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Aerosoft Aircraft - A330 Preview

Mathijs Kok
Message added by Tom,

Aerosoft A330 Preview


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On 9/8/2022 at 10:36 AM, Mathijs Kok said:


Sorry, we have not yet decided on those. However, the 321 LR is probably the most interesting at this moment.

Great thanks Mathijs for your prompt reply- lets hope then for the LR version!

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Hope all is well.

Can i check if there any new features you are enhancing from your P3D A330. 

Is the MSFS 2020 a 'revamp' or are you toying with new features. 

I really love the co pilot option in the A320's A330, makes flying with VR headset easier. But just bought the latest 330 on the market and am extremely impressed with interior and exterior modelling they have done a nice job on cabin. 


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@Mathijs Kok Hi there! Just a quick question: Will the A330 come equipped with something akin to a dispatch system seen in use by some other developers? I mean something along the lines of simbrief integration built directly into the MCDU that makes it appear as though the aircraft is receiving route/performance/delay/ADC messages from airline dispatch. Irrespective of your response, thanks in advance! 

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