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  1. OK. Thanks Dave. I have added the Airbuses and Cologne back manually, so I will just add other things back if there is anything else affected. There doesn't seem to be as far as I can see. I appreciate the assistance. Cheers,
  2. Thanks Dave, I appreciate the quick and very helpful response. I would be curious as to how the add-ons.cfg file(s) got messed up throught the Frankfurt activation. Cheers,
  3. Hi, The other day I purchased Frankfurt Professional. Last night I installed it. At the end of the installation a window popped up and said something like "can not write to add-ons.cfg". When I ran the configurator tool for EDDF it had an option to "Register the scenery". I clicked on that. The next time I opened P3Dv4 it started asking to enable every addon I had, even though they were previously enabled. I shut down P3Dv4 and checked the add-ons.cfg files, and found that Frankfurt had been given a number 1 but was in the position where it should have been 151. I changed that to 151. When I opened P3Dv4 again I was asked to enable more addons, but there weren't many more so I just did that. After running ORBX Central, and manually fixing the number order of the corrupted add-ons.cfg files everything seemed to be working. Then I tried to load the Aerosoft Airbus, but I couldn't find that. It seems that it has been removed from the addons, but P3Dv4 is not asking for it to be enabled when it is started. I also think the other addons located in the Documents/Aerosoft folder are not activated. Strange also that I could not find a backup for the file(s) that the Frankfurt installer or configurator altered. Cheers,
  4. Well this is an interesting change! It has been a long time since I went plane spotting, something I used to do all the time. It might motivate me to get out and take some shots.
  5. Hi, I see the P3DV4 version of this airport has been removed from the sale, but the XP11 version has not placed in the sale in it's place, and is still for sale at it's full price. Am I to assume that the product should have not been in the sale at all rather than the wrong version of it being placed in the sale? Not a big deal, I already have the P3DV4 version of the airport. Others may be upset with me now that I have opened my mouth and had a product removed from the sale .
  6. Hi, I was just browsing through the sale items for the X Plane Sale, and I noticed that Cologne Bonn Professional for P3DV4 is advertised in the sale as 25% off. When I looked up the X Plane 11 version of this scenery it was not on sale. It just seems a bit strange considering the name of the sale. Just wondering if this is a mistake? Regards,
  7. Hi Secondator, Thanks for the quick reply. I tried a few times to recreate the speeds and kept failing, and then I had a realisation. I was doing testing of an airport scenery at the time, so was departing and arriving at the same airport over and over, and so I was quickly entering data during a very brief preflight setup. I must have missed the step of entering the ZFW on the second page of the INIT section one time. I am now doing a flight where I have deliberately left out the ZFW entry, and indeed it has recreated the low speeds. Sorry about that. It was user error. Cheers,
  8. HI, Today I flew an approach in to EGLC. I was flying the ILS 27 approach from a STAR. Everythig went according to plan apart from the calculated speed. I actually noticed when setting up the landing data that the calculated landing speed was 69 knots and the approach speed was 74 knots. Of course I thought these sounded very low. I decided to let the aircraft fly the approach without correcting those figures, to see what would happen, and of course it ended up with the speed dipping below the minimum allowed and the TOGA Lock kicking in. The aircraft almost stalled, but did not, and I ended up disconnecting the auto throttle and landing it, probably way too hard, and probably broke the landing gear! Why would these extremely low speeds have been calculated? Would it have something to do with the steep approach to EGLC, which has an ILS slope of 5.5 degrees? Cheers,
  9. I'm not sure how it has occurred. Maybe the error for some reason only occurs when updating from to, which I did according to the updater log file? I also have FS2Crew installed for the Airbuses. I don't suppose that could interfere with these files somehow? I wouldn't imagine it would, but I could not be sure if that is another possibility. I should also add that exactly the same files were missing from the A320/321, and the same issue occurred. I am just about to download the latest full installers from my account, and I will reinstall. Going by others' experience I imagine I won't have any issue now, but it is strange this issue has occurred. I also find it strange that four missing sound files can stop the sim from working, although I know the sim can be rather "delicate". Cheers,
  10. Hi, I have seen the other topic which has been closed. I would just like to reiterate that I have the exact same problem aftre updating the Airbuses a night or two ago. Tonight after work was the first time I was going to try the Airbus after the update. I wanted to do a quick flight from RKSI to RKCP, but that is out the window now due to this error. i am now spending the short time I had to try and fix the issue of my flight not starting. I'm not sure why some don't have the problem, but many obviously do. I get warning messages of the missing files, then when I click OK on those, the flight loads, I get a black screen upon the flight loading. The simulator then just freezes and does not respond. Here are images of the error messages. Something has obviously gone wrong with the latest update:
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