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  1. +1 Thanks for sharing...Very interesting!
  2. Hi, I open a new topic in order to make a precise summary of the problems encountered with Tomcat and P3Dv4.4. 1- As indicated in this topic, on all scenarios the Cat no longer receives Tacan or ILS and of course the intercept options, Escort and so...do not work. 2-Flight options (Throttle, C&D....... and so on) are no longer saved. 3- After takeoff and at a certain distance from the Carrier, the sim crashes directly on the desktop without message in Event Viewer (every time). I have done several uninstall/install without success. I tested the Aerosoft Carrier "Kitty Hawk" with the Milviz F-4J/S+TP, it works correctly. For the info, I still have the FSX version installed, I tried it again, everything works. I have never encountered this type of problem with this version! I saw that the topic to which I refer and in which I had written meet the same problem, has not been answered since January 19! So, is this simulation still supported and is it really compatible with P3Dv4.4?? P3Dv4.4 F-14 Extended v3010 VRS TP v1.5.0.6 Please, waiting for some answer/help, Thanks and Regards, Richard
  3. Hi, Same problem there... P3Dv4.4 F-14 Extended v3010 VRS TP v1.5.0.6 Thank you and Regards, Richard
  4. Solved! See my just edited previous post. "Solved! The trick was to restart the installer after the FSX update. The second time he asked me for my serial number and then the simulator selection screen appeared." Thank you!
  5. Downloaded from my account Aerosoft Order #190848 AS_USCITIESX-CHICAGO_FSX-P3D-FSXSTEAM.zip AS_USCITIESX-CHICAGO_FSX-FSXSTEAM-P3D_V104.exe File version 29th may 2018 10:00 Product Version 16.0 The installer (run as administrator) didn't ask me anything, he just updated directly the version I had in FSX. EDIT: Solved! The trick was to restart the installer after the FSX update. The second time he asked me for my serial number and then the simulator selection screen appeared.
  6. @Secondator Just doing the same flight again right now EDDMEDDH (see my previous message). This time no problem from beginning to end. Your comment about the wind made me notice that from start to finish there was a headwind (+-65). On my previous flight, I don't remember where the wind came from, so.... I don't know if it matters but just in case, this time the CI was 30. The previous one was CI=50.
  7. I'll keep an eye on it next time. I would add that the winds had been entered for the climb, cruise and descent. Attached is the FP (no Star on arrival). EDDMEDDH.flp
  8. As I usually start the descent before the ToD, I didn't really encounter the "managed descent" problem. So, the aircraft starts its descent gently at 1000ft/minute, however as soon as it reaches the descent profile, it is a real hunting festival at the descent green dot (up and down). Usually I go back to Open mode to finish the descent. A320 Cfm, weather by AS for P3Dv4.4, any FP.
  9. Thank you for your answer...So, now? I wait? Do you know if this installation program is supposed to give me the choice between several sims? Currently I have Fsx Acc on disk D: and P3Dv4.4 on disk E:
  10. Hi, I already own US City Chicago for Fsx purchased here. I just saw that this scene is now compatible with P3Dv4.x(?). I went to my account and found only version 1.04. When I started it for installation, it reinstalled the scene for Fsx (Fsx is still installed on my computer). He didn't ask me if I wanted to install it in P3Dv4.4.... -I don't understand, is there another multiplatform installer? -Is it necessary to buy it back a second time for P3Dv4? Thank you and Regards,
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