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  1. It seems like it may be temperature rather than wind that is causing this problem for the past day or so: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/wrong-temperatures/424391/16
  2. I did a flight from Montreal to Detroit last night and had this happen 5+ times to me in both directions (immediate drop and gain of speed) at FL320 and then again once during my descent. TheFlyingFabio had this happen a few times on stream yesterday as well. I don't think it's an issue with the aircraft, just crazy winds. I'm not knowledgeable enough about aviation to say if that's a bug in the sim or not, but it made the experience quite unpleasant. Bouncing back and forth between overspeed and way too slow in less than a second isn't fun.
  3. I have no doubt the real aircraft has some quirks in this department as well. I will try a few things later and see if I can come up with a single reproducible scenario. I wish I had thought to write it down exactly when I experienced this.
  4. Yes. I don't have a specific scenario to reproduce this right now, but this definitely occurred after hitting EXEC. Interesting -- I haven't experienced the FPS tank with this, just lines going to the wrong places. I always use the latest Navigraph AIRAC data if that makes any difference. I've seen this kind of thing happen in a number of different places though and I'd be surprised if this particular issue is due to data rather than aircraft logic.
  5. Yes, I've seen similar things when I've had to change my route mid-flight. I think issues happen if there's ever a discontinuity in the flight plan (which persist even after removing them) but I don't have a specific scenario to reproduce this. I'm quite confident there is a legitimate issue with this though.
  6. I'm currently seeing negative fuel values in another flight. My route is CYUL KESKA SAVEX KANUR TUKIR Q806 BOBTA CUUGR2 KDTW. My ZFW from SimBrief is 59122 with block fuel of 11016. I'm shortly after departure and you can see from my screenshot that I still have a total fuel of almost 10,000 lbs. but my prediction for every waypoint is negative. It's interesting that it actually goes up from KANUR to my TOC before going back down which is obviously impossible.
  7. I don't disagree that there are a number of issues that need to be fixed in the simulator rather than with the aircraft, and sometimes it's not obvious where the fault lies, but there are a bunch of reported issues out there that seem likely to be with the CRJ. I of course understand that everything needs to be prioritized, investigated, reproduced, fixed, and then released, and it's not easy to make everybody happy. I personally am fine with being patient, and I'm glad the last update was released without trying to fix every other problem as that greatly improved the experience, but there are a bunch of valid, reproducible issues that are yet to be resolved, some that haven't even received comments. As a developer myself, I know that no amount of documentation or other materials will prevent users from asking the same questions over and over again without checking to see if there's already an answer available, but I do think it would be quite helpful if Aerosoft maintained some kind of listing of issues and updating the status (under investigation, issue reproduced, fixed pending release, waiting on Asobo, etc.). That would eliminate some duplicates and show users that their reports are not going unrecognized. It's particularly frustrating in the rare cases where threads are closed due to no recent comments even when the issue is not resolved or even claimed to be worked on. If it's helpful, these are the ones I'm hoping to see addressed in a future update: Issues with DIRECT-TO screen There are two fairly significant issues with the DIRECT screen described in this ticket. It was acknowledged as "on our lists" nearly three months ago without any update since then. Error copying wind data in FMS This is certainly a low-priority, almost trivial issue and was added to the bug tracker in April but there has been no movement since then. Again, not a complaint about the speed of addressing issues and I wouldn't expect this to be at the top of any lists, just saying that it's still out there. Top of descent ETA gets messed up This thread never received a response. Another user posted a similar thread. Mismatch on TOD distance/ETA This is potentially related to the issues above. Fortunately a fix for this one is expected for the next update. Just a small acknowledgment like that is quite helpful. Transmitting on COM2 Radio This thread was closed without any kind of resolution or developer comment. It's possible this was done to eliminate duplicate threads, but @LesOReilly created a thread explaining exactly what needs to be done to fix this issue and those did not receive any comments. 