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On 5/24/2022 at 5:01 PM, Richard Dastardly said:

I would be a little disturbed if all testers were pilots, unless some of them were also involved in software


Even if they would be..... Pilots are highly trained people that work in a team, well rested, focused and never have a drink while flying. Flightsimmers are... well not. They have manuals and YouTube videos. 


I work with many pilots, I call some of them my friends. I know how hard they worked to get the job they do, I know how much they invested. I know how easy it for them to not make an exam or a medical. I know how ridiculous low the initial pay is at many airlines. But every commercial pilot is a professional. Not a flightsimmer who just happens to flies a real aircraft that costs millions and holds 160 passenger. 



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13 hours ago, Joe Markowski said:

Do you have a preview of the changes you can share?  You mention elsewhere it's a beta, so obviously it comes with the disclaimer that it's incomplete/subject to change.

I agree with you Joe, it'd be nice to have a preview of changes, even as changeable (pun intended) as it might be. It'll drum up a bit of anticipation and also allow we humble users the chance to check in on bugs or changes that might have "slipped the net" as it were, especially important as I realize it may be some time before a subsequent update is released. :)

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