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  1. v was not released a few hours ago. Could it be you have the experimental updates de-activated?
  2. We will look at the radio issue the moment we have developers available. At this moment they are fully focussed on other things.
  3. We will look at the radio stuff the moment we have any devs available.
  4. That is a rental aircraft and as you do not own it you can't do maintenance on it. Just drop it and rent another.
  5. Perhaps, but we for sure do not guarantee it.
  6. I am really sorry but we simply do not know what could cause this. As far as we know the Saitek radiostack can only handle the standard radio commands so it would be that when we moved to new frequency spacing this caused the issue. We can provide the lvars if somebody wants to write a driver.
  7. HISTORY online release for FSX Added 2D popup autopilot panel Minor optimiazion of VC model Adjusted material settings of radio frequency glass to make digits more visible in sunlight Fixed animation of landing light extension/retraction to require electrical power. Added automated Flight Engineer. Improved altitude hold at slow speeds.
  8. In a simulator that handles light better it will.... P3D simply is lacking in these aspects.
  9. We honestly have no idea on how SpadneXt works. We have never done any work to make it compatible and have never done anything knowingly to break compatibility.
  10. Ahhhh, you are simply using an outdated version of the aircraft. Server is fine.
  11. Are you logged on with the same user as which you installed with?
  12. It's not a 'ploy' of any kind. You are seeing conclusions that are simply nor correct. The simple fact is that we match what we invest to the price of the product (perhaps a bit more than other companies) as we feel that ends up with a 'honest' price. After all, it is rather normal, if you invest more you need to get more to break even. We totally love the Switch but at this moment it is simply more expensive to develop for it than it is for other platforms. And I am not sure why you feel it is impossible for a product to be in beta on one platform and not on the other, it simply
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