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October's Screenshot Contest - Approaches

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

As the year "Approaches" closer to the end, its seems like this year has been nothing but chaos.  We have seen the launch of the new Simulator platform, which while great visually has a long way to go for those of us who expect more from a simulation platform.  However, the older SIM platforms are here to stay for a while so bring it one with your best "APPROACHES".

Approaching KORD:  IniBuilds A300 X-PLane 11.50


Approaching LPPT:  Aerosoft A330  P3D v4.5


Approaching 3W5:  MilViz Porter  P3D v4.5


Approaching Innsbruck:  KingAir 350i  X-Plane 11.41


Approaching KPDX:  FF B767  X-Plane 11.50


Approaching St. Barths:  C172  MSFS 2020


Approaching KPDX:  C152  MSFS2020



As Always   - All participants are ONLY allowed 1 image if you post more than one - ONLY the first entry will be judged and the others deleted.


Users are allowed to change their posted image up until the time frame allowing you to do so expires.  If you fail to post an image based on the theme of the month, it is very likely that the image will not be considered during "judgment day".


This a multi-sim platform for your images as we also welcome X-Plane, DCS, Infinite Flight and even AeroFly images.



Good luck to all participants.




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Will participate in this contest while asking to be abstained from the prize consideration as I already won 2 prizes this year


Presenting runway approach at 11,000 ft above city landscape of Quito on way to old Quito airport which is at 9,228 ft altitude







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  • Deputy Sheriffs
6 minutes ago, Der Merowinger said:

Sightseeing Florence, MSFS:


7 minutes ago, Der Merowinger said:

just escaping from very bad weather, direction LOWG, MSFS:


Please be aware you are only allowed ONE entry into the competition and it must meet the competitions theme.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs
On 10/18/2020 at 4:41 AM, Der Merowinger said:

just escaping from very bad weather, direction LOWG, MSFS:



Screenshot (100).jpg

Unfortunately, your image while stunning will not be considered since its not following this months theme.  I have deleted the other two images as you are only allowed 1 image.  Each contest comprises of a theme which has to be adhered to and there are rules posted in red in the original post.

Better luck for November's contest.


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  • Deputy Sheriffs
On 10/6/2020 at 6:29 AM, scotth6 said:


Ryanair 737-700 EI-SEV turning on to final at EGPH, Edinburgh Airport:





Congratulations on winning October's Screenshot Contest.  Awesome backdrop with the city in the distance with the sun rising/setting in the background.

Email to follow shortly.

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