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Flight Plan Template Guide 2.0

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Thank you so much the updated Template guide.

The new format is an alphabetical listing of all the fields. Nice.


One addition that is needed  is to indicate which fields must be encapsulated within  Sections.

For example, there is are several fields that can only be displayed if they are surrounded by the XXXXX_Begin/End  construct.

This new format does not show those dependencies.

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hi in future can you add the possibility to have this info on OFP :


-----------------  FULL THRUST -------------------
  +15C  80000 FIELD  131-139 139 145   2201M  90.7

----------------  REDUCED THRUST  -----------------
  +61C  68829 FIELD    148   148 151    722M  84.2
  +62C  67940 FIELD    148   148 151    569M  84.1
  +63C  67116 FIELD    148   148 150    414M  84.0
  +64C  66292 FIELD    148   148 150    251M  83.8
//+65C  65469 FIELD    149   149 150     78M  83.7


and for landing :


----------------  MAXIMUM BRAKING  ----------------
//MAX MANUAL    80000 KG     860M   (MARGIN  1768M)

--------------  AUTOBRAKE LDG DIST  ---------------
  MED           80000 KG    1202M   (MARGIN  1426M)
  LOW           80000 KG    1798M   (MARGIN   830M)


thank you

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Hello Guys


Is it possible to do an addition or subtraction to get a delta?





Ex: LDW - Structural LDW = i want to know

      TOW - Structural TOW = I want to know


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On ‎12‎.‎08‎.‎2017 at 19:12, Amit240 sagte:

Can you explain how to you the GPS RAIM functions?


This function was only for testing purposes and will not be included in next release any more.

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Hi, is there the possibility to add a feature to show the route with only FL steps?




instead of LOGDI Y663 EKDIR/N0427F370 DCT LOMED



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Where do you intend to display this


IFPS will not accept the level change without speed also in the ATC route

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I've been doing some OFP templates for PFPX, but when I tried to do the Easyjet version, I noticed that Pfpx only gives you the number in FromUTCDiff and not the sign (+/-) so one hour above UTC is the same as one hour below UTC in th Flightplan.
The number format they use is number 4 (+1.00 or -1.00).

Also, if it's the same as UTC, it should show 0.00, instead it shows: .00


Is there anyway to get the positive and negative sign with the number?

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I just upgraded to the new version, however still the Hotfix version "1.28.9i appears, is this normal? Is that correct?

Follow the image as an example.


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no you should have that:


it is a new version so please check on the last software installed and use that new exe.




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How works the new installation.

Deinstall the old Version or install the new Version with the setup over the old version.

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can data be recovered?

2 minutes ago, phil747fan said:

there is a thread about saving data before updating posted by Stephen ....


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we should not discuss the issue here but on the main forum just below you will a lot of reports on it.

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I do really appreciate the new version of PFPX andt the updated fields. What I feel will come in handy is a short description of the fields so to know what to choose for correct context. For instance the difference of PlannedEET, ScheduledEET and ScheduledTripTime would immensely enlighten the dark nights of the north.

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I'd like to second that request for an updated version of the FP template guide! 

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