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  1. Well, you locked my post, pretty rude when you have not bothered to solve this. Things must have been too difficult for you. How dare you blame my PC? Not my PC. Problem is with the CRJ. I suspect, specifically with the FMC. See below reported on: ON THIS FORUM: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/aerosoft-crj-really-struggling-with-this-aircraft/386693/7 MEMBER: EgoisiticJOe REPORTS: im struugling to fly this thing to at the moment all my dials and gauges are frozen all because i was playing with the fmc. all the dials and controls are displayed and i can move
  2. Well we go from 'unflyable' to your reply as 'unacceptable' As I said, your plane is the only problem You obviously haven't read my post Your reply to me that you are then sure it is NOT a problem in the code makes no sense at all. As I pointed out YOUR plane is the ONLY problem I have. Everything else works well on my problem free system.
  3. Okay - deleted and re-installed. Can't do that from the hanger, why not? had to go to the marketplace to freshly re-install. Same version as before installed (0.1.3) Still a problem, no freeze this time but had to fly from 1st officer seat. Question mark says it all. Peeps who say it works fine for them, well that's the usual comment that you get on forums that is no help what so ever. MSFS works fine for everything for me except this plane. The stock A320Neo and the excellent FREE mod works perfectly. And Mathijs Kok how does that help that your so-called thousands have no pr
  4. Flying this airliner is not that difficult. I've made many flights since it's release with no problems. I certainly have not crashed as I read many have trying to learn it. My own job before I retired was as a programmer and manager of IT networks. Being precise is exactly what I do: 1. the FMS system is pretty straight forward 2. make sure there are no errors before flight 3. keep within the constraints of the flight envelope 4. Any problems notified, can easily be dealt with only one was the diff/pressure. Quickly solved as I saw that the pilots and passenger
  5. Something badly wrong with this plane. EGBB TO LOWI For the second time all screens frozen. Only wheels worked. Even the Reverser did not work. Managed to land at EDDM, that is only because of MSFS stupidly allowing the use of alerions, rudder even though the plane is cold dark (or maybe we have hydraulic arms). No control surfaces graphically worked. I had only ground reference and guesswork of my speed that I managed to land safely. Don't think that would have been the case in RL. Could not power down the engines or use any controls in the cockpit. I've been really enjoying this plane b
  6. Checked the FAQs - no solution found Last two flights I have lost a lot of power. Noticed something was wrong when taxiing, usually when you start to move, idle is fast enough and on occasion you need slight brakes. Now I have to use more power, idle is not enough. Got the CRJ configured (all weights etc entered) with no errors or omissions showing and flaps at 8, on take-off I get poor power, need to put it to MAX and quickly pull up the gear then flaps to stop stalling. Had to do the, thankfully, relative short flight in CLIMB mode all the way. The plane was in a steep AOA (spoil
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