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  1. When we get something to show.... it will be here. Please keep in mind these are not internal projects where I can walk to the devs and tell them to make me some screenshots.
  2. No comment. But I can tell you some of our models will be in DCS soon. But there will be no comments from us on this.
  3. As we found some incorrect mix of files on the users systems we decided to release a completely new build (so only usable by downloading the fresh installer. We advise you to use the control panel applet to remove the previous version first. If you want a completely fresh start, delete the aircraft product folders and this folder and this file from your Documents\Aerosoft folder: HISTORY online release Please note the 1.2 version number is used to align with the A318/A319. Non-Experimental (save you liveries!) Full new Build Bug Fix: Problems with Chrono fixed Bug Fix: Some fuel systems issues solved Improvement: ND elements updated to newer Airbus standard Improvement: Better GSX2 support Improvement: More and corrected AIDS prints Improvement: Corrected pitch on flare Improvement: Silenced 60/70 feet AGL calls Improvement: Better fonts for FCU, COMS etc Improvement: ND Runway drawing now includes MAGVAR Experimental Bug Fix: Better prevention of Stuka dives Bug Fix: Brake fan sound played more reliably Bug Fix: WHEEL ECAM pages corrected temperature indications Bug Fix: Possible fix for missing paper in printer Improvement: Removed obsolete sounds Improvement: Printer sound shortened Improvement: Latest tweaks to printouts Improvement: PFD markers updated to 2019 Airbus standard Improvement: Background lighting for several displays unlinked from Shift-L Improvement: ECAM COND Temp drop to OAT significantly slowed down when both packs are switched off Improvememt: MAG VAR for runways corrected when using Navigraph Experimental Bug Fix: Updates of GSX2 compatibility Bug Fix: Issues with brake fan sounds solved Bug Fix: AUTO ELEV value in CAB PRESS ECAM page was always 100 feet too high, now correct Bug Fix: CVR GCTRL logic corrected Bug Fix: APU RPM corrected for IAE engines Bug Fix: CTD issues with print avoided Bug Fix: Flaps/trim now corrected reset on runways change Bug Fix: Speed/mach and alt values on F-PLN pages corrected Bug Fix: Constrains displays incorrectly Bug Fix: Display of MagVar for WPTs on F-PLN corrected Improvement: Minor tweaks to PROG and REPORT pages Improvement: Minor graphical tweaks to PFD Improvement: Minor functional tweaks to PFD added RNP AR capability….L/DEV added DH indication added MDA indication added landing elevation indication added tailstrike pitch indication Improvement: Logic behind CPT BARO and ISIS BARO changed Improvement: Print margins Improvement: ET timers now reset on loading Cold & Dark and Turn Around Experimental (Including Connected Flight Deck) Aso indicated as Bug Fix: Fix in RAD NAV on VOR course Bug Fix: Fixes in Loadsheet report, wrong values when not using the FuelPlanner Bug Fix: Minor fix on RemoteCDU: it might be disabled under certain conditions. Bug Fix: Fixes related to magnetic variation on WPTs shown on F-PLN page (multiple leg types) Bug Fix: FMGS was totally locked up on PRINT ALL for WX reports Bug Fix: Arrival airport data was sometimes unavailable when ALTN is also present, leading to issues like dashed UTC, EFOB etc Bug Fix: Occasional exception when scrolling the ARRIVALS page Bug Fix: Fixes in F-PLN page, spd/mach and alt values displayed incorrectly, constraints displayed incorrectly Bug Fix: During fire test the engine fault light on pedestal now nolonger comes on Bug Fix: ELEC: GEN1+GEN2 "OFF" light logic inverted Bug Fix: HYD: ECAM page: Status of HYD pumps inverted Bug Fix: CTD happened on HOLD at PPOS Bug Fix: Clearing the Flaps/Trim settings on RWY change Bug Fix: TO SHIFT clearing manually and also automatically on RWY change Bug Fix: PROG page: manually entered required RNP value was being overwritten, and also wrong font size; Bug Fix: PSD placement on a curve was incorrect, e.g. LEMD ILS32RZ VIA ASBIN Bug Fix: REPORT page: it was totally blank when the arrival airport wasn't selected. Bug Fix: CTD on WX request with the wind speed given in other units Bug Fix: ACARS: the wind speed from METAR REPORT wasn't converted when storing values (if given in different units, KMH or MPS) Bug Fix: the RNP value wasn't synced with FO MCDU; Bug Fix: incorrect indication for the RNP value with precision Bug Fix: enormous curves on ND caused by invalid navaid coordinates, if navaid isn't present in the active navdata Improvement: Connected Flight Deck activated for Open Beta Improvement: Tweaks to QNH/STD Improvement: More tweaks to PFD Improvement: ECAM COND: Temp drop to OAT made faster again when packs are switched off Improvement: GCS switch of WXR now springloaded to AUTO position Improvement: Multiple changes to DUPLICATES page Improvement: Tweaks for GSX2 Improvement: layout for prints improved Improvement: ELEC: Several internal adaptations to match newer BUS logic from A320 Improvement: Dual Input sounds added Experimental Bug Fix: State loading issues solved Bug Fix: New versions of Connect Flight Deck (still alpha code) Improvement: Further tweaks on GSX2 interaction Improvement: Small tweak to VC graphics Experimental Bug Fix: Added ASC.cfg files missing from update Non-Experimental, Full new installer, save your liveries! Bug Fix: Avoiding CTD in Connected Flight Deck Improvement: Finishing GSX2 interaction Improvement: Refinements to Connected Flight Deck Improvement: Vol1 manual updated
  4. As you are still the only one that has this issue we simply have to assume it is something local on your system. We are releasing a full new build very soon, perhaps that will solve the issue.
  5. No, the download file is fully up to date. Are you sure you have traffic activated in the sim?
  6. So you want the add-on to be able to access a real microphone on your system and then play what you say in real time out of the loudspeakers. That seems to make very little sense. If you want to simulate that simply click the button and speak. And we had them for the last 6 years.
  7. It's close to being completed. The AERO show took us some more time then anticipated.
  8. We really focus on the cockpit and not on the cabin because it is a flight simulator. I am not sure what a PA system should do.
  9. Not the best vid as it is done to test something but just to silence people who feel we can't do floppy wings. The algorithm is pretty cool, it more than the standard animation.
  10. full new build 1.2.4 will be available very soon, best to wait for that.
  11. I am simply totally unable to recreate this.
  12. I am 99% sure this is simply because the FPS is too low. Keep in mind we calculate the FBW system on a frame by frame base.
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