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Heathrow 2008 and g3d.dll

Rafal Haczek

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To all:

Thanks to a good tip from a colleque at Paderborn conference we discovered that indeed something went wrong with the LHR AFCAD file. The ident for the 09l Runway was incidently not entered and therefore it possibly could have caused some trouble because the Nav frequency etc. was present, but not the IAA ident for that ILS. I corrected tis isue in the two AFCAD files (one for use with static aircrafts). Please substitute the AFCAD file in Heathrow2008/scenery with ONE of the attached zip file (depending on the use of static aircrafts).


Thorsten how do I get the updated AFCAD for FS9 please ?

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Hello Ferg,

Have you tried the update from the FAQs/Updates Section at www.aerosoft.com theres an updated AFCAD file there with the new terminal.

Shaun, No I haven't as I thought that was only for the FSX version - will download and try it.



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I think the issue is generate by the AFCAD of EGLL maybe, because of the special situation, that in EGLL the ILS frequences are the same for both directions of the same runway: 09L has 110.30 and 27R has 110.30

Maybe different airplanes have a problem with this situation, when they get the same frequense twice. The Cessna seams to handle it, but other maybe not.

Attached you find a replacement of the AF2 file for EGLL, where I only deactivate the backcouse for all ILS, maybe that helps.

If not, we must try to change the ILS frequense of one side to have a differnent frequenz, maybe 27R to 110.35 and 27L to 109.55


I would like to know where I can download the fixed AFCAD for LHR 2008 as I am getting the g3d.dll crash to desktop whenever I approach EGLL.

Where can I download this file?

I see you mention it on the forums but I don't see the download link.

Thanks much,


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