0 named waypoint inserted after DIRECT TO This one was acknowledged by Mathjis and I'm hopeful will be addressed soon. This is a pretty important one for those who like to fly online. Zig zag lines This has been acknowledged by Hans as one of the trickier issues to reproduce and fix. The last update definitely helped a fair amount, but I have experienced it a couple of times since then. Bad route lines on map This one is difficult because I do not have specific steps to reproduce, but there are definitely some scenarios where the lines on the map get messed up. I think this happens if there's ever a discontinuity in the flight plan and doesn't go away even when that gets cleaned up. I'm not 100% sure what the expected behavior is but I'm skeptical that the current is correct. TOD calculation issues, TOD after TOC This thread never received a response despite having a reproducible scenario. Multiple minimums callouts This was probably one of the most widely reported issues early on. It has been acknowledged but the development team has not been able to figure out how to fix this yet. Fuel prediction incorrect There was a comment saying this would be looked into but there hasn't been anything since then. In fairness, this one is pretty recent so I wouldn't necessarily expect anything at this point, but it's easy for these to get lost as threads move down the board. FMS vs. Holding Entry I'm not sure if this is the best thread for it as I believe there are a few centered around holds, but there are still some issues with the aircraft flying the correct entries that need to be resolved. VOR tracking not working This hasn't personally affected me yet, but seems to be a fairly significant defect. Fortunately this has been acknowledged and confirmed as an issue so hopefully we'll get a fix for this. Minor bug: MDA text overlap at high altitudes This should be pretty low on the priority list, but is clearly a CRJ issue and hopefully easy to fix. This did not receive a response. Double-tap required to load correct fuel/load I don't have a thread for this, but this has been bizarre behavior that's tripped up a lot of people since the initial release. I've seen a few streamers not know that the button needs to be clicked twice to behave correctly and then complain about related issues afterwards. Two tiny quality of life requests There is no "issue" in this thread -- that is clear from the title. I am fine if nothing can be done here or if the development team doesn't think these are worthwhile suggestions, but I do find it frustrating the way this topic was closed. A moderator made a comment saying he would see if this could be done, and then there was no further update until another moderator closed the thread due to inactivity. Perhaps this was a one-off incident, but I'd rather be able to be patient and not have to make nagging replies saying "Any update on this?" to prevent a topic from being closed. Anyways, I intend this reply to be constructive and not a complaint -- and honestly I'm glad I have a list to check to monitor the progress of items I'd like to see fixed. I'm happy with the progress the CRJ has made since it's initial release and am hoping to see another leap forward to coincide with the release of the 900/1000 in the near future, but it's a little frustrating when some issues go ignored or others are investigated without any update. Even without promising release dates for updates, it would be nice to have some idea of which issues are being worked on, resolved, determined that they won't be touched, etc. Right now it's too easy for things to get lost and that results in either missed opportunities to make the product even better or redundant threads pointing out the same problems. To some degree that seems necessary right now to get things fixed -- and it makes sense that the issues that cause the most gripes are prioritized -- but I think that's a frustrating system for both users and the support team.
  8. I don't deny that there are a lot of duplicate questions and misplaced anger/frustration, but there are still plenty of legitimate issues that still need to be addressed. Those make up far more than 1% of questions and reported issues. The last update took care of the biggest problems to be sure and made the CRJ usable, but there are still quite a few bugs that I'm hoping will be fixed.
  9. I've seen values of zero and even negative numbers in some cases so it's not just you.
  10. Just echoing that I have experienced both of these issues -- repetitive minimums callouts when DH is set and none when MDA is set.
  11. I just repeated the flight and it did the same thing.
  12. I experienced a strange issue today on my flight with the following route: KDEN/17R CONNR7 WERNR DCT ZAKOR DCT KASE/15, selecting the RNAV-F approach into Runway 15. I used a cruise altitude of FL220 following this real-world SKW5766 CRJ7 flight which used the same route. I realized once airborne that although it showed TOD after TOC (I have experienced the opposite before as well), the distance to reach the TOC was actually greater than TOD which should be impossible. Additionally, you can see I had already reached my cruising altitude if that matters (I'm not sure if TOC is supposed to clear once you reach it or not). I don't believe the calculation was good for the TOD either as I was able to wait a fair amount of time before descending at around -2000 FPM to reach my first altitude restriction on my approach (DBL).
  13. I was trying to enter the MDA of 10,200 at KASE and it looks the PDF doesn't handle five-digit values correctly as the second as the first 0 overlaps with the 2. It also takes forever to reach that value even holding down the shift key while rotating the knob, if there's any way to tweak that.
  14. I can echo this comment -- I did the same. I installed the CRJ (Aerosoft version, not MSFS) and then moved the folder to another drive and used addon linker to create a symbolic link. I've had no issues at all with that.
  15. That's fantastic news -- I'm happy to hear that.
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