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  1. Dear Mathijs,


    - great thanks for the CRJ 900 which I now finally got working as expected! Keep on providing us with these excellent interpretation of IRL aircrafts!


    One of my friends haw flown as captain in the SAS/Cimber version for two years so I have quite nice support and guidance there! I enclose a picture from a DLH flight.


    Best regards




  2. Problem solved: - the NAV1 wasnt active despite of the correct ILS frequency- pilot error. Sorry Åke
  3. Sorry, it was not my intention hijack things- I am investigating accordingly and will return with an answer- and made Herman attentive to the issue, however following the OPTION CONTROL settings to OFF solved my problem, thanks @Crabby! Åke
  4. Great, thanks Herman! Just a moment ago I learned that by setting all Assistans Options to OFF I succeded to control the STAB TRIM! Åke
  5. Did you Herman had any opinion to my post regarding the Stab trim that "Crabby" commented above? (Poltergeist)
  6. Well, I wanted to take another flight to check what you write (which I find not possible but you never know so better check) now I am not able to take off at all dute to the next SU7 issue: (see another post) I am not able to set the trim stab, it moves back to the default value 7,5 after having changed to the EBC value 6,8... Åke
  7. When I try to set the Stabilizers to the set point 6.8 the displayed value "move back" to the default value of 7.5....I am not able to lock it to 6.8 whatsoever in the CRJ 900 Any help appreciated Åke
  8. Never experienced this issue with the previous version, but I assume I make something wrong in the settings. I feed the ILS frequency in the radio Nav1 setting and use the APR button, the glidescope seems OK ( bad weather make the visual determination very late, so I find the rwy a few hundred meter sideway..) the altitude is though OK. Will test a wellknown different airport today
  9. I have installed the CRJ 900 as un upgrade from CRJ700 which I aquired when it was released. Just took a short flight from EKCH to ESGG heading for rwy 03 with all settings OK in APR mode. The aircraft "missed" the rwy with 1000 feet sideways- why- is this a bug or am I not handling the approach correctly? Åke
  10. Ive just installed the CRJ 900 as un upgrade from CRJ700 I aquired when it was released. Just took a short flight from EKCH to ESGG heading for rwy 03 with all settings OK in APR mode. The aircraft "missed" the rwy with 1000 feet sideways- why- is this a wellknown bug? Any help as advise is appreciated Åke
  11. Today installed the CRJ 900 version based on a previous installed CRJ 700 - after having a successfull installation ( and removed the CRJ700 from the Community folder) and setup I experienced CTD just after t/o raising the gears....how can we explain that? I have seldom CTD, maybe 1-3 times before since august 2020 so I am very surprised. Any help appreciated! Åke
  12. Ive just installed the CRJ 900 based on my previous subscription of the CRJ 700 which I first removed from the Community folder. Installation went OK and settings seems to be as expected. However just after t/o retracting the gears I got CTD! Any suggestion to what might have caused this?



  13. Thanks Tom- that was the solution! Not every mans understanding I can say though- had to install the Xbox App first and start it up, then the Store provided a small patch/update and started the Flightsim automatically. The WU6 takes obviosely place inside the MSFS. This is possible after having finally succeeded to update the sim to version Thanks Åke
  14. Well you misunderstood me...by extracting my wordings in a wrong way- what I ment was: I have had the boxed version from August 2020 and have made all updates in the store including quick fixes/patches without any problem but Today (for the first time) there is no Update available in the Microsoft Store- whatever I do resetting and restaring With the appropriate Account logged in ( the same I had all this year..) I will now try Toms advice
  15. I have the Aerosoft CD version of MSFS Premium deLuxe - for the first time it claim that there is an update available in the Microsoft Store- but there isn´t ....how to proceed from here? Appreciate any help Have never had this issue before, now I am not able at all to launch the game.... Åke
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