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  1. The minimum runway length for the CRJ is 4500 ft and both runways at SBRJ are slightly less than that so the CRJ filters out the airport.
  2. I believe he's referring to a third-party application called YourControls which adds shared cockpit functionality so you and a friend can control the same plane. If you weren't aware of this, it's not the cause of your issue so please don't go deleting all of your control bindings.
  3. The developer immediately admitted to the mistake and submitted a fix as quickly as possible to get it resolved. Shit happens, and the issue was owned up to and communicated -- can't really ask for more than that. It's not a case of functionality that wasn't tested, it was a package that included an incorrect file. Now there's likely room to improve the testing process for packages submitted to Asobo which I hope are explored, but knowing that the problem occurred, I think the response was as good as could be hoped. Some of the hostile responses in this thread are ridiculous.
  4. Ah, thanks a lot, that makes it very clear. I'm a little unsure why that was considered such a big issue in the CRJ unless the alignment only makes sense if you're looking at it straight on, but always happy to hear that something is working more accurately.
  5. Can anyone provide a clear explanation of what exactly collimation means or better yet show a side-by-side comparison of what's fixed vs. what's broken? I haven't spent any time with the HUD but I've never understood what the complaint was about it.
  6. Yep, this is #1 on my wishlist of bugs that I'd like to see fixed. Getting the DIRECT functionality to actually go direct to a waypoint rather than the random (0) point and fixing the information displayed on the advisory VNAV to match the real-world functionality rather than what I assume is the calculated glide path. The former in particular is an awful bug that I'm shocked ever got through testing and has been allowed to stick around for so long.
  7. @SimWare I greatly appreciate the effort you made in typing up that response, but I don't actually have a problem with this to solve -- I think there has been a miscommunication here. When I wrote "I use the ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_SEL_INC and ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_SEL_DEC events", that was in response to another user who wasn't sure how to make the altitude decrease so I just said how I accomplished it using SPAD.neXt.
  8. I apologize -- I can't really provide any further insight. I'm extremely new to doing anything involving LVARs and only managed to make my altitude selector work by creating actions triggering the aforementioned events in SPAD.neXt.
  9. I'm afraid not; you'd have to repurchase it which is probably not worthwhile just to have everything in the same spot.
  10. Ah, good call. I can definitely see how it would be easier to display terrain information from an outside source rather than weather since that can be customized in the sim.
  11. I believe it's planned to come to Xbox eventually but there's quite a bit of work needed to make that happen so no timeframe yet. The controls have to be updated to be Xbox-compatible at the very least.
  12. Strange that didn't work correctly for me but I was able to get it to work by using the ASCRJ_FCP_HDG_SEL_INC and ASCRJ_FCP_HDG_SEL_DEC events instead of modifying the data variables.
  13. I haven't tested it thoroughly yet but this is what I'm using to increase my vertical speed. Decrease uses the ASP_VS_VAR_DEC event instead and then flip the decrement to increment on ASCRJ_FCP_WHEEL. I'd still really like to get some feedback on the HDG knob configuration from my previous post in this thread though.
  14. Just a heads up that Fenix seemingly got wiper effects working properly according to their latest previous screenshot so it's at least not impossible. I just noticed for the first time that their weather radar appears function as well, though I'm a bit skeptical on how they pulled that off if the necessary data hasn't yet been exposed by Asobo. They use mostly external systems rather than JavaScript or WASM though so maybe they found something that isn't otherwise available.
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