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  1. I do understand, thanks for the sensible comment. The scenario itself should not be that complicated to re-create, as it involves basically the aircraft not bleeding its energy off during approach. I will conduct additional flights in the next days and try to record a video if the issue happens again.
  2. So, reporting issues is worthless now... I have actually stopped using the A330 until it improved, as I am not keen on having such issues after a long-haul flight. I am also not a paid tester, but rather a consumer who has bought a product that clearly has issues. A screenshot has been shared on the first post showcasing my winds and throttle configuration and also a pretty clear description of the situation. This same problem has been now confirmed to be reproducible by multiple costumers. I think the ball is now with Aerosoft to try to reproduce this. If someone else can offer that video, great!
  3. I am not saying that the A330 behaves normally like that. I am saying that happened in one of my approaches (and apparently reproduced by others as well). It has nothing to do with how the real behavior of the aircraft as represented in the simulator...I repeat: 10kt headwind, speedbrake, gear down, flaps full, one engine off and the IAS would not bleed off. If you find one real A330 pilot that says that is normal, I"ll shut up. Unfortunately this over-defensive position, basically looking down on long-time costumers and dismissing them as some sort of incompetent user is not really what I would have expected here...
  4. Hey Mathijs, I am aware that you guys have been receiving multiple reports from people that you may not know the background, but I am what you would consider a hardcore simmer with pretty much every study-level aircraft available, including the PMDGs, FSLabs and others. The behavior that I experienced with the A330 was clearly something else. I repeat: the aircraft had the engines off, speedbrakes, full flaps and gear down and even then it would not reduce the speed considerably when descending. I am sure this is not being caused by Activesky...
  5. As seen in the screenshot, I was having partial headwind of 10 knots using Activesky. For me it is clear that this is a bug.
  6. Yes, I might have had some turbulence on the approach. The engine sound did not increase at all on my side.
  7. No, there is not. As mentioned, the IAS did not bleed off even when I turned 1 engine off and was descending with full flaps, speedbrake up and gear down.
  8. Auto throttle is off and throttle is on idle position. If there is thrust, this seems to be a problem, no?
  9. Just experienced a very weird issue during approach. As seen on the attached screenshot, my plane was leveled at 7.000 feet, ATHR was off (with throttle levers on idle) and the IAS kept raising... This situation continued until landing and even with the two engines off, full flaps and speedbrakes on, I could not reduce the speed while on the glide-path.
  10. I am experiencing a similar issue with my Thrustmaster Warthog. I use it with the FSLabs Airbus and the FFA320 and the input in the A330 is definetely laggier.
  11. I have seen the same issue. 5 hours into the flight and fuel level has not gone down.
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