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  1. As mentioned above, if you've figured out how to do this every single time, post the steps here. The vast majority of us only have it happen occasionally, which is still a pain, but without being able to reliably reproduce it that makes it 200x harder to fix.
  2. I know of at least one add on that uses your camera position (selecting Copilot over Pilot) to determine what panel controls the audio. It would be a great feature for shared cockpit users.
  3. Surely you're not seeing this every flight? If you are, please post the steps as I don't think anyone has been able to thus far, it's only ever been a "sometimes it happens" issue.
  4. You forgot to bring us... ANOTHER SHRUBBERY.
  5. I have seen Toolbar Pushback cause stutters in the CRJ, that's as good a place to start as any.
  6. Still looks like it jumps to about 4.5 from wherever it was set manually, then takes time to stabilize, so while I hope it can be refined further it is much less of a drastic jump.
  7. Are they using the same nav data? If you've updated your marketplace install did you update the Aerosoft version you installed, etc.?
  8. That's funny, the Maddog taught me to wait to hit Exec until the flight plan was complete 🤣 I'll give that a try and report back.
  9. The update did not address this issue, which is why it isn't fixed. They're still trying to reliably replicate it, so far it's been hit or miss. The plane also follows the LOC and GS just fine for me.
  10. I've seen this multiple times recently using the AARCH2 arrival, VHP transition for KSTL. Only tried runways 11 and 12L for landing. I have the latest AIRAC cycle. I wonder if there's something up with when a STAR splits for different runways, as it loads fine until after PETTI. Once I pass PETTI it tries to go back to AARCH then onward to PETTI, KRIYA, etc., so I have to delete the first AARCH and PETTI waypoints.
  11. I posted it in the wrong topic apparently, but a full comms test on VATSIM showed that both channels seem to be working fine with external apps.
  12. It sure didn't yesterday, there are several people saying the same thing. If it's been fixed that's another story.
  13. Just checking since it has issues with the CRJ if you're not actively using it.
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