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  1. I'm just writing to say thank you very much for my new Tegal and Hamburg. When I buy a product, I buy it 'as is' and expect nothing more. To be given two free new versions is really very generous and I greatly appreciate this. Especially as an FS9'er ;-) Gavin
  2. Andras Thank you very much for replying - that's very kind of you. Additionally thanks for making this scenery in the first place, I really am glad that I purchased it. Best regards. Gavin
  3. So why did you recently release a version of Zurich for FS9? That seems rather inconsistent with the above comment. Please don't misunderstand, I purchased LHBP for FS9 'as is' and am very happy with it. I don't feel I am in any way entitled to anything more - I got what I paid for. But just please speak to us in a straightforward way. If there isn't going to be an FS9 update because the developer doesn't want to do one (no probs with that) then please just say so.
  4. Is this update available yet? Thanks in advance for any answer.
  5. gavinbarbara


    How about making a decent UUEE for FS9? Oh and FSX too just to be friendly Would anyone else be interested? Gavin
  6. I read this today 'From now on the download-version of Mega Airport Amsterdam contains original and exclusive licensed Lufthansa Airport charts. Customers, who will buy the coming box-version of Amsterdam,can hold the printed charts in their hands.' Will existing download customers be able to download these charts? Gavin
  7. Oh dear, I don't think I'm going to be much use to you: 1 x Main comp for FS9 and a little FSX but it's not quite macho enough. 1 x My laptop for working 1 x Fiancée's laptop for working And that's it. It would appear we are quite stone-age ;-)
  8. I must say that I feel that EHAM is not up to the usual standard that I expect from Aerosoft. I realise that different products are made by different groups, but when they are marketed under one name, you expect the same quality.
  9. I have the same problems as above I don't have these issues with EDDF, LFPG and EGLL. Hope EHAM can be brought up to their standard.
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