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  1. Hi Devs, Here's another report Load up at RJCC airport. Load up this flight plan file generated from Simbrief from the Route Menu in FMS. Flightplan seems to have discontinuities here and there. I go into arrivals, and try to choose runway ILS27 FMS and all instrument screens hang. Thanks for your hard work devs. She's a nice bird to fly 😃 Albeit some hiccups here and then. RJCCRJSS.flp
  2. Hello Peeps. Anybody knows what does this icon mean? First time seeing it.
  3. Updated to latest, confirm the AP TRIM jolt still happens. Just to reiterate the scenario for developers to understand: 1. Takeoff 2. Handfly 3. Since hand flying, gonna trim nose down to maintain level flight at say 5000ft. 4. Once stable at altitude, engage autopilot with ALT and NAV 5. Look at trim display while doing step (4). 6. You will see the trim jumping back up to default 7.5....... Seems like AP and Manual trim values are two different persistent values.... <--------------- this is the rootcause. AP only persistently remembers the trim that it changes DURING AP is on. So if AP remembers the last AP changed trim to be 7.5, but currently the plane is flying at trim 3.0(cause user handfly and manually trim it), once AP engages it's gonna go all south LOL.
  4. off topic comment but the name PersistentCRJ made me picture her has a wife/grandma that is persistently nagging you about washing the dishes lol 😅 oh my what am I high on.
  5. Because Flybywire A32nx is using MSFS internal Nav Data.... Hence it's the same source. CRJ is using EXTERNAL Nav Data... which you will have to update yourself by buying the subscription from Navigraph or Aerosoft.
  6. I think this should not be treated as a bug. It never states it would work with in sim flight planner and ATC. The FMS accepts EXTERNAL nav data(navigraph, etc), not referencing MSFS's nav data. Hence it's expected both would not couple.... Though it could be a nice wishlist though. But definitely not a bug or something to fix.
  7. To devs, here's some info incase no one provided a concise observation, yet : Basically what was happening is this: Scenario 1: Stabilizer trim 0 1. fly and adjust trim to let's +5 manually 2. then engage AP 3. AP doesn't immediately take over from trim +5, it basically is basing on last AP used trim, which is 0, and then it adjusts onward. Scenario 2: Stabilizer trim +5 1. assume flying nicely using AP at trim +5 2. disengage AP, trim remains at +5 3. then fly aggressively or whatever you want to do, just change the trims manually to let's say -10. 4. reengage AP 5. AP doesn't immediately take over from trim -10, it basically is basing on last AP used trim, which is +5, and the it adjusts onward. I would say this would be a known issue as there were a lot of topics on this (could be because of sim limitations as well). So no need to harp on this. Let's all wait for progressive updates from Aerosoft and be patient. 😃 Cheers for the amazing airliner. Thanks Aerosoft.
  8. my 2cents... IRL, i'm a software developer on a code base that was super legacy and also trying to squeeze out every performance there is while trying to add new stuff/features so that customers would want to buy new refreshed models/software. Every customer is able to squawk that they have an issue. Yes, developers know there might be a bug in the code. Yes, IRL in my work, I would try to reproduce it on my end, IF POSSIBLE. Yes, IRL in my work, there would be cases where.... no matter what I do, I can't reproduce the same issue that the customer experiences. So in that case, we require more CONCRETE/DETAILED information on how is the setup, did the customer did anything that they missed out telling us, no matter how small(yes, even a speaker volume change considered a detail that helps) All else fails... we might just declare it's this way, or provide a workaround, or some other way, THAT DOESN'T BREAK FUNCTIONALITY FOR OTHER HAPPY CUSTOMERS..... It's not that developers do not care.... It's that this is a nightmare not only on customer's end, but also on the dev's. How could I solve something that I have no clue about~...... On a framework that was 40 years old, and every little change you do, there might be happy customers turning into riots because they are specifically using the loophole as a feature. Yes there are developers that really have no passion for what they are doing. But it's not the majority. So.. my 2cents. When giving bug reports, be as concise and clear, and detailed as humanly possible. But understand that... devs are not geniuses that can solve something with wave of the wand. and edit: If you're asking why cant we just start fresh on a new code framework and be efficient? Then the answer is, can you accept that Windows 10 cannot be compatible your Adobe Photoshop software that you bought 5 years ago? and if yes, are you willing to wait 10 years for the thing to be ready? 😃 It's not a black and white clear cut thing.
  9. Aha! So it's a .... "never touch that" button. Ok. icic. LOL. Thx Herman.
  10. Not sure if this helped. I had the same issue. So i did a full clean reinstall of the CRJ and installation for Navigraph Airac Data. It works again.
  11. Yeah, i'm on latest from Marketplace. I think this is a low priority bug, so it's ok, nobody uses it normally i think. Just letting them know so that it gets on the list for far future fixes.
  12. Upon turning on High Pwr Schedule, it can't be turned off anymore. 😃 Thanks.
  13. I've I've just had the same experience last night, using SPD mode to climb to FL260, then at around 1000ft from target, speed was slowing down and ATC was asking me why was I descending without clearance(VATSIM). I noticed the speed was barely 140knots, and stab trim was at 14.0. I disconnected AP and manually fly the plane and manually trim the stab to a sane position for level flight. I then reengage AP on SPD mode to FL260, but it INSTANTLY used the former stab trim 14.0 value. I saw it with my own eyes that it instantly jumps back. HAHA
  14. To devs that concern: Here's another hang/CTD that i reproduced for you additional debugging purposes. Steps: 1. Load into airport: VTSP, one of the parking areas, AIRAC2103 2. Use EFB and put aircraft state to "READY FOR TAXI" 3. POS Init as normal 4. Got to route menu and load up the attached flight plan file. VTSPVTBD 5. Press "ACT STORE" button to load it 6. Press "ACTIVATE" for the stored flightplan 7. Press "EXEC" to execute the flightplan 8. Go to flightplan page 3/4 9. Delete the last line, by pressing LSK 5 10. Sim hangs, and my processor has basically one thread 100% used, kinda like a forever loop. Thanks devs! Hope the information is able to help you guys solve some of the issues. VTSPVTBD.flp
  15. That is some golden nuggets of info here. Thanks for the knowledge download. Yes, it's not very straightforward at the moment to directly edit a localizer's data, as there are package priorities being loaded, as well as overwritten, as well as navigraph's data is in BGL format. Asobo's SDK need to mature more for the community to start fixing their airports (they have alot of auto gen airports, but it'll take better tools available to the community to make it easier for a public effort to correct them to real life, be it scenery or nav data) I'm using Navigraph's data, whether the ILS localizer coordinates is really wrong or not in IRL, most probably not? =). But either way, I'm just messing around with the Nav datas in the core and CRj's folder in an attempt to shift localizer to it's IRL antenna position. Your explanation directly correlates with what i find, which is editing CRJ's nav data for the localizer's position does nothing to CRJ's nav receiver. Thanks for alleviating my curiosity and i can rest well tonight.
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