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  1. All in the title... Should we expect an update (if necessary) for the Bus 64 series? Or not... Thank you. Richard.
  2. Ok, thank you. I'll try that and report. Richard.
  3. Thank you I had noticed but it seems it doesn't correspond exactly to what the copilot says. Maybe I didn't explain it well, just in case my problem is with the spoken version checklist...where some words are waiting for an answer that I can't give because of my misunderstanding. My only option in this case is to use the Skip option which sometimes has the disadvantage of blocking the rest of the Checklist script. Hence my initial question: is there a list of words used in the talking version of the checklist? Richard.
  4. Please, would it be possible to have a complete written list in order during the checklist for the A330 (I do the check without the copilot). Sometimes there are some terms that I can't understand. I know that in this case there is the Skip function. Problem using this function sometimes blocks the script... Maybe there is one but I haven't found it. Thank you and Regards, A330 v1.0.4.2 P3Dv5.1 Richard.
  5. Please, is Tahiti & Society Islands compatible with P3Dv5.1hf1? Thank you, Richard.
  6. Go here: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/886-aerosoft-bus-professional-64-bit-p3d-v4/ Richard
  7. Hi, Does this update (v1.3.0.0) fixes the Fuel Planner problem between the A318/19/20/21 and the A330? Thank you and Regards, Richard
  8. As I wrote in this post below. I made a suggestion that works for me. Maybe the TOW %MAC should be GREEN using the "Adjust CoG" slider. No more problem... @canuck21a Push the cursor to the left until you get your TOW %MAC "GREEN". See if you still have the problem you describe. Richard
  9. Hi, I see on the forum some problems about the CG when fuel + pax + cargo are loaded via Gsx. I have no problem with that. Maybe the problem is the following. Sorry if it's not. 1-With the fuel planner I adjust the CoG with the slider until the TOW %MAC is GREEN. I bring this precision because on all the pictures of the fuel planner accompanying the posts related to this problem, I notice that the Adjust CoG slider is always in "Reset" position, therefore the TOW %MAC is not GREEN. 2-I click on Generate Loadsheet. 3-Once in the plane I In
  10. If you speak about the A330 you must click on the Fuel Ecam window and push Recall button during few seconds. Richard.
  11. Understood. I suspected something related to having updated the A320 series after having updated the A330. Too bad...Anyway, I used Simbrief. Thank you. Richard.
  12. Did the trick... Great, thank you Otto! Richard @mopperle EDIT: Now the Fuel Planner starts but crashing with the same error if I choose the A330...
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