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  1. That looks like a Permission error. Are you full admin on the system?
  2. I can only say that it has been submitted. When it will be released is out of our hands.
  3. I will have this checked out. All updates (and new installs) are via Aerosoft One.
  4. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  5. I would be glad to invite you to the beta team if you think you can avoid painful issues like this!
  6. As weird as is sounds, so do I. There are a lot of things in play. From things I would like to do (PBY Catalina) via things that are commercially 'safe' (from example a high range A321, aircraft that sell very well) to projects for the professional market.
  7. Look, this is a complex issue. Perhaps time to shed some light on it. Commercially (from a publishers point of view) the Marketplace is huge. I (we) simply do not understand publishers that think they do not need it. If your add-on if not on the Marketplace you not only loose acces to the biggest shop (by far) but also to MSFS Xbox and MSFS Cloud. If you only read forums like this you might think these platforms are not important but that is because these customers use other media to communicate (if they do). Let me tell you the fact Simple Traffic is still not available on the Marketplace is costing us a shite load of money. If you want to make money with a MSFS DLC you need the Marketplace. It does not matter how you or I feel about that shop, it is still the biggest. From a developers point of view the Marketplace is not ideal. You have to abide to limitations that are not the valid for shops like ours, Orbx etx. Microsoft allows us to make DLC they will not sell. From their point of view this is totally logically. They have three platforms, PC, Xbox, Cloud and they only want to sell stuff that works everywhere. As publisher we want the same! Heck if it would run on a Sony Playstation we would be super happy. But the simple fact is that there are technical limitations that are simply not easy to overcome. From the customers point of view things are not always easy to understand. The huge plus is that it is easy. You do not leave the sim, you do not deal with any third parties in weird countries. The negatives are that you only get what Microsoft wants to sell, have to wait until they handle it and that it is encrypted (so you can't tweak it). And because not every publisher/dev can use (or wants to use) the Marketplace you will not find all DLC. High-end simmers, who know the DLC companies, will probably buy where they did so for many years. Most casual simmers will default to the Marketplace and will be totally happy there. Those in between will decide on experience. That is why we invest a lot in customer support. It is where a 'small' company can compete with a massive company. Aerosoft is happy to sell our DLC on every platform, in every shop. We will solve the VDGS issue soon.
  8. For the CRJ we have a different deal with Microsoft. We delay our release until they are ready. This is a agreement that goes back a long way is done because Microsoft assisted us in the development of this product.
  9. Yes it is related to the VDGS module indeed. Anything that 'expands' the standard options of the sim will always need assistance from Microsoft. Let me assure you that we are talking to Microsoft about this on a daily base. Basically however, this is not in our hands.
  10. Mmmm, Fenix is not very high on my list of competitors in a commercial sense to be honest. First of all the project is 'landlocked' because the dev team does not control the core code, but mainly because it is not available on the Marketplace. That puts you out of reach for the majority of customers and will never work on MSFS Xbox and MSFS Cloud. For the smallish group of high-end simmers that is of course not an issue, these are all on PC, for a publisher that needs to sell many tens of thousands of copies it is deadly.
  11. Okay, issue should be solved. If you do run into this issue do a new full download from the order history page to make sure it is not an issue for you anymore.
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