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  1. Hi Masterhawk. I don't use EZDok, so that topic could not solve my problem. I unistalled and re-installed the FSUIPC.INI and apparently the problem was solved... Thanks anyway for the info !
  2. Dear Big Bus drivers. I'm experiencing a weird issue during takeoff in the A330 Professional for P3DV4.5 During takeoff roll, the acceleration is normal until approximately 40-50 kt. Then, the speed "jumps" to more than 200 kt. Is anybody experiencing this issue ? If so, how to solve it ? Thanks for the help
  3. Mathijs , It seems that the Fuel transfer rate from the Outer to the Inner tanks is too low. The ECAM alert should be displayed when fuel quantity in the inner tanks is below 2520 Kg. Before that, when the inner tank fuel quantity is below 3500 kg, the outer-to-inner transfer starts, and keeps the inner tank level between 3500 and 4000 kg. It seems that in cruise flight the transfer rate is low and barely keeps the tank at the level it had when the transfer started. Once in descent, the transfer rate is higher than the fuel flow and the inner tank quantity gets above 4000 kg and the alert di
  4. I've found that sometimes the FOB quantity is not decreasing by the same amount fuel used is increasing. For example, during my last flight (SAME-SCEL) my block fuel after leaving the gate was 11600 kg. After burning 1500 Kg (as seen on the¨F.Used in ECAM Fuel page) I should have 10100 Kg of FOB. But sometimes this quantity is higher. In this particular case. I landed with 8640 Kg of FOB and 4430 kg of Fuel Used. It means that my block fuel was13070 Kg, when I had left the gate with only 11600. At some momentin flight the fuel quantity increased by about 1500 Kg.
  5. Hello Aerosoft team. After installing the newest version, this time I decided to make a short-range flight, from Buenos Aires - Ezeiza to Rio de Janeiro - Galeao. Fuel requirements were computed according to Simbrief. My intention was to fly a typical normal flight profile, but this time involving a go-around and diversion to an alternate airport. plane was loaded according to the weight values calculated by simbrief (240 pax plus 20 tons of cargo). Estimated flight time to destination was 02:27. Block fuel was the MFR for this mission - 22000 kg. TOW was 189.8 Tons. This time I didn't
  6. Hello Airbus 330 fliers! Does anybody have the Airport data for the VHHX kai Tak Airport? If so, could you please share it with us? I would like to fly to/from Kai Tak with all the SIDs/STARs already coded in the FMGS database. Thanks in advance!
  7. Yes. Both the FLEX and Derate options are available for the A330. In the FLEX TEMP field you can either insert F and the assumed temp (Eg. F56) or the Derate Level (in percent of decrease from max takeoff thrust). Six derate levels are available. You can insert on the Flex Field D04, D08, D12, D16 or D24 corresponding to 4%, 8%, 12% 16% or 24% decrease from Max TO thrust.
  8. Dear Aerosoft team, First of all, I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU for releasing such a nice aircraft as the A330. I can fully appreciate the immense effort that was put into this project. This aircraft has a lot of potential, and despite the initial bugs below described, I believe that after a few service packs, this could be a very good simulation of a great airplane. Let me introduce myself. I'm a RL A320 Captain, with about 2000 hours previously flown as an A330 F/O. I have even wrote a tutorial for the PSS A-330 for FS2004, back in those days. I've been flying your A330 strict
  9. Mathijs... Thank you very much for your attention. Like I said, if we retract the flaps using button commands, they work OK. The problem is related with a joystick axis. This "Big Bus" has lots of potential.. Keep up the good work , keep on improving it and you'll have a great product !
  10. In my case, the flap lever jumped from 2 to 0 without a stop at position 1
  11. It's not na A-330 feature. Spoilers arming has nothing to do with flaps. HOWEVER, when you're in flight , in a clean config and set the flap lever to 1, it only deploys slats. Then the next flap lever pósition is 2, and only then the flaps start to deploy. On ground, and after a takeoff/go around when the flap lever is moved from position 2, 3 or 4 to 1, the flaps are set at 1+F, meaning that both flaps and slats are deployed.
  12. Gentlemen... I have made some long haul flights, and the Aerosoft A330 FMGS seems to have the following issues. When fuel is transfered from the wing tanks to the triom tank, the FMGS considers that this fuel is "lost" and thus the fuel predictions which were comfortable on dispatch, suddenly become low or even negative. Once the trim tank fuel is pumped back to the wing tanks, the EFOB on destination and altn airports start to rise. The fuel calculation algorythm must be improved. Actual fuel consumption is more or less realistic, according to some fuel
  13. Hello Aerosoft team. I'm having problems with the flap retraction. I use a joystick axis assigned to the flaps and all other add-on planes use this axis without any problem. However, in the A-330 it seems that somehow, the system doesn's position either the flap lever or the flaps to 1+F after a flaps 2 or flaps 3 takeoff/go around. When I mode the flap lever, it jumps from 2 to 0 without a detent at 1. However, if I assign a button for flaps extension/retraction, it Works properly. Thanks for the attention Paulo M. Soares
  14. Muy buenos dias, capitán !!!! I understood that you were a crew member and flew DC8-51s for Aeronaves Del Mexico, right ? Could you please tells us more about it? How does the Aerosoft's DC8 compare to the real one? Systems and flight model wise. We would be glad to hear from you! Thanks in advance ! Muchas gracias ! Paulo M. Soares
  15. Hello Mopperle! I would suspect that P3D V3.1 is the cause, but lots of other add-on aircraft are working flawlessly in it. Even a quite "frame rate heavy" aircraft like Coolsky's DC-9 is working nicely. And it isn't even supported nor optimized for P3D. I was considering getting back to V3.0 but the performance and joystick issues of it make me think twice. I'm sure that Aerosoft Team will be able to fix this... Kind regards, Paulo
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