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  1. Hi Masterhawk: I've also been working with Orbx on this, as I had some other issues, and I reckon the ILS issue is now solved (although I can't see how it was related) - I didn't realise that you could re-order the Orbx scenery from within Orbx Central - ever since I've done this, and removed some overlapping scenery, I'm getting much better realisation, and I managed to grab the ILS first time, I'll try again tomorrow just to make sure it wasn't a one off, as I want to check out the Bristol ILS again - so will do a complete circuit. I will report back. Thanks
  2. Thanks Masterhawk - I'll give it another go now with a flight from Brs to Lgw and report how I get on, I'll record the approach for reference.
  3. Interestingly I've just had exactly the same issue at Bristol (EGGD) - flying inbound ILS 27, and the aircraft turns me 180 away from the airfield! - Flew the earlier flight from Bristol to Madrid, and landed ILS no issues there, I'm suspecting Orbx - will remove and report back.
  4. Hi Secondator - I must admit, I haven't actually tested another aircraft, I'll give one a go if I can remember how to fly it Latest Navigraph installed, but this is a long standing issue I've had - only just got around to trying to get it resolved - interestingly all other airports are ok. Thanks Leacho
  5. Hi All, Not sure if its just me or not, but I'm trying to pin down a problem with the ILS Approach into London Gatwick 26L - if you see my screenshot below, the diamonds do not appear when on approach to the rwy, and as such the Localiser and Glideslope never activate. I have Orbx South installed also, and I have tried the approach both with UK2000 scenery and Jennasoft EGKK - but I get the same issue with both sceneries, so I'm not sure if the issue is with Orbx, or the A320 bus. Has anyone else had this issue? Using current versions of both the A320 and P3D. Thanks Leacho
  6. Hi All, I've now resolved this - reinstalled the bus and all is working as expected now!! Thanks Leacho
  7. Hi All, Sorry, what seems like another post about the Trustmaster throttles - I'm having real issues with the calibration of mine and the A320 in P3DV4. I've updated the drivers and firmware, enabled the support option through the Airbus configurator and I've changed the controller input to 'Directinput' - but randomly, when I load the sim, I have to put the throttles into the reverser position in order to get them to idle. I've checked the calibration using the windows tool, and that is showing fine - but the A320 doesn't seem to want to idle where it should be. Airbus Version Can anyone point me in the direction of any potential solutions for this issue? Many Thanks Leacho
  8. Hi Mopperle, the checklist is stuck on 'Start Engine 1' with no skip item available. Engine 1 is running, as I am at 32000ft 😀
  9. Will do, thank you, is there any way to get the checklist back working whilst in flight?
  10. Apologies: A330 is: P3D is:
  11. Hi All, Finally back in the A330 after a long time away. I've got the latest available version installed, and its running beautifully, however when I was pushing back at Heathrow, the checklist got stuck on engine start - so I went to turn it off, and its just flashing Green and will not turn off. I am running P3D V4 if that helps. Is there a way to force the checklist off now I am at Cruise? It would be nice to get it working for the descent again. Thanks
  12. Yea, sure Dave, I'm flying later on, I'll record via my Nvidia recorder and send it over.
  13. Hi All, Sorry if I have missed this if it has been posted before, but I am getting a strange jitter of the engine noise from the cockpit at Cruise, its almost like the engine noise is on repeat, but there is a ever so slight gap in the noise when it repeats, so effectually sounds like the sim hangs for a millisecond and then continues, however there is no hang - this happens every 30 seconds or so. Is anyone else seeing this issue? Thanks
  14. Hi Mathijs - just ran the tool and no issues were found. One thing I did note was that the following KB was installed on the 14th - not sure if this is relevant: https://support.microsoft.com/kb/4533002
  15. Hi Mathijs - the only thing I did was to zoom in on the MCDU - which I had done many times during the flight previously - I zoomed down to see the STAR information, and then it just froze, and CTD within 3/4 seconds.
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