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  1. Absolutely. I imagine the NDAs are quite prohibitive. I've seen mention of the SDK that will be released to developers, and of course that leads my thoughts to Aerosoft's aircraft range, and what might be ported over to FS2020. I'm not going to turn this into another 'wish list' thread, but I have my fingers crossed for certain possibilities. I'm rather excited about what we are seeing in FS2020, and if the add-on industry has full access to the sim, then the golden years of flight simulation are about to begin. Merry Christmas to you and all at Aerosoft.
  2. Aerosoft's interest in this new sim is very encouraging. Great to hear - please keep us informed, Mathijs.
  3. Late to this thread, but anything that adds to, or improves upon, this aircraft is very welcome, and I'd be happy to pay for it.
  4. This looks very good, especially with multiplayer - a few of my friends on Steam will be interested. Looking forward to it.
  5. It is a matter of record that Aerosoft likes unusual aircraft. So, after giving us some odd looking aircraft ( Wilga ), a flying boat ( Catalina ) and a couple of turbo-props ( Bronco and Twin Otter...making four turbo-props in total ), this is your destiny...the ShinMaywa US-2. Please?
  6. Okay Mathijs, thanks for that. I hope you'll consider updating the H-1 for Prepared v4 at some point in the future, because it's an aircraft that's quite different from most others. By the way, I hope Mr. Diekmann enjoyed his visit to Cosford yesterday. He certainly looked very busy talking to people and taking payments at the Aerosoft stand. It was a good show.
  7. Mathijs, may I ask if the check was made, and if the H-1 is/will be compatible with P3D V4 ? Thanks
  8. Flavio, Mathijs...thank you very much for your responses. If the H-1 works ( or can be made to work ), I think my P3Dv4-compatibility wish list will be very close to completion. I shall await further news in due course. Thanks again.
  9. The title says it all. The H-1 works perfectly in P3Dv3, and it's a favourite aircraft of mine, so I was wondering whether it works in P3Dv4. I know there's some special coding to do with engine failures, and I suspect that might not work in 64-bit - am I right ? Any info would be welcome.
  10. Any and all Asian airlines please, and especially Singapore Airlines.
  11. Sorry about the 'gunpowder explosion' clouds. I've since installed REX.
  12. Just two from me. I'm slowly building up P3D 2.2 with my FSX add-ons..
  13. You have to be kidding , surely.. RIP Neil.
  14. Will do, Eric Thanks for reminding me about Nvidia Inspector...with all the deleting of v1.3, downloading and installing v1.4,, then getting REX Essentials sorted out..I had forgotten about Inspector! Thats the next thing to work with.
  15. Eric, I have Nvidia Inspector, and used it with that old long-gone sim...let me think...what was the name of it..ah yes, I remember now...FSX! I have yet to use it with P3D, but are you saying that the settings for FSX are good for P3D ?
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