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  1. Already discussed in:
  2. Meanwhile, I'm getting ready for the big moment of release.
  3. No problem at all, just :
  4. Be sure to set "Modern" , not "Legacy" flight mode. All default MSFS aircraft have been designed with a modern flight model. There’s no reason for using the legacy flight model.
  5. I'm glad you find a partially solution.
  6. Sorry for insist, but Did you turned Both FD OFF , leave at least 3 seconds and then ON ? I know you have plenty experience in Airbus but sometimes we miss something.
  7. What if, you reset both FD from ON to OFF then ON?
  8. From FCOM: The flight crew arms A/THR: ‐ On ground • By pushing the A/THR pb on the FCU when the engines are not running, or • By setting the thrust levers at the FLX or TOGA detent when the engines are running. ‐ In flight • By pushing the A/THR pb on the FCU while the thrust levers are out of the active range, or • While A/THR is active (“A/THR” white on the FMA), by setting all thrust levers beyond the CL detent or at least one lever above the MCT detent, or • By engaging the go around mode.
  9. Correct display is: - Green LED lights when gear is down - Red LED lights when gear is in transit - NO lights when gear is up and locked. Sorry, I can't help you with configuration.
  10. Your wish are come true but from another vendor.
  11. Every aircraft does but for avoid a possible tail strike and for improve braking action, Lower the nosewheel without undue delay, is the recommended action.
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