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  1. Same. The transition of engine sounds when you throttle up while take off sounds a bit strange. However the recordings itself sound pretty good.
  2. May I also need to doubt your ability to replicate this issue? You do not even have to set up a flight plan in the FMC to replicate. Downvotes are also something for sissies.
  3. Hi there, this is a bug from day one, but it still hasn't been fixed. I asked several real CRJ pilots at Munich Airport regarding the spool time of the engines until they reach full power. Especially from 70 % N1 the power increase is a way too slow. When taking off without being on the brakes before max. power is reached first at !!! 80 knots !!!. Now I wonder if this is a sim limitation or if I should doubt the beta testing process.
  4. Same problem. It happened for me after a turnaround. Disengaging and re-engaging the yaw damper did not help.
  5. BSS did an awesome job on the A32X series for XP and P3D in the last years. They recorded every single sound for buttons, bleeds, hydraulics, engines etc. with a 3D soundeffect. It shouldn't be a problem to create the files with WWise if they got decent recordings. Personally the default CRJ sounds prevent me from flying it regularly. Buttons, bleeds and hydraulic sounds really good, but I do not like how the engines sound. Now just take a look at BSS's recent work on the FF A320 IAE.
  6. Hey CRJ Pilots, Blue Sky Star Simulations has currently an ongoing poll for which aircraft they release the first soundpack for MSFS. We need all your votes for the CRJ. Let's go! Vote here (Facebook)
  7. @Mathijs Kok Can you please rethink about a future Twin Otter -400 expansion pack? We never had a -400 in FSX or P3D. FS2020 is the next step in flight simulation. Why not also taking the Twin Otter to the next step?
  8. Hi, with engine thrust in idle you hear the hydraulics louder than the engines in exterior view. I've been working at the airport and heard several CRJs taxiing and I never heard the hydraulics in idle thrust. You only hear them on the ramp with engines off. Thank you for fixing.
  9. This is a general bug of MSFS. I've already sent Asobo an e-mail to fix the rudder sensitivity and the ground behavior. Hopefully Aerosoft can get some pressure on Asobo to fix this issue quickly, because it is one of the issues which destroy the whole sim immersion and make it feel like an arcade game.
  10. Do you plan to add a custom AI model? In Multiplayer there are currently no sounds and the animations are simultaneous with the user aircraft. Thanks!
  11. When I connect the GPU in the tablet the vehicles drives away from the aircraft. When disconnecting it drives close to the aircraft and the light flashes. I guess it should be other way round. Is there a custom GPU model planned? The current one looks like default. Thanks!
  12. I think the interior and exterior comparison in this video is the best proof that something is not right with the wind sounds.
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