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  1. May we have the current status of the sound improvement, please. Is it still in progress, and if so, when can we expect it ? If it has been abandoned, can we please be told ? This prospective Twotter customer would really like to know the definite answer.
  2. Very good news indeed. I'm holding off buying the Twotter for the moment, because of the reported problems I'm reading about. However, I really do want it so I'm looking forward to seeing what measures are taken. All the best with it - it deserves to be perfect.
  3. When it comes to screenshots, you can't go far wrong with the PMDG DC6 over MSFS2020 scenery. Some great ones in this thread, but I particularly like that murky night approach into Kolkata. The air quality is often less than desirable there. Looking forward to the next stage.
  4. It is a matter of record that Aerosoft likes unusual aircraft. So, after giving us some odd looking aircraft ( Wilga ), a flying boat ( Catalina ) and a couple of turbo-props ( Bronco and Twin Otter...making four turbo-props in total ), this is your destiny...the ShinMaywa US-2. Please?
  5. Sorry about the 'gunpowder explosion' clouds. I've since installed REX.
  6. Just two from me. I'm slowly building up P3D 2.2 with my FSX add-ons..
  7. You have to be kidding , surely.. RIP Neil.
  8. Will do, Eric Thanks for reminding me about Nvidia Inspector...with all the deleting of v1.3, downloading and installing v1.4,, then getting REX Essentials sorted out..I had forgotten about Inspector! Thats the next thing to work with.
  9. Eric, I have Nvidia Inspector, and used it with that old long-gone sim...let me think...what was the name of it..ah yes, I remember now...FSX! I have yet to use it with P3D, but are you saying that the settings for FSX are good for P3D ?
  10. Installed v1.4 this afternoon, did the REX Essentials thing with textures and also installed this frame rate limiter; http://janvaane.org/prepar3d/?p=96 There are slight problems with Orbx scenery and v1.4 at the moment. They can be worked round, but I'll wait till the new migrator tool is released.
  11. Have you tried their website ? http://www.flytampa.org/
  12. Thanks Joe. I'll wait till the rush on the servers dies down a little.
  13. No image showing there Matt - just a little rectangle with 'Posted Image' text in it. BTW, saw an L1011 at Cambridge airport about three weeks ago, stripped to bare metal with its engines running; an RAF TriStar, obviously, getting some TLC from Marshall Aerospace. How I wish I'd had a camera
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