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  1. I'm not sure how it has occurred. Maybe the error for some reason only occurs when updating from to, which I did according to the updater log file? I also have FS2Crew installed for the Airbuses. I don't suppose that could interfere with these files somehow? I wouldn't imagine it would, but I could not be sure if that is another possibility. I should also add that exactly the same files were missing from the A320/321, and the same issue occurred. I am just about to download the latest full installers from my account, and I will reinstall. Going by others' experience I imagine I won't have any issue now, but it is strange this issue has occurred. I also find it strange that four missing sound files can stop the sim from working, although I know the sim can be rather "delicate". Cheers,
  2. Hi, I have seen the other topic which has been closed. I would just like to reiterate that I have the exact same problem aftre updating the Airbuses a night or two ago. Tonight after work was the first time I was going to try the Airbus after the update. I wanted to do a quick flight from RKSI to RKCP, but that is out the window now due to this error. i am now spending the short time I had to try and fix the issue of my flight not starting. I'm not sure why some don't have the problem, but many obviously do. I get warning messages of the missing files, then when I click OK on those, the flight loads, I get a black screen upon the flight loading. The simulator then just freezes and does not respond. Here are images of the error messages. Something has obviously gone wrong with the latest update:
  3. Thankyou very much Kroswynd! To win the screenshot contest is a huge surprise. I really appreciate you and Aerosoft putting the contest on each month. Cheers,
  4. E-2C Hawkeye of the Flottille 4F Marine Nationale departing from RAAF Base Pearce in Perth, Australia. Cheers,
  5. Hi Joe, It wasn't actually a screenshot, but it was just a link to the Frankfurt 1.10 update thread, which is the thread I accidentally posted in before. Yeah, thanks, I actually did that the other day. I had updated to the beta with the updater, but was experiencing CTDs with my first two flights. I downloaded from where I purchased it and got the latest stable version and reinstalled from scratch. Unfortunately I also had a CTD with my next flight. It seems to be a silent close, as I get no error reprts or messages, but that may be due to my new Windows 10 setup. I'm not sure if Windows error reporting is set up. I will have to go through and disable plugins to see if there is a conflict there. The problem is each CTD has occurred well in to the flight at cruising altitude, so I can't test really quickly. Cheers,
  6. Hi Joe, I can't see that anymore either, but it was just a link to another thread in the updates section which I accidentally posted in. It probably isn't showing now because I asked Heinz or someone else to delete my reply because it was in the wrong thread. Thanks very much for your info. I will give that a try. I am also having some CTDs with the FFA320, but that's another story . Otherwise it is a fantastic plane. Cheers,
  7. Hi Heinz, Thanks for the reply. I tried again last night and tonight with the default MD-80 and the jetways appear to be working. The bellows do not move and wrap around the fuselage, but I assume that is normal, as it doesn't look like they were modelled. It looks like there must be a conflict with SAM and the Flight Factor A320. Cheers, Scott P.S. - I accidentally posted this reply in another topic. You may want to delete it from that thread? Cheers,
  8. Hi, I just recently downloaded the new update for Frankfurt in XP11 which included the SAM plugin. Does this work out of the box, or do I need to do something to enable it? I installed all the files in the directories, and SAM is now appearing in the plugins menu and I can pull up a menu for it to add to other airports etc, but when I started at EDDF Gate A30 in the Flight Factor A320 I could not get the gate to move. The SAM directions just say there should be no fuel flow and the beacon should be off, both of which I complied with. Maybe there is a conflict with the FFA320 which also has a menu for jetways which must be used to load passenegers? Cheers,
  9. XP11.30, Aerosoft Oslo, Flight Factor A320. Cheers,
  10. Yes, amazing screenshots. This will be a spectacular scenery. I am really stoked that this is being developed for AFS2. Flying around this scenery in VR will be spectacular.
  11. This shot shows the PMDG 737NGX on approach to KMCO, flying over the new Orlando CityScene. Although I just received the new Orlando CityScene, this shot is actually showing off my new PC, which is what is enabling this shot approaching a HD airport, flying over a dense city scene using a complex airliner. I upgraded from a system which was 7 years old, and it would never have allowed such a flight without some hiccups. Cheers,
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