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  1. Hi Mopperle, the checklist is stuck on 'Start Engine 1' with no skip item available. Engine 1 is running, as I am at 32000ft šŸ˜€
  2. Will do, thank you, is there any way to get the checklist back working whilst in flight?
  3. Apologies: A330 is: P3D is:
  4. Hi All, Finally back in the A330 after a long time away. I've got the latest available version installed, and its running beautifully, however when I was pushing back at Heathrow, the checklist got stuck on engine start - so I went to turn it off, and its just flashing Green and will not turn off. I am running P3D V4 if that helps. Is there a way to force the checklist off now I am at Cruise? It would be nice to get it working for the descent again. Thanks
  5. Yea, sure Dave, I'm flying later on, I'll record via my Nvidia recorder and send it over.
  6. Hi All, Sorry if I have missed this if it has been posted before, but I am getting a strange jitter of the engine noise from the cockpit at Cruise, its almost like the engine noise is on repeat, but there is a ever so slight gap in the noise when it repeats, so effectually sounds like the sim hangs for a millisecond and then continues, however there is no hang - this happens every 30 seconds or so. Is anyone else seeing this issue? Thanks
  7. Hi Mathijs - just ran the tool and no issues were found. One thing I did note was that the following KB was installed on the 14th - not sure if this is relevant: https://support.microsoft.com/kb/4533002
  8. Hi Mathijs - the only thing I did was to zoom in on the MCDU - which I had done many times during the flight previously - I zoomed down to see the STAR information, and then it just froze, and CTD within 3/4 seconds.
  9. Hi All, Much to my annoyance tonight, I had a crash from the FMGS.dll file about 30 miles before TOD - all I did was zoom in on the MCDU and P3D just quit - didn't even give me a chance to recover. Was flying the A320 from EGLL to LFBD - not the longest flight Any ideas? Event log from event viewer is: Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5d8abf93 Faulting module name: FMGS.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5d9d8413 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00000000000ba4b1 Faulting process I
  10. Hi All, I too experienced this bug yesterday - initially with GSX2, but then with manual re-refuelling - interestingly I noticed with GSX2 that once the aircraft was fuelled, that I got a second fuel truck, although it didn't actually add any fuel, that is when the RefuelG stuck on the display. Had a 2 great first flights yesterday though with the A330, even if my landings were over 500fpm due to the weight! ;)
  11. Hi There, I was doing another flight last night - I took off with checklists and co-pilot enabled, and everything was fine - however about 4000 into the climb, the checklists stopped responding again - this is similar behaviour to my earlier post about this. I got to cruise alt - and attempted to make sure that the aircraft was in the correct state so that the Prep-Descent checklist would become enabled which I believed to be the following three items: TCAS TA or TA/RA plus TILT NORMAL = SET SEAT BELTS = OFF SLIDING TABLE COPILOT = EXTENDED B
  12. Hi Rolf - I checked both pages and everything was greyed out - I must admit I have never seen that before, and I haven't seen it on any flights since.
  13. Good Evening, I've just taken off on a 3 hour flight, and my checklists were working perfectly on the ground, yet all of a sudden when climbing, I had nothing, and now when I check the MCDU, all the checklists are greyed out. I have about 2 hours before I need the Descent Preparation checklist, so not sure if its greyed out for a reason. I've checked all the switches that I can think off to make sure everything is right after takeoff. Any ideas? Thanks Matt
  14. Ah that's good to know. Like others however, this is my first flight after a PC rebuild - so I'll keep digging my end - I only saw the speed issue in Climb and Cruise, decent was ok until Final, where the managed speed shot up to 160knts, so I had to manually bring it back down.
  15. Just reading though this topic - I wonder how many people experiencing the 'bug' are using AlviaSoft's Electronic Flight Bag? - This is my first flight with it on trial and I'm seeing the issue, I will try it again without and report back
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