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  1. You are using an internal view too look at itr from the outside.
  2. That seems you are asking us to move the sale from the Marketplace to our own system, even though we already paid Microsoft to handle the sale, distribution and updates. I am sorry but that is just not going to happen as we would take a serious loss on the sale. We would need to find a way to insert the sale intro our systems (and German privacy laws make that seriously hard), replace the file you have installed with ours (and convince Microsoft that that is a good idea), take over all updates etc. It would simply mean we lose on money on the sale even though we did nothing wrong. That is jus
  3. Sure. But exactly what do you want us to do when the code we send to Asobo work on our release and not on the version distributed by Microsoft? As is 100% clear, the issue is not with what we provided. We fully understand the frustrations but we simply have absolutely no way of fixing it. We have seen this many times on Steam releases etc. The additional layers these shops put on things can cause issues. Issues in our code we can fix,. often in hours. Issues in DRM have to be fixed by platform. and take between hours and weeks. People overestimate the influence we have on that.
  4. I have a plan but right now I do not think it would be a good idea to share that.
  5. When the CRJ is not loaded there is simply no way it could influence other aircraft. The way MSFS handles add-ons makes that impossible.
  6. We are beyond that stage. Asobo knows about the issue and it will be fixed. They just need to find the time. As you can understand with the release of the Xbox version very close their priorities are hard to manage.
  7. Got it. Your forum account will be closed tomorrow, shop will be done monday. This will remove all traces of your existence. We have seen that being a problem for some users btw. They ask us to remove the account and a few weeks later they aks us for support. As we do not have you as a customer in our systems that will be refused. So keep that in mind.
  8. Sorry but that is for sure not the issue. We simply have to wait for Asobo to sort this out.
  9. That is how we understand that as well.
  10. Thanks! We are sure they are in French on the aircraft btw.
  11. Any kind soul able to tell us what these decals would say in French?
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