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  1. Hi, with engine thrust in idle you hear the hydraulics louder than the engines in exterior view. I've been working at the airport and heard several CRJs taxiing and I never heard the hydraulics in idle thrust. You only hear them on the ramp with engines off. Thank you for fixing.
  2. This is a general bug of MSFS. I've already sent Asobo an e-mail to fix the rudder sensitivity and the ground behavior. Hopefully Aerosoft can get some pressure on Asobo to fix this issue quickly, because it is one of the issues which destroy the whole sim immersion and make it feel like an arcade game.
  3. Do you plan to add a custom AI model? In Multiplayer there are currently no sounds and the animations are simultaneous with the user aircraft. Thanks!
  4. When I connect the GPU in the tablet the vehicles drives away from the aircraft. When disconnecting it drives close to the aircraft and the light flashes. I guess it should be other way round. Is there a custom GPU model planned? The current one looks like default. Thanks!
  5. I think the interior and exterior comparison in this video is the best proof that something is not right with the wind sounds.
  6. For me nothing happens when assigning this to a button. Same thing for "Toggle Throttle Reverse Thrust". Every other aircraft works this way. I don't want to use "Throttle Decrease" because it only applys full reverse thrust.
  7. Can u please change this in the future?
  8. First comment below the video: "Thank you for the video. I hope the nose up/down oscillations during climbing can be fix/tune down a bit. I think it’s a bit too radical right now." Will you tweak this until release? Thanks!
  9. Really nice preview shots! But to help you to further improve the CRJ, I'd like to ask you if you could improve the sharpness / details of the seat texture?
  10. @Mathijs Kok I found a small typing error in the manual. Page 9 -> Basic Facts -> Metric units - the range of the CRJ700 is in "kg" instead of "km". I know it is not finished yet, but I saw it and wanted to let you know.
  11. Can you please tell us which points need to be fixed by Asobo? As you said 2021 will be an amazing year for flight sim, when Asobo adds more features to the SDK. I really hope to see improved flight dynamics.
  12. ICAO: EFRONAME: Rovaniemi AirportTYPE: FreewareFS: FSXDESIGNER: Tatu KantomaaLINK: http://www.fsnordic.net/Files For pictures have a look at this thread: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/rovaniemi-efro.435885/ no AES, Jetways part of Terminal
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