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  1. Yeah, me too Anyway, for myself, I have muted the sounds cause I can better life without a spoiler sound as that hearing it already during taxi
  2. Jup, tried that. It doesn't happen with the 330 for example, just the A32x did it. Complete reinstallation reg. the Guide in the Forum was done yesterday and same
  3. - CFM and tested with IAE too - 1032 - 16°C - varies and does not happen everytime so its difficult to answer that question - varies too, It happen with 2/1 and 1/2
  4. Need to add something: This does not happen everytime. Sometimes the "N2 jump" did not happen. I have tested it now with different (and the original) Sound Packs for the Bus but it happend with everyone. Versions info: latest A32x Version (reinstalled with guide) P3D 4.5 HF3 version
  5. Just to add this, the small buses have this issue too :(
  6. Hello, not sure if this is correct the way it is. On engine Start up, the Engine goes up to 22 N2 and than suddenly jumps back to 20 N2 and continues start up. This cuts a bit the start up sound. BR
  7. REX EF: HDR Adaption OFF should solve the problem. I have thits ticked and have no issues with it just fyi
  8. Hi all, I was searching since month what sound is annoying myself all the time during taxi and take off and after take off. Today, I found out, it is the Speedbrake sound coming from ASC folder. The (personal taste) problem: If I taxi to the runway and I am faster than about 13kts, the Speedbrake Sound (ASC_SpoilersUp.wav) will be triggered, but not permantely it appears and disapperas in a really annoying state. So I "mute" the sound and tried it again. Finding: no Speedbrake sound at 13kts BUT at 20kts At about 20kts, the sound (I think its the ASC_Spoilers.wav) will be played continusley. So I "mute" this sound too. Finding: No sound is played anymore during taxi and take off but also no sound is played if i extend the Spoilers What makes the things much more strange is, that if I do not touch the Speedbrake the sound is played anyway. So, is this a "bug" nobody recognized except me or is this working as designed or why is this only happening to me Cheers Bernd
  9. Hey just thinking about P3D v4 + v5 versions. Will therer be a possibility to connect between the both sims? (haven't tested it yet tbh) Cheers Bernd
  10. Cool that helped! Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, where are those coming from? If I disable AS LSZH, they are not there. With FSDT, I did not have this. Version: Latest P3D Version BR Bernd
  12. I created a mklink "AS_P3Dv4", just to make sure all the stuff I use can also access the current_wx_snapshot file Worked for me as workaround
  13. Prepar3D v4.5.13.32097 A330 Hello all, not sure if this is a common issue, but suddenly during cruise Managed Speed changed to 210. I switched to Speed Selected and all was fine again. What can cause this? Route was LSZH-KSAN. Problem started shortlöy after 6230N LSZHKSAN01.flp
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