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  1. No, but the fact our first test with SU6 were promising did help a lot. This is really one of those projects that I, as project manager, like to get out as soon as possible and keep tweaking it after release. It's not an aircraft where a bug can ruin your flight.
  2. Yes, we see no reason why this would not work on Xbox.
  3. Perhaps, just keep in mind that we will not support that use. I understand this is important for a certain group of users, but this product is really aimed at the vast majority who just want their airports to look better without any configuration etc. Install and forget.
  4. The 900/1000 will on release be identical to the 550/700. We do have some update plans but we need stability first.
  5. Not planned. As said this is really a very simply drop and use product.
  6. Yeah, well life sucks, lol. But SU6 is an important step we needed.
  7. Simple Traffic is an imperfect product (that is why it is not called Ultimate Traffic or something). It's cheap (and cheerful!) and simply aims to make the airports we all visit look better. So you see this at Frankfurt: and not fictitious default liveries but RyanAir, British Airways and yeah Lufthansa ofcourse. And there are dozens of airlines included and they all appear on the right airport. See here for more information: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/1112-simple-traffic/ For now I will leave you with a video. Ohhh btw, this will be a 15 euro product.
  8. No you did not. But your posts is really about simBrief and Navigraph and not the Airbusses it is at best off-topic and as such not very useful in this topic.
  9. On our roadmap and that of Microsoft.
  10. Bit confused, is this releated to Andras Field? That is a FSX/P3D product after all.
  11. Most likely because they did read page 8 of Vol 1 of the manuals. Al these controls work fine.
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