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  1. That's odd then. It works fine for me and I've updated. Are you sure the PWR/FUEL switch is pressed in and not out? It can be really hard to tell. Are you on external power or the batteries?
  2. I'm not sure what the issue is but I use the TO box all the time. I'm pretty sure I've used it prior to entering runway or SID data as well.
  3. Perhaps a silly question but you are pressing START after you press PWR/FUEL, right?
  4. When you have to change an approach or STAR start by changing the runway and then the arrival (even if the approach itself isn't changing). It seems to work better that way.
  5. So there have been issues with the plane not climbing very well due to icing issues that are Asobo's fault. Not Aerosoft's. So first things first, make sure you have icing set to "Visual Only". Now, assuming that's not the issue here, the most efficient way to climb the CRJ is to use the 250/290/0.74 schedule. I'll explain what the means but first it's important that you make sure you're using speed mode to climb. Do not use VS or PTCH mode. Those modes can be used in certain circumstances but for the most part you want to avoid them until you're more familiar with the plane.
  6. You're not wrong. There's an issue with the ILS. Specifically the glideslope. It's not affecting everyone but it's certainly affecting a lot of people. Here's a big thread on it. I'm confident Aerosoft will get it taken care of.
  7. I've had some luck with engaging heading mode, letting the plane settle down, and then putting the plane back on an intercept heading. Once everything is scared away I re-engage NAV mode and it seems to work well. If this happens again give that a shot. I know this doesn't solve the problem but it should help to allay the symptoms until there's a fix from Aerosoft.
  8. Hello, I noticed a minor issue with the ETA as listed on the MFD Data page. In the screenshot I've included you'll notice that the ETA for the TOD point is 21:60 which obviously doesn't make sense. Also, the ETA for YTS (which is the VOR for my destination airport) is before my TOC point which also doesn't make sense. Furthermore the ETA for me destination shows a time of -20:-34. I have no idea what that means. Cheers, Troy
  9. Once you have this page displayed on the MFD, click the MFD ADV button on the FMS (two buttons over from the one you've highlighted). You'll be able to cycle through the pages there.
  10. You're more or less correct. The CRJ VNAV doesn't really plan for descents at idle thrust. Ideally it should since typically flight plans are built using idle thrust descents. The CRJ VNAV is set by default to descend on a 3° slope. So it takes the first hard altitude restriction and builds a 3° slope back from that and that's where it places your TOD point. Three degrees isn't really steep enough for an idle descent. If you like, there is an option to change the VNAV descent slope if you like on the VNAV page in the FMS. On the right hand side you can change the 3.0 to something else. 3.4 sho
  11. I can't say I'm surprised. This airplane is LIGHTYEARS ahead of anything else out there right now. Just the fact that the VNAV works so nicely is impressive. Aside from that though the attention to detail is astounding. When I first saw the price of this plane I thought "well that's not cheap. It better be worth it." I'm happy to say it's been worth every penny and then some. Honestly I can't say enough good things about this plane. I've flown this plane (well the 200) in the real world and I was a trainer on it as well (I still teach on it at the flight college nearby) and this plane is absol
  12. I've noticed a few times where for whatever reason the cruise altitude shown in the cruise waypoints (by which I mean the waypoints where I should already be at my cruising level as opposed to climb or descent waypoints) does not match the cruise altitude that I inputted into the PERF page. For example I inputted FL380 in the PERF page but in the LEGS page my cruise waypoints show FL370. In this case the VNAV won't cycle to CRZ. In order to change this I just change the FL370 shown at each cruise waypoint to FL380 and then it seems to sort itself out. Could have be what's happenin
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