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  1. Check the EFB to see what your VREF speed should be. Once you are fully configured maintain VREF. Do not add 5 knots to it like many people do. If your VREF is 134, fly 134. Thrust to idle at 50ft. Begin to fare at 30ft. The flare is very minimal. Aside from that there are no other tricks.
  2. I've read all of your posts and @Quenteagle mentioned that that plane was doing the correct entry. From what you wrote I agree. A RIGHT turn is the correct entry procedure at UXDEP from CRE. The plane should have made a right turn to approximately 327° and flown that heading for 30-60 seconds and then it should have made another right turn to the inbound track of 177°. So with this in mind, unless I'm missing something I'm not sure what you think the issue is. Cheers!
  3. The real plane, and the sim, will fly the entire hold (including the proper entry procedure) for you in NAV mode. Heading mode is never used for a hold.
  4. You're correct and I'm not sure why it doesn't display. This window is how I flew my descents in the real plane. It's very useful.
  5. Nope. The CRJ FMS (sim and real world) accepts "Fxxx" as a flight level entry. You don't need to put "FL". You can if you wish but it's an extra and unnecessary step.
  6. I was referring to aircraft without the supplemental ground wing anti-ice system. I loved the 200 but flying an 850 with all of those bells and whistles would have been cool!
  7. Ah I see. Well remember that you're free to set them at any point you like. It won't hurt anything. Just keep in mind that the FMS will autotune them when you get within a certain distance of the airport. In the real world we always set the NAV radios manually which then prevented the autotune from working (this was intentional) but it doesn't appear that the Aerosoft CRJ is modelled this way. Or perhaps it's just a difference between the CRJ 200 and the 550/700.
  8. Are you sure? Preventing that from happening is literally the sole reason that switch exists. Or so I thought anyway.
  9. I'm guessing it's just low on their priority list. It would be nice though for sure. I use it now but only for airspeed and altitude.
  10. That's just the way the CRJ FMS was designed. When the CRJ was built RNP approaches weren't a thing so they weren't designed into the FMS.
  11. I'll try it the next time I fly the plane but it's entirely possible that the switch it simply not modelled, or it could be a bug. Hopefully one of the administrators can chime in. But I will say that it's really rare for airliners to fly a hold by using the actual VOR. It's normally flown using the FMS. If you simply want to practice flying VOR holds then my point doesn't really apply to you but if you're going for realism then you'll want to set up the hold in the FMS.
  12. Hmmm. Unfortunately I'm out of ideas then. My apologies. Do you have any peripherals plugged into the computer? What about controller profiles?
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