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  1. Unless it all goes whatever kind of fruit shaped again, I think I have this sorted. I have had the FSX version installed since day 1, or close after initial release anyway. Obviously I also have had the Aerosoft launcher installed. The launcher has always asked to update the program which I've always agreed to. However after some more searching today, I spotted that the FS2004 version of the scenery was installed at least 3 times here. I have no idea why that is/was the case as the two times I've re-installed FS9, I used the launcher to un-install PANC for FS9 and once installed, used it again to activate the scenery. I have un-installed every Aerosoft product I had installed for FSX and FS9. Re-installed PANC for FS9 and left that installer install the launcher from scratch. Went through the motions and started FS9 again. For now all seems well, I've spent an hour messing around the Anchorage area and everything is as it should be. Hope I haven't spoken too soon, but I'm off to enjoy the scenery again now.
  2. Thanks for the reply Shaun. I am in the process of yet another re-install of FS9, hoping to cure this issue. Soon as I'm done, hopefully tomorrow night, I will get back to you on this. In the mean time, knowing you have the FS9 Aerosoft PANC v1.0 installed, could you check you can load the default PANC AFCAD in either AFCAD2 or preferably ADE9X? IE, File, Open Stock Airport, PANC. Does it open first off, and if yes, does it include the base default PANC with minimal parking as provided by Microsoft? I'm trying to eliminate ideas 1 by 1 to cure the mentioned texture drain!.
  3. I have had Anchorage X in FSX almost since release and have had no problems with it at any stage. Run's faultlessly with no impact on FPS on my system either default or add-on Aircraft even PMDG 737 NGX or MD-11. However the same cannot be said for FS9 here. Before I go further, I have to say this is not confirmed as yet as an Aerosoft problem, it could well be another scenery I have installed, namely Georender's Alaska Cinematic 1 & 2. I can load any Aircraft in FS9 an PANC and within 30 seconds all textures have disappeared, not only the Aircraft but all scenery buildings, ground vehicles, all AI, the only thing left textured was the terrain around the Airport. All the models for everything described above are present, no impact on FPS, yet no texture in any form. I decided to un-install both scenery products, re-install again ans test some more. This is on-going now since Friday, currently 9pm local Ireland as I type, with various formats. Aerosoft PANC alone, same issue. Georender alone, same issue. Then, this evening while testing I thought it might be an AFCAD issue, so decided to load the default PANC AFCAD to take a deeper look for any possible conflict. I found that all default AFCAD files for Anchorage that are part of the AP908100.BGL were missing. Having figured that out I set about finding why this was so and through searching found this complete file was missing from my FS9 installation. Can I ask either the developers, Aerosoft team members or anyone familiar with AFCAD2 or ADE9X to please check your own systems to see if this is missing in your installations after installing Anchorage in FS9. If it is present, then it is another product causing the deletion of this file. If it is missing, and no other Alaskan sceneries have been installed, it is something in the Aerosoft installation that is deleting this file. Like I said, I don't want to apportion blame where it isn't due, so until I can figure this out, I will keep my initial thoughts to myself. Any help, advice or ideas appreciated.
  4. Looking mighty fine, a must have for cargo nut's like myself
  5. Simple fix, make sure the engines are shut down and park brake is set, most important this is correct. Then press the "Shift" + "W" keys, and then press whatever is suggested to "Reset Aircraft to Exact Position" key, normally F7 or 8 depending on the scenery installed.
  6. One of the reasons many scenery designers decide to set your starting point beside the runway is for the many onlone flyers out there. From experience, there is nothing worse than being on short final to an Airport, and see a new player join the session and unfortunately be placed on the runway where you are just about to land.
  7. Which a hell of a lot of them up there are
  8. Seriously looking forward to this one. My MD-11 training is starting again soon, how many systems abreviations can you fit on 1 Aircraft? No one has the MD-11 beat no matter what.
  9. It's certainly cause me some headache's updating the AFCAD to suit my AI set-up. I've been at each gate god knows how many times making sure I have the correct number for them, d'oh! Hopefully I will be able to release it in the coming weeks, if you guys don't mind.
  10. It is a wierd gate set-up though, I wonder why they went that way? No rush with the fix. Thanks Thorsten.
  11. Thank you Aerosoft for another wonderful scenery addition to FS9 and FSX. I have been enjoying flying in and out of the Airport since I got it last week, but only spotted a minor error this evening when I was instructed to park at Gate 8. It is actually signed as gate 11 in the scenery, please see attached picture. , Gate 11 should be at the other side of the terminal walkway, it is and is correctly signed there, please see second picture.
  12. Thanks for the Reply Shaun. Mail sent now.
  13. Quick question, here in Ireland we don't use post codes. So how do I get something shipped to my address when every time I try to continue shopping I get an error reporting I need to enter a post code? I'm trying to order the Saitek Yoke and throttle before the offer closes, so the sooner I get this sorted the better. Thanks for any help.
  14. Are you still looking for this model? If so, contact me through the email function in my profile and I will send them.
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