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  1. Weather engine is Activesky. Nothing else really to modify the numbers. But interesting spot. Will take a further look.
  2. No. Just No. That FF is ridiculous. Latest experimental version.
  3. Yh exactly. If we're talking 100-500kg off, that I can understand. In this case, we are literal tonnes off, like the MCDU is not acknowledging current fuel levels or fuel burn at all.
  4. Mine is predicting -0.7 at EGCC atm. Fingers crossed we don't end up in the atlantic ;). Although at my best guess, we should still have 6-8 tonnes when we land.
  5. That's another thing I've noticed too... inconsistencies in EFOB calculations. If we take the image above, I've passed ALLRY with about 23 tonnes on board. MCDU still has not updated and is predicting 15 tonnes.
  6. Had a similar issue yesterday where my aircraft was consuming 34 (17 per engine) tonnes per hour.
  7. Absolutely positive. I am indeed using GSX2.
  8. Yes. Don't tell me there was some incompatibility I missed? Oh, and to add to the list of bugs, 17 tonne per hour fuel flow @ FL 370 (winds 267/046)
  9. Hello, So I've initiated fueling on the ground via the MCDU. In cruise and the aircraft is constantly refueling. Bug or incorrect procedure? Thanks!
  10. Decal was a poor choice of words. Referring to this really blurry image of an A330 tail (best example I could find) where the design continues around the actual rudder. By keeping the rudder seperate, you can control what the base texture here looks like, modify the livery around it, and have your baked AO layers and dirt around it without disrupting the main tail. But I'm not disputing your experience
  11. Having painted multiple XP aircraft, I actually prefer this. If you have any decals that recess behind the tail, you can paint that aswell. It's annoying, but less of a pain in the grand-scheme of things.
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