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  1. Already 2021 now and I'm still having the same problem. Departed Vancouver with amazing performance, got up to cruise, and about 2hrs later I started seeing FPS drops or freezes, fps would go 50-48-15-16-50 (for example). Later I left my pc for a bit and as soon as I got back I saw that the autipilot went ham due to more FPS loss, this would be about 7 hrs into the flight. I got rid of EA, turned it back on and that fixed it, at least temporarily. As far as I know I'm on the newest version of ASP3D, the 330 is updated, and P3D is. Is there still no proper fix for this? I've really liked the a330 after buying it after release and I would love to fly it more, but this testflight after a couple of months of not flying it didn't seem to give me any luck which is really disappointing. Like I said and read in this thread, switching EA off and on works but I'd like to fly the 330 instead of fixing bugs for 9 hours.
  2. Hi there! I just (sadly) finished a stream in which we flew from JFK to MKStudios' Dublin in the 330. However, on final, when I put the gear down the entire pc froze. Now I'm not sure if it's the 330 that's causing the problem. It's just that the scenery was loaded in well before it happened and I have been able to stream in the aerosoft a330 before. Any ideas? Or has anyone else had that problem? Many thanks, Sam
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