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Heathrow 2008 and g3d.dll

Rafal Haczek

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Happy! :D

A full flight BAW901 Level-D 767-300ER EDDF-EGLL.

No problems at all. Now Heathrow 2008 is working flawlessly for me.


Here me vaccating runway 27R

Throsten, thank you for this beautiful scenery.

Now one of the world's most important hubs awaits my arrivals and departures.

The mirror docking is unbelievable!

Just a tiny note.

Looks like the spiral stairs have no textures:


Best regards,


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OK, have downloaded v1.1 and installed normal textures managed to get on short final approx 8 miles out r/way 9L using PDMG 744 with no problem, until suddenly Out Of Memory error.

I have never had this before, any ideas how I can get past this ?

E6600, 2gb ram, 160mb HDD (only 25mb used) Nvidia 7950GT XP service pack 2 FS9.1, AS6.5 GE Pro, RC4. AES1.9

Please help!!


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  • Developer


the out of memory error "OOM" seems to be a special PMDG744 issue, that is not related to our Heathrow. It happens with other add ons as well.

Mostly when the 747 captures the glidepath.

How to cure it:

If you´re using VISTA, please look here:


If you´re using XP, a link to the pMDG forum:


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Yep, it is the most time as I heard. I heard also that at around 3:00PM runway 27L/09R will also opened for landings.

But anyway, for a trouble-free AI-Traffic-movement I do not recommend to open Rwy 27L/09R for landings in Flightsimulator.

I believe is more of a rotational system, since you'll rarely see both runway do takeoffs and landings at the same time.

For example: from 03:00 until 15:00, 09L/27R is used for landings and 09R/27L for departures, while from from 15:00 until 03:00 the next day, 09R/27L is used for landings and 09L/27R for departures. This kind of rotation changes every week if I'm not mistaken.

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First off, I would like to thank everyone who played a part in getting this great scenery working properly. I am thoroughly enjoying flying in and out of Heathrow.

And for more information about London Heathrow runway usage, I attached a link to see how they are used and rotated for this year!


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