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  1. This isn't too surprising to me. I ran into a critical bug with the Fly by Wire A320neo which won't be resolved anytime soon (involving STARs), and with the delay in the CRJ, I decided I needed to consider other options to get my fix. I was tempted to get P3D and probably would have if buying that version of the CRJ would have carried over into Flight Simulator (although I completely understand why that won't happen), but X-Plane is just so much more affordable to get into, especially if that's intended to be a relatively short-term venture.
  2. I just want to vouch for Fabio -- he's fantastic. I'm not sure if he's in the beta program or not, but if he isn't, he should be. I believe he flew Embraer rather than the CRJ, but he is the type of person who will exhaustively consume the documentation and explore the systems in-depth. He was even featured on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator stream recently. I have no doubt he could provide both valuable feedback and publicity.
  3. I'm relieved to hear that it was pushed only into the upcoming quarter (even if it seems likely to be towards the end of that range since we're so close) as I feared it could be much worse. I'm still looking forward to this a lot and the teaser video looks great.
  4. I don't think people are losing hype for it -- I know I'm looking forward to the CRJ more than any other announced add-on for Flight Simulator -- but I know I'm doubting that we'll see it anytime soon as a result of this communication policy change. I suspect that too many people interpreted positive/optimistic comments to believe that release was imminent, despite cautioning, and then either a need for significant fixes was identified during testing or there are still unresolved issues with dependencies in the sim engine, leading to this change to cool expectations. I've more or l
  5. I wouldn't be too alarmed by issues with the FlyByWire and Working Title mods after the patch. They're basically extensions of the default aircraft so it makes sense that underlying changes can cause breaking changes. The CRJ is built separately from the ground up so hopefully the update only helped move things in the right direction.
  6. I'm very happy to hear this. Between the YouTube series and the documentation, it sounds like this should be approachable for people like me who haven't flown any complex payware aircraft before. I don't particularly care about things like wing flex or simulating multiple failures, but I'm looking for a realistically-modeled airliner with a properly-functional autopilot and FMS that I can use to get started flying online with VATSIM. It sounds like the CRJ will be for me and I look forward to purchasing it, hopefully in a matter of days.
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