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To Mathijs Kok

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Well, you locked my post, pretty rude when you have not bothered to solve this. Things must have been too difficult for you. How dare you blame my PC? Not my PC. Problem is with the CRJ. I suspect, specifically with the FMC. See below reported on:




im struugling to fly this thing to
at the moment all my dials and gauges are frozen all because i was playing with the fmc. all the dials and controls are displayed and i can move buttons and stuff but nothing changes on dials and screens for example i reduce thrust to idle but airspeed does not show im slowing
fmc i just can not do anything with it. its frozen completely

I have had this twice now . Sound is still there and switches move but don’t operate. I can cycle through all the views but it’s just frozen.
I can’t remember exactly what i was doing the first time i think i was changing pages on the fmc keypad but the second time i was changing the nav 1 frequency. The odd thing was that the first incident got going again by itself. I had gone off and made a tea but not so the second time.

Yup has only happened to me once. Do you know exactly what triggered the freeze? Mine was loading an RNAV approach.

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In @Mathijs Kok's defence if a problem is not repeatable on their end it's very difficult for them to troubleshoot it. The reason he may have "blamed" your computer is because the simple reality is that that is the most likely reason. I'm not saying it IS the reason, but there's a decent chance that it could be. 


Have you tried a reset of the CRJ by any chance? I had to do that after the update. 


I promise you that these guys are trying their best to help. I'm sorry your experience hasn't reflected that. Hopefully they can get this figured out.

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  • Developer
1 minute ago, Mathijs Kok said:

Now if the code would bugged

I'm pretty sure there is a bug but it's a rare one that only occurs after a specific sequence of inputs/actions in the FMS. "I was playing around with the FMS" is not helpful here. It's simple: No information = no chance to receive help.


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Dear @Alan Coates,

I've read that closed thread and would like to add my 2ct about it mostly regarding to the screenshot with the question mark.


Customer @Polo was kind enough to post you a page of the OP showing that your question mark that should "say it all", says that everything is perfect. Due to the fact that you did not elaborate what you ment by that question mark leads me to one conclusion: "It seams that you are not well aquainted with the CRJ systems!"

I deliberately wrote "it seams" because I'm not sure and I don't want to point fingers at this moment.


So the Q is how did you end with switched displays (because if you have done it on porpouse, you would have not posted the question mark). Possibilities to the switched displays:

1. The CRJ loads that way on your end -> we have never encountered this and there are none reports of such a behaviour -> this is at this point impossible to reproduce

2. You have some sort of controler that turns that button automatically so you end up with ECS instead of ND -> easy to check if you remove all your controllers (or make new empty profiles for them)

3. You turned it by mistake which would indeed lead to "You are not aquainted with the CRJ systems" because you could not find the solution by yourselve.


So why do I talk about this and not about the frozen displays? Simple: either you have some interference that somehow "disables" the CRJ (look at point 2) or you are not well aquainted with it and "play" with the FMS in a manner that has not been designed for (that's why we ask "what have you tried to do?).


Reading through the forum issues you will see how many "false" reports there have been (you can search by key bindings or honeycomb or parking brake). Most of the issues were created on the customers system (not the customer himselfe). A stupid binding of a button and all hell brakes loose.


So please be so kind and help us help you by telling us something to work with: like your setup, aircraft, FPLN, exact load, exactly what you tried to do before the freeze, did you do something else before that etc.


Another important thing to check is: Have you ever tried to fly the tutorial flight exactly by the book? Did you experience the same freezing doing that? At which point in the tutorial did the freeze happen?


So you see....a lot of questions and answers that had to be asked and answered before writing such a topic on the forum.

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my 2cents...

IRL, i'm a software developer on a code base that was super legacy and also trying to squeeze out every performance there is while trying to add new stuff/features so that customers would want to buy new refreshed models/software.


Every customer is able to squawk that they have an issue.
Yes, developers know there might be a bug in the code.
Yes, IRL in my work, I would try to reproduce it on my end, IF POSSIBLE.

Yes, IRL in my work, there would be cases where.... no matter what I do, I can't reproduce the same issue that the customer experiences.

So in that case, we require more CONCRETE/DETAILED information on how is the setup, did the customer did anything that they missed out telling us, no matter how small(yes, even a speaker volume change considered a detail that helps)
All else fails... we might just declare it's this way, or provide a workaround, or some other way, THAT DOESN'T BREAK FUNCTIONALITY FOR OTHER HAPPY CUSTOMERS.....


It's not that developers do not care.... It's that this is a nightmare not only on customer's end, but also on the dev's. How could I solve something that I have no clue about~...... On a framework that was 40 years old, and every little change you do, there might be happy customers turning into riots because they are specifically using the loophole as a feature. 


Yes there are developers that really have no passion for what they are doing. But it's not the majority. 


So.. my 2cents.

When giving bug reports, be as concise and clear, and detailed as humanly possible. But understand that... devs are not geniuses that can solve something with wave of the wand. 




and edit:
If you're asking why cant we just start fresh on a new code framework and be efficient?
Then the answer is, can you accept that Windows 10 cannot be compatible your Adobe Photoshop software that you bought 5 years ago? and if yes, are you willing to wait 10 years for the thing to be ready? 😃 It's not a black and white clear cut thing. 

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  • CRJ Forum Moderator

In order to prevent any derailment of this thread, I took the liberty to close it.


@Alan Coatesplease feel free to open new topics if you require further assistance and don't forget to feed us with all the needed informations so we can try to recreate the issues. Thank you for your understanding.

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