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  1. This is probably my biggest issue. I can work around most of the other bugs, but this one has the potential to really screw up VATSIM flights. I've had the same happen in the CJ4 on occasion so my guess is that Aerosoft is relying on the default Asobo flight level change functionality, but I'd love to see this fixed. It's very hit or miss for me on whether this happens though; it's not consistent.
  2. Obviously not the answers I had hoped to hear, but I appreciate the response nonetheless. I'm glad these are both at least on your radar...hopefully in subsequent patch.
  3. Thank you, @Secondator -- I greatly appreciate finally receiving some real communication from Aerosoft. I'll wait for the full release notes to cross-reference with my long list of issues, but I do have questions relating to two of the items you specifically mentioned: MFD DATA fuel predictions being completely off Will this also resolve the issue with the TOD time estimate on the MFD getting stuck? This value currently displays correctly on the PROG screen of the FMC, but usually stops on the VNAV section of the MFD after reaching the final fix prior to the TOD. DIR TO functions (including DIR INTC Hallelujah -- this is one of the issues that irritates me the most. I'll be happy if going direct eliminates the phantom waypoints, but I'm curious to know if you've also improved the advisory VNAV so that it correctly shows the altitude restrictions on the arrival rather than the calculated descent path. I'm struggling to find the video, but this is something that a real-world CRJ pilot called out on his largely positive review that Aerosoft posted not long after release. Also, I'm not super optimistic about this request, but is there any hope of increasing the simulation depth a little bit? I don't particularly care about failures and am fine with Aerosoft's stated objective of accurately simulating normal operations, but I think there's room for improvement while abiding to that principle; I feel that you should have to do things correctly to get the aircraft to behave correctly. For example, the nosewheel steering and hydraulics switches are currently just for show and it's possible to taxi and fly the aircraft perfectly fine without turning them on. I think wiring these types of functions up, even in a relatively simple way, would significantly enhance the experience. Overall though, I'm pleased to finally get a meaningful update. I've often said that I think the CRJ is about 85% there towards being a great plane, but that the bugs and omissions can be extremely off-putting -- hopefully the upcoming and future releases make a noticeable difference. I'm glad to hear that this aircraft has been a financial success for you and hope that it makes you eager to invest further into it and maybe go a bit further than you've been able to go in the past while serving a much smaller market.
  4. I'm glad to hear that there's finally a new build circulating but anxious to see what made the list of fixes...
  5. Aplato

    Tod Confusing

    This has been a bug since launch -- I can't find it now, but someone had a good explanation in another thread. I don't think it's a broken calculation, rather the indicator on the MFD stops updating when you're on the last leg before the TOD. You can see the real distance to the TOD on the PROG page so the plane is able to calculate it, just not display it properly.
  6. Not that my vote counts for anything, but I'd much rather you continue to charge a premium price but improve the quality and depth to match. I think the market has demonstrated that people are willing to invest in high-fidelity aircraft.
  7. Yes, this is definitely an important one! These are the items on the top of my wish-list: I've never been able to figure out a consistent way to reproduce it, but the autopilot often blows through SPEED mode and there's no way to fix it without completely turning off all autopilot functions and then re-engaging, sometimes multiple times Going direct from the DIR INTC page should work exactly the same as it does if you use the LEGS page, without inserting a phantom (0) waypoint. The developer clearly knows how to make going direct work as it does from LEGS; now it just needs to call the same thing from DIR INTC. Apparently this has been broken since the P3D version... The advisory VNAV on the DIR INTC page does not work correctly, as described by a real-world CRJ pilot in one of the reviews Aerosoft posted on this forum. It's displaying the vertical speeds to reach the calculated descent path rather than to meet the altitude restrictions that are entered on LEGS. The VNAV display on the MFD often gets stuck, making it unhelpful to see the time until TOD
  8. This is one of the worst bugs for me. I've been told it exists even in the P3D version. I hope it gets fixed in the next patch... As a workaround, you can go direct using the LEGS page instead, dropping the waypoint on the second line. I've never had any issues doing it that way, but I wish I could use the DIR INTC page since that's the one I usually have open.
  9. Look under C:\Users\[Your User Folder]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\packages\aerosoft-crj
  10. Correct, I put my throttle in the CLB detent. I should note that I did not have any issues with this until near the time this thread was created, so I suspect either a sim or CRJ update was the culprit. Not sure if Aerosoft uses custom logic for this or relies on default Asobo code.
  11. Interesting, I haven't had that experience -- I don't do many turnaround flights and I see this often quite often (but not always) on my first flight of the day.
  12. Bumping this one up again as this issue has been the reason I've mostly avoided the CRJ for several months. I'm curious, does the CRJ use custom logic for this or default Asobo code? I tried the WorkingTitle CJ4 recently and found I had the same exact issue with FLC on climb -- sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes it completely ignores it and blows way past the speed that I set. Like here, it hasn't been too widely discussed, but there are several mentions on their Discord and on the official Flight Simulator forums. I have to say I'm not particularly confident that this will be fixed or even looked at this point since the last update from Aerosoft was that there would be a response after the testing team looked at it way back in October. With this in mind, has anyone figured out a consistent pattern to activate a climb using speed mode without this issue. Or the inverse -- know a particular scenario that causes it to not work? It would be a real shame to have to shelve this aircraft permanently because despite its many bugs, I really do enjoy flying it when I can trust it or at the very least know how to work around its problems.
  13. I highly recommend Toolbar Pushback now that it allows pre-planning. Very similar to Better Pushback in X-Plane which until now I considered one of the platforms biggest advantages.
  14. Apologies for the delayed response. I'll have to re-test this since I've since (slightly) boosted the response time of my knobs for other aircraft, but at least previously it didn't send the signal fast enough to trigger the CRJ's built-in acceleration. I know you're a SPAD.neXt guru -- is there a way to script this manually like Crabby mentioned was done with Axes and Ohs? I would find that quite useful for other aircraft as well. If not, do you have any feedback of the pros and cons between SPAD.neXt and Axes and Ohs? I'd hate to have to buy yet another program just to get my controls working properly (especially since SPAD.neXt isn't cheap to work with both MSFS and X-Plane), but there may not be any better options.
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