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  1. Correct, however the Airbus behave strange again as the previous modd 0.3.1 doesnt fit anymore. So we need yo also there for an update. Åke
  2. Yes, this freeware include some buildings, taxways and parking spots, Nice work.
  3. By updating Navigraph in MFS2020 we get among corrected navdata also a runway at the Stuttgart airport and the airport is now selectable from the Airport menue. Its needed to login to Navigraph and download the latest beta version for MFS. Åke
  4. You have landed in the wrong Forum if you refere to FSX, this is the MFS ( Microsoft Flight simulator 2020)
  5. Yes, it works nicely. Remaining thing is the mac/knots control as well the FMS, I get no TOC or TOD for instance, but perhaps thats related to the Flightplan, the built in proceedure is quite simpel.
  6. I got no problem since I updated to patch, and the Airbus behave fairly good now, in particular with the latest mod that came today. And thank you GitGub! Life is back, thank you Microsoft/Asobo. ( I installed the latest Windows 10 update, again, saw no improvement by deinstall it.)
  7. Yes, I also noticed this with the Airbus. I was hoping for more.Perhaps they got a couple of guys from Boeing at Microsoft../Asobo? Liveries are OK but the mod dont work anymore. let´s see if we will have an update later today from GitHub.
  8. I uninstalled the latest windows update and restarted windows- could not see any improvements by doing that, battery wont ignition as expected, only at A50 EDDF it is OK, I have to let APU running during the flight, and the plane suddenly crash during descend. Let´s hope the fix/patch by tomorrow will bring us the Airbus 320 back.
  9. Thanks for your feedback. I am not able to check its impact on the ”Cold and dark” checklist proceedure as being out from home. Anybody by Aerosoft being able to do so?
  10. Just wanted Mathijs to be more precise in his statement, a lot of inputs in the forums can be avoided if we are clear in our Q/A process. Now I however understand that Microsoft refeere to the latest update of version 2004 which took place a week-10 days ago. Unfortunately Microsoft still not has the ”Cold and dark startup issue” (battery proceedure) in the updated Known Issues list. I am right now not able to check if it disappear with the Windows rewind task as I am travelling.
  11. How shall we now Exactly understand this? On one hand we talk about version W10 2004 or on the other hand the latest monthly ”update” inside 2004. My understanding is that we talk about the latter? In addition - is this last update of Windows 10/2004 the explanation of all the issues reported and discussed in this forum on A320neo i.e. The engine one fallout, the battery error, ATC issues, AP disaster and so forth?
  12. I checked the ”Known issues list” from yesterday and several problems with the A320neo default version are still missing: 1) cold start proceedure / battery / APU ignition 2) AP behaviour 3) monitor/s drop out (no light) 4) ? I am travelling and can not get hold of my gamertag and Windows OS build for the moment which are required- can someone place these points to Zendesk tickets?
  13. Well this time it is not individual issues but a total crash in the Airbus sytem that have occured due to the latest patch. We all experience the same problems, I refraime from making a list here, but it is well documented. However I have seen on MS homepage over ”Known Issues” that not all are listed. I am just thinking over how to contact them to provide the full list. Now we have evidence for that they (Asobo/Ms) should focus on to just create the basic platsform for the simulator, which they have indeed with success and let outsiders like Aerosoft and amateurs to further develo
  14. Could it be possible that ”you” read Aerosoft created a list of malfunctions you are aware of due to your forum and send it to MS, you are closer to them than ”we”, your customer?
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