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  1. As long as they make clear this is beta! Vertical navigation is one of the issues we plan to work on next week.
  2. I am sorry Basol, but reading over all your posts, it simply makes no sense. There is no way a axis changes direction on it's own. There is now way an axis stops reacting when a add-on is loaded.
  3. and you are sure you have set the tool to two axis? Sorry to say so but we got a few tens of thousands of customers where this works.
  4. But still, we can only support sims that we test with.
  5. Ah well.... if an honest answer is not acceptable there is not a lot I can say.
  6. Oh no.... The CRJ is first and needs good attention. No and we do not plan that.
  7. Yes that's the one. It is pretty tricky to find all the circumstances it is heard. Also seems to be influenced by temperature.
  8. try this: AB_FCTL_Tiller_Toggle
  9. And are you sure the condition to use these things are correct? For example you can't activate certain things without having the engines shutdown and the parking brakes set.
  10. We are fully aware, but we have limited resources.
  11. We have new files for Lukla but they need to be checked.
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