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  1. phil747fan

    Flight plan in pdf looks different

    Nic and Bill, is that flightplan package not enough complete? lfpg kjfk.pdf
  2. phil747fan

    Climb and descent profile

    the difference at the end should not be that much anyway a difference between 250 limited to 10000 and full 280 climb is only 25 kgs ...
  3. phil747fan

    Climb and descent profile

    if you have the data doable of course but i check some data i had and that performance is related to the -400 not the -800. cant you have different climb profile with Zibo?
  4. phil747fan

    Climb and descent profile

    i checked and boeing did not provide as a standard procedure that lower climb speed that you are using. so someone need to generate that specific climb profile for you with the proper tool. is it your real airline using it? as it seems a CL climb speed not a NG one.
  5. phil747fan

    Climb and descent profile

    where the profile come from?
  6. phil747fan

    Climb and descent profile

    which profile are you using? what setting are you using in your plane?
  7. phil747fan

    PFPX issue with internet

    reported to Christian and Judith. i have the same issues as you.
  8. you had access to 2.00 and 2.01. 2.02 was used in beta mode only to make 2.03 for the end users,
  9. phil747fan

    Out of Memory

    fixed in 2.03 no more an issue for eddf rjbb and vyvr kmia. all good.
  10. phil747fan

    ETOPS Planning V2

    really strange.
  11. phil747fan

    ETOPS Planning V2

    look a flightplan from egll to ksan and you will baw ops is using airport in the us for the plan and scenario that day. it is for a 744 but you get the idea. N0484F320 UMLAT T418 WELIN T420 TNT UN57 POL UN601 ABEVI UN590 GOW DCT BALIX/M082F320 DCT 60N015W 61N020W 63N030W 63N040W 63N050W DCT EMBOK/M082F340 DCT KAGLY/N0472F360 DCT 6330N07000W 62N080W 59N090W/N0457F340 DCT YGX DCT YNE DCT YQV DCT GGW/N0465F360 DCT BIL DCT TCH DCT DTA DCT MLF J107 BLD DCT GFS/N0432F300 V538 ZELMA DCT LVELL/1026 Remarks PBN/A1B1D1L1O1S2 EET/EGPX0037 EGGX0121 BIRD0203 CZQX0308 BGGL0316 CZQX0411 CZUL0438 CZWG0539 KZLC0802 KZLA0939 REG/GBYGE SEL/DGFP DOