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  1. Not the most unusual angle, but a different perspective I thought gave a sense of illusion.
  2. Whoa! I had no idea of that kind of cost. Thinking about it in depth I could calculate how it could cost that much to develop though. It seems like a very big risk, although I suppose with big risk can come big rewards.
  3. Just an idea for a future screenshot contest theme, and perhaps it has been done before; shadows. Some of my favourite screenshots include impressive lighting and shadows, and our sims are now looking amazing since shadowing has become more prevalent and is appearing more realistic. Cheers,
  4. Ryanair 737-700 EI-SEV turning on to final at EGPH, Edinburgh Airport:
  5. Thanks, Actually now I have found that it can be manually disabled in the content.xml file in the Flight Simulator folder.
  6. Hi, I purchased ENVA Trondheim Vaernes from Aerosoft and installed in to MSFS. It does not seem to appear in the content manager in MSFS. Is there any way to disable this airport other than uninstalling? I ask because I need to disable ENVA to do some troubleshooting with another airport. Thanks
  7. Hi Aharon. You will have no issues updating to the latest verison of SODE. You do not need to uninstall SODE prior to installing it. Usually if an airport requires SODE, then the installation of SODE will be a part of the airport installation process, so you should just click on yes to install it. If it sees that there is a newer version already installed, then the SODE installer is smart enough to not install over that. SODE should always be kept up to the latest version, or at least up to the latest version that your airports require.. If you are in doubt you can get the installer directly from the SODE website. https://sode.12bpilot.ch/ I notice that SODE 1.6.8 is now the latest version and it has added support for P3DV5. It will also still support all versions of FSX and P3D. Regards,
  8. Hi, I just noticed this thread for the first time. It sounds very interesting. Thanks for developing it. Regards,
  9. Magnificent shots Erik. You know, I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't seen you around in a while, and then I checked the FTX forums and here, and saw you had posted, and I thought it must have just been me. Good to see you back.
  10. The aircraft type should be obvious, even with little light.
  11. I would just like to say a huge thanks in advance to Aerosoft for the very generous offer of a free copy of Airport Manchester XP11. I do not own this airport, although I own many other excellent Aerosoft products, so thanks in advance for this wonderful gift. For those that have not yet seen the announcement: Product information "Airport Manchester XP11" For free for you now: Airport Manchester XP11! *The promotion 'Article for free' is valid from 30 March to 13 April 2020. https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/xplane-11/sceneries/2621/airport-manchester-xp11 Cheers,
  12. No problem Kroswynd. I am very sorry for your loss, it must be understandably difficult. My best wishes also.
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