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  1. 1/2 Bank does not activate in NAV mode. Seems to be a bug. Whenever you (or the aircraft) turn 1/2 Bank on or off, switch to HDG mode and right back to NAV.
  2. 1/2 Bank activates in HDG Mode. It seems to be a bug. Whenever you turn it on or off be sure to change AP mode to HDG and back to NAV.
  3. I have 60GB of stuff in my Community folder. All my files show as “not installed” in the content manager. But they all work. I guess it’s just a minor bug.
  4. Don’t know if that’s the right thread to post my problem. But since I can’t load any flight plans anymore not even the ones stored as pilot’s routes. It always says something like “flightplan loaded” but no departure, no destination and no waypoints are in the FMS. I tried out SimBrief files, Little Navmap files (which worked before) and saving and loading from the pilot’s routes on the second flightplan. also tried to enable or disable importing sids and stars. it always tells me it loaded the flightplan, but nothing is in the FMS
  5. I have non of those problems. I use P2ATC and Navigraph and Little Navmap and I'm constantly switching apps and move my mouse cursor over three monitors without a problem. And I'm always starting from cold and dark. Are you sure you don't accidentally hit one of the aircraft state buttons on the EFD (you hear a sound when another state is activated)? Did you try reinstalling the aircraft completely? Did you check your keybindings especially the ESC key? ESC should not do anything exept bring you to the menu.
  6. Found out that for me it only happens if I start at a runway. If I choose a parking position to spawn, the TCAS works as expected. Only if I start the flight on a runway it warns me about myself. Even when the aircraft is cold and dark.
  7. landet my last flight with TCAS warning myself, didn't go to worldmap. I startet from the airport just by putting a new flightplan into the FMC and starting again. now the TCAS works as expected. no more warnings about myself, just other AI aircraft. will write a report to MSFS zendesk thingy aswell.
  8. I sometimes have the problem that my TCAS warns me about myself. I don't really know why or when it happens but I can only turn TCAS off so I don't get annoyed for being warned about myself the whole flight.
  9. I'm trying to find out how to load the Aircraft (CRJ 700ER) so that elevator trim for takeoff is set correctly. I like to play with economy tools like OnAir or FSEconomy and I seem to be unable to set up the Aircraft to at least aproximately reach the payload I'm supposed to carry. I never know where to set what and I'm really confused with all the discussions and threads I read here. I often get missmatching CoG in EFB and on the MSFS config page. One of them beeing red/out of range, while the other seems OK. I never know if I need to press "send payloads to sim" once or
  10. I just found out that if 1/2 Bank is switched on or off, and you switch the autopilot from HDG to NAV and back to HDG (or vice versa) it is working! So whenever you turn 1/2 Bank on, toggle your AP modes and it's working as intended. [edit] Activating or deactivating 1/2 BANK works in HDG mode. If you want to activate it in NAV mode, turn it on, switch to HDG and back to NAV and it will be working. Deactivating also works like this. Deactivate, stwitch to HDG and right back to NAV.
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