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  1. Understood. I wasn't sure what sorts of complications would arise with flight planning, etc. Thank you for your help!
  2. Hi Sandro, Thanks for the reply! That's what I figured the answer would be, as I recall reading something in the CRJ documentation about needing to update the FMS databases. I appreciate the info and the recommendation; I've also heard of the Navigraph one but the name escaped me as I wrote this up. What are the implications/effects of running with mismatched AIRAC databases between the sim and the CRJ? I'm not opposed to paying for a subscription for the databse updates and charts, but with how much I still need to learn about the CRJ and IFR flying in general, I wi
  3. MSFS is my first foray into the world of flight simming as an adult, so while I've been trying to soak up all the info I can as I go along, there's still a mountain I don't know. I'd like to learn how to do it "right," despite likely never setting foot in a real cockpit, and even if I do saying "well I've done it in MSFS" would probably get me laughed right back out of it. That said, I'm curious what the recent NavData update for MSFS means for the CRJ FMS. I know the CRJ has a nav database loaded; is it the AIRAC database, or some other type of database? If it's the AIRAC, will
  4. I understand that the driver mileage will vary. I found my way here because the switch panel wasn't working and the multifunction panel is partially working. I've seen elsewhere in here why the switch panel doesn't really work at all. That's fine. I thought I would, since this seemed to be the appropriate place, post that I had seen some issues with the multifunction panel, which was otherwise working just fine, so that if it's an issue on the CRJ side it can be corrected. I'm not demanding that the devs dumb down their study level aircraft to work with this entry-level Logitech crap I ha
  5. They did provide the drivers, and they work with the game and the stock aircraft. This, combined with the fact that it adjusts the altitude before immediately snapping back, suggests that that particular functionality is not broken on the Logitech end. I'm more than willing to accept that I'm wrong on this despite how it looks from my end, what I don't understand is the resistance to the idea that it could even possibly be an issue on the other end.
  6. That's a fair point, but like I said, if you try it it's immediately apparent it's on the cusp of working. You can set the VS and heading without issue off the top of my head, you can activate and deactivate the different modes, and if you spin the dial fast enough the altitude will change... it will just immediately snap back to 10k (or whatever the aircraft has been set to at that point).
  7. While I can definitely understand this, it really feels like the stock Logitech drivers not being able to change altimeter is a bug. The knob works, but something with the CRJ fights to immediately return it to whatever the value is currently set to in the jet. All other functionality with it works just fine (heading, vertical speed, the buttons) from what I've seen, just changing the altitude does not. I can completely understand the switch panel not working with the stock drivers, though.
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