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  1. Hello, World > Weather > is changing the wrong CFG entry. It is chaning the Godrays=(0|1) entry but should change the AmortizeClouds=(0|1) entry. Cheers Bernd
  2. You wrote, he hadn't turned on CPDLC, if so, you wont be able to connect cause he is not using it. Unfortunatley not everybody use it. I've added this site to my EFB to check if the ATC which I am connected to has CPDLC available, sometimes they dont write in their texts https://www.hoppie.nl/acars/system/log.html Cheers
  3. Guys, fly this bird by hand on final/during approach
  4. Hi J├╝rgen, Flaps worked for me great with the above instruction. Spoiler is just a simple axis which you can setup easly via the P3D or FSUipc Menu as you did for the throttle axis. Parking Brake is working for me too, you need to add the button twice and for one, click release or on release not sure how its written in the menu. (BUT> this works just as workaround cause if you are releaseing the brake via mouse click and than set "parking brake" off on the addon, it will set the parking brake again ) I haven't tried the rest, Rudder should
  5. Hey, me again.. World > Weather > writes following in the cfg: DisableTurbulence=1 So, probably i missunderstand this setting but means if you activate it, that it disables turbulences because it looks like that it does it with the entry "DisableTurbulence=1" If yes, than the desc. of the setting should be changed. BR Bernd
  6. Open Path_to_Install_Folder\SIMstarter NG P3D\data\SIMstarter NG Settings.ini Try to add under [General]: checkUpdates=True
  7. Hey, will the update come via Updater or a full new build? Just asking cause I am doing a reinstallation and dont want to install a old version if a new one is coming BR Bernd
  8. Hey, thanks for the update, finally I can modify my 5.2 :D I found a "bug" if you want to call it a bug. CloudQuality=3 is shown in Simstarter as Ultra but it is High. CloudQuality=4 is Ultra but this is not selectable in Simstarter :) Cheers Bernd
  9. Please close or delete. Its already beeing discussed in this topic:
  10. Hey, I did yesterday 5 flights in a row with the CRJ and everytime on ILS if the LOC was established the AC starts to descend without GS captured? P3D CRJ BR Bernd
  11. I made the switch from 4.5 to 5.1 this week with everything refreshed incl. Windows to latest verison. I just can talk from my experience. With the latest updates I have the "turning stutters" only if the EFB is turned on. BR Bernd
  12. Works great here @masterhawk thanks :) Have you got the parking brake and gear working too? Unfortunately its only 1 programmable button (if it would be 2 it would be easy with fsuipc), so i guess we need to wait for the Bus update until it works?
  13. Good to hear, now we just need the Add-on available for buying again
  14. Finally, I have a "fix" found for me. Before you do anything (start FSCrew or something like that) press the AIDS Print button 2 times, after that start like usual. Every print out has worked for me now, no idea why but yeah, I need new paper for the printer :P
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