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  1. Great thanks to you Mathijs for the clarification and comprehensive description of the development work and future actions! I am impressed and understand that I have chosen the right way of buying MFS2020. Åke
  2. Is Aerosoft now already in the development process to modify the Airbus 320/321 Professional to fit as an addon for MFS? Are there any signals from subcontractors to develop high resolution European airports like Copenhagen, Paris, Stuttgart for example, and if yes, what time frame can we expect for realeases? Åke
  3. Great thanks for this clear answer. Yes, I saw the input about an App doing the transfere possible, I thought there was away around it. Let´s talk about it again when we have the boxes on the table 😄 Åke
  4. Mathijs, I think its time for you to comment on the last four/five inputs?
  5. I have searched this thread concerning the installation of the boxed version - will I be able to force MFS2020 to install all discs onto an internal SSD disc of 500GB and run it from there instead of the C-disc? Åke
  6. Exactly how shall I understand this- direct install to a separate disc OR move it from C disc to another location with an App? Sorry my english isnt native
  7. One question- can I install the boxed version ( which I have ordered) on a SSD 500GB as a separate disc ( not windows C:/ -disc) ) and run MFS2020 from there?
  8. Thank you Mathijs for your clear explanation from last Sunday as of above. I see the possibilities, not the problems with the new Microsoft Flight simulator. I have lived through all of them starting with Bruce Artwick back in 1980-ies and know for sure there will be updatings and improvements, so also with the boxed version/key issue. Believe me. And I know that Aerosoft will contribute with excellent addons in the future. Åke
  9. Thank you Mathjis, clear answer. I will proceed with the ordering. Åke
  10. I have ordered the boxed Premium deLux version from Aerosoft- what is the upside/downside with that compared with the online version from Microsoft if any? It was mentioned in the beginning of this thread but a closer explanation would be great?
  11. I hope you are right so that us buying the boxed version from Aerosoft are not disqualified. Also would like to know if it is VR capable.
  12. Congratulations! Good choice. I have pre-ordered, however with bank transfere. Hope it works from Sweden. - do you think my Nvidia GTX 750 will manage ( OK, the spec claim atleast 770, is there a big difference?). Åke
  13. Great thanks Emanuel, I had no knowledge about how the weather generator impact on the actual pressure measurements. I believe that the Microsoft server for "Real weather" is down som my present weather settings are not actaul real life weather. Alessio above gave me a tip on a free weather generator that I will test. You mention that you made a "reset" of the altimeter-how is that done? I finally think I have the latest version of the Aerosoft Airbus - how can I check- Aerosoft Update page dont indicate a later version anyhow. Åke
  14. OK, thanks, but Ive been told at several occasions that I fly " to low" at low altitude from ATC, for instance while vectoring. 4000 feet on FMC says give 3600-3700 feet according to ATC. But they can also be wrong? Åke
  15. Roger, now I understand. Great thanks. I thought I could correct any difference between ATC alt reading and my aircraft alt reading by changing a factor in aircraft config. Åke
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