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  1. Hi Oliver any chance of the fallowing being added ( didnt see it in the list of i thought id add it here ) ICAO: LICJNAME: PalermoTYPE: PaywareFS: FSX/P3DDESIGNER: Jetstream DesignsLINK: http://www.jetstream-designs.com/products/palermo-licj-fsx-p3d/ another link just incase : http://secure.simmarket.com/jetstream-designs-palermo-falcone-e-borsellino-airport-fsx-p3d.phtml AES 2.41
  2. Here we go again: ICAO: LTBS NAME: Dalaman FS: FS9/FSX TYPE: Freeware DESIGNER: http://www.fs2000.or...ry-dalaman-2010 download link is at the top of the page ( dalaman is one ive been wanting for ages is there a new 2012 version coming out ? ) An amazing scenery for Dalaman airport. no AES, weblink dead.
  3. special effects were on medium but thats not the problem
  4. hmm il look at that now and let you know the results Mathijs
  5. am using the Adobe traffic pack and my Ai package surely they wouldnt have an effect on it
  6. nope that didnt work anymore ideas matt or anyone
  7. not that i know of should i reinstall the scenery and see if it has any affect
  8. hi guys am tryin to land and Vilnius International airport but it hasnt got any runway lights how am i ment to see the runway at night time surely this would be illegal in real life ( could cause an aircrash if the pilot couldnt see the runway ) like showin here in the pic its FS2004 is that helps
  9. how long do u think its been over a year now and the birds flew in real life
  10. Version v1


    Hi Guys heres belfast's paint for AES i live near here so i have seen/ researched and painted the liveries Features: >Alpha Catering Lorries ( New Colours) Std and low cabin >Menizes Air Stairs >Manizes Belt Loaders >Manizes Pushback Truck ( Towbarless ) >Air BP Fuel Lorry >Manizes Water Service
  11. Hi Oliver just wondering would it be possable for us to paint the textures for AES and send them to you for import ?? the images are too big to post so here the URLs instead heres the aldergrove EGAA textures the alpha catering truck: http://www.flyeurojet.co.uk/images/aldergrove%20catering%20truck%20.jpg the air stairs: ( not sure if its menzies or servisair now tho :/ ) http://www.flyeurojet.co.uk/images/aldergrove%20airstairs.jpg and the fuel truck: http://www.flyeurojet.co.uk/images/aldergrove%20fuel%20truck.jpg
  12. yes i agree with you there but there is a majority of people out there that have computers that WONT run FSX like mine for example FSX lags alot on my pc: 3.25GB ram, Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.06Ghz Windows 7 SP1, 160 + 500 GB Harddrives, XFX GSO 9600 512gb ram graphics card and it wont run FSX on full Graphics so am stuck with fs9
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