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  1. The airport of Vitoria (ICAO: LEVT) is a Spanish airport managed by AENA, built in 1980. It’s located 8 kilometers from the city center next to the village Antezana de Foronda, this is the reason why it’s known as Foronda Airport. This airport has regular passenger flights operated by Ryanair, but it’s mainly used for cargo transport, with airlines like Swiftair, DHL and ASL Belgium operating from there. It’s Spain’s 4th cargo airport according to the amount of cargo handled. In addition to this, the airport receives a lot of charter traffic, both from cargo and passenger airlines.
  2. Welcome to Augsburg Airport! This German Airport is located 7km north of the city of Augsburg and is mainly used for general and business aviation flights. Make use of the latest MSFS SDK features, this add-on offers a high-quality flying experience with much attention to detail. High-resolution and detailed textures are included for runway, taxiways, aprons, buildings and much more! Features: Detailed representation of Augsburg Airport PBR textures for all objects and for the ground poly Photorealistic ground using high-resolution aerial imagery (20cm/px)
  3. Images soon to be inserted! Features: The airport has a large number of land vehicles and work elements typical of Spanish airports and some exclusive to this airport The airport terrain is hand built to make a more realistic representation of its elevations and the retaining walls that are found both at the head of the runway and on the sides To make the approach to the airport more attractive, we have built customized buildings to populate the city like an old dismantled factory next to the Gadis supermarket and the buildings surrounding it All along the
  4. Of course they read this and I promise they will be fine, lol. We are just very grateful about the kind comments made by our friends as Asobo. As promised, I will try to get some things to show before the weekend.
  5. Version 1.0.1: • Fixed some night lightings • Updated rwy designators at Juist and Wangerooge • Improved vegetation
  6. I will ask one of our sales people to assist you with that. Don't worry though!
  7. Yes, if your framerate is already low, setting any x will cause major problems.
  8. We do plan so, but only to a few sites. Sorry for the almost total lack of coms on this topic. As stated our policy regarding information regarding not yet released products has changed and will be more in the hands of Marketing. I will discuss this week with them if we can show some more progress. Because that is for sure made. In fact things look pretty good.
  9. Download release - Added VDGS guidance. (stands D10 to D22) - Added missing PAPI lights, RWY 14R/32L. - Added more GA parking spots. - VDGS, Fixed blank distance display when approaching stands. - Added Ramp connection to remote stands. - Fixed missing localizer signal when aircraft is on the runway. - ILS frequency is now set automatically in FMS. - Increased light radius from dynamic flood lights. - Adjusted runway lighting position. - Replaced marker beacon building wit
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