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  1. This product (FSX version) was released around January, this topic should be closed. Isn't? Thank you for making happen.-
  2. Have you still the old v4 xml in the Sode folder? remove all xml with ENVA from sode\xml then rerun configurator.
  3. IRL After ROSUN you have two choices: 1-) Fly to MCT VOR ( IAF) via R-353 and perform a full approach procedure , or 2-) Expect VECTORS to intercept LOC Fly direct from ROSUN to CF23R it's not an option in this particular approach procedure.
  4. You have to insert value by putting " 0 " ( zero ) before the desired value, for example: 0800/0800. We have the same policy in my company, with some exceptions in " special airports ".-
  5. During the flare, the pilot should not concentrate on the airspeed, but only on the attitude with external cues. Try to imagine you're trying to make a very low pass, your eyes pointing to the end of the runway.
  6. At 20 ft, the "RETARD" auto call-out reminds the pilot to retard thrust levers. It is a reminder rather than an order. When best adapted, the pilot will rapidly retard all thrust levers: depending on the conditions, the pilot will retard earlier or later. However, the pilot must ensure that all thrust levers are at IDLE detent at the latest at touchdown, to ensure ground spoilers extension at touchdown. A "standard" height to "slowly easy back the throttle" could be, let say 50 ft. From stabilized conditions, the flare height is about 30 ft and no more than 10° for A319/320 or 7.5° for A321.
  7. Al parecer tu escenario, el cual aparenta ser un "freeware", está diseñado para o con técnicas de Fs2004 o anteriores. Este foro es para brindar ayuda de productos distribuidos o elaborados por Aerosoft, asegúrate que este sea tu caso, para poder solocitar soporte en este sitio. Saludos
  8. Some things looks wrong here, for example: too early configuration for landing, but , back to RNAV APP apparently looks like a database error. Pay attention at "white numbers" below LEDIK waypoint, you can read your GP shows 0.0° and that it's exactly what your aircraft does NO descent. A correct reading should be -3.0°. My advice is : Try another RNAV approach, maybe a different airport or runway and pay attention on this.
  9. You are absolutely right, I missed this. Well, in that case, if it work correctly, is an automatically protection, no interaction is required.
  10. In short: GROUND SPEED MINI FUNCTION PRINCIPLE The objective of the Ground Speed Mini function is to take advantage of the aircraft inertia, when the wind varies during the approach. This objective is achieved by providing the adequate indicated speed target (i.e. the managed speed target represented by the magenta triangle). When the aircraft flies this indicated air speed target, the energy of the aircraft is maintained above a minimum level ensuring aerodynamic margins versus stall. During the approach, the FG continuously computes the managed speed target in order to take into account the gusts or wind changes.- It is an automatic function. This feature it's NOT simulated in Aerosoft Airbus. Best regards.
  11. I R L To engage is the best ( and only ) way ...... To disengage the BEST ( and recommended) way is pressing takeover PB on the sidestick.
  12. I know, maybe you can found it in FCOM or other, but it's a fact, when you dial inadvertently a higher altitude, you only have a second for turning back to a lower or right altitude without change. Otherwise it's just right how does it works, with MCDU message ( NEW CRZ ALT FL XXX ) , etc, etc. Same as your video.
  13. You are wrong, That's the way it works in real life. So it's not a bug.
  14. More important than respecting humble and/or confused opinions, it is to remember the real topic which is: A brand new LUKLA for FSX !
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