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A330 Refueling In A330

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12 minutes ago, masterhawk said:

Have you been using GSX2?


Yes. Don't tell me there was some incompatibility I missed?


Oh, and to add to the list of bugs, 17 tonne per hour fuel flow @ FL 370 (winds 267/046)



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I've found that sometimes the FOB quantity is not decreasing by the same amount fuel used is increasing. For example, during my last flight (SAME-SCEL) my block fuel after leaving the gate was 11600 kg. After burning 1500 Kg (as seen on the¨F.Used in  ECAM Fuel page) I should have 10100 Kg of FOB. But sometimes this quantity is higher. In this particular case. I landed with 8640 Kg of FOB and 4430 kg of Fuel Used. It means that my block fuel was13070 Kg, when I had left the gate with only 11600. At some momentin flight the fuel quantity increased by about 1500 Kg. 

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Hi All,


I too experienced this bug yesterday - initially with GSX2, but then with manual re-refuelling - interestingly I noticed with GSX2 that once the aircraft was fuelled, that I got a second fuel truck, although it didn't actually add any fuel, that is when the RefuelG stuck on the display.


Had a 2 great first flights yesterday though with the A330, even if my landings were over 500fpm due to the weight! ;)

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@Leopard 2 hell a bit more information is needed.

What are you using to calculate the fuel. Aerosoft Fuel Planner? PFPX? SimBrief?

By saying your fuel is not enough to your destination does that mean that you actually ran out of fuel or the FMGS is predicting that you are going to run out of fuel at some point?

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