would not even allow it to download, saying it was a threat.

I turned off both the Antivirus and the firewall, it then downloaded and I was able to install it.

This is the first time I have ever had a download that the antivirus system would not allow to either download or install. A few times it has asked if I was sure I wanted to proceed, but never has it not asked and completly deleted

a file.

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Have this one downloaded with a while but only took it for a spin last night.

@ Dave Rowberry & Aerosoft, much appreciated, sure is a fun little one to fly.

Not sure it was designed to fly on an alcohol filled rampage though, but I certainly enjoyed it.





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