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  1. If they came from Madeira X Evolution offcourse not. You will only know if you uninstall and check before reinstall.
  2. I installed the scenery, version 1.01 This version fixes my problems. ORBX does not affect it. P3D 3.4.22 - Win10 Tip to users installing it: Check carefully if you have leftover LPMA...ALT... .bgl files in \Scenery\World\Scenery folder from older FSX sceneries. Some times if not properly uninstalled such files remain there and affect the airport scenery.
  3. @MK-Studios I did some further tests. I deleted the file ABP_LPMA_Default.bgl and left inside only the ABP_LPMA_Default.inactive Then I run again the FTX Airport Elevation Correction tool. It did not leave inside any ABP_LPMA_Default.bgl file. This tool changes only AEC files, not ABP files. So this statement looks like it is wrong: Where did the original file ABP_LPMA_Default.bgl originate from ? It seems this file was creating the problem but it is not a file that FTX tool reinstates every time it is run. I attach screenshots of my files in the FTX folders.
  4. @MK-Studios please see this post from ORBX forum on the above 4) when I referred them to what you write. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/131812-abp_icao_defaultbgl-files/ I don't know if its public access so I copy the response anyway.
  5. 5.5 years on and still going. I can imagine us in Sept. 2022 celebrating the 10th birthday of this thread
  6. Priceless http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?1488-Tahiti-from-Wilco-Publishing
  7. I agree but I will not comment because last time I did I got bashed for it.
  8. nickpap89 if you mean default airport surface textures, if the surroundings and objects are nicely done, the runway/apron textures are not that bad IMHO. We have all come to believe that unless the apron has custom textures a scenery is not a good one. I for one prefer much more the change of the default MS textures to shiny water type when it rains. This increases much more the realism. Custom textures (bitmaps) do not have this ability. With nowaday's available add on's for improved textures (sample) some times I prefer default airports when it rains ! 2.5 years since this project was announced. Amazing beauty of the screenshots but somebody is certainly not in a rush to complete this project !
  9. Indeed I wish we could see some progress shots ...
  10. Off course ! thanks for understanding and now I too understand the background of your reaction.
  11. Dear Mathijs you caught my message the wrong way. It was criticism, NOT to accuse but rather to suggest that if a project has no news for 1.5 year maybe its time to consider it inactive. It was food for thought. My mistake that I did not put lots of smileys to make sure the message was transfered in a way. All I meant was that: 1) there are scenery designers out there for tropical destinations already released via Aerosoft. 2) They have proven what they can do. 3) Another eagerly awaited project to be released via Aerosoft has a status of "sorry no news" for over 1.5 year now. 4) Its a pity that currently active scenery designers like them have not produced a Tahiti. I admit the last part was a conspiracy theory but don't be so on me !
  12. My personal humble opinion and don't beat me for it ! If I were Aerosoft I would have realized by now (1.5 year) that this project (Tahiti X2) is inactive - for whatever reason which we all understand and raises not criticism jut to be clear - and would ask (in alphabetical order) 29Palms and/or FSDG if they're interested to have a go at it from scratch. Nothing to do with past project, new one from beginning. Both companies who have released sceneries via Aerosoft have proved that they are top top quality when it comes to latest scenery design techniques, especially with vegetation, custom autogen objects and use of high resolution satellite imagery for ground bitmaps. I would not be surprised if one of these two companies or both would like to have a go at Tahiti and they resist from doing so only because there is something "pending" here (Aerosoft). Just two examples, 29Palms Skiathos , FSDG Seychelles , they have what it takes ...
  13. ICAO: LGKJ NAME: Kastellorizo TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: Aerosoft/FSDG LINK: http://flightsimdevelopmentgroup.com/kastellorizo.html AES 2.32
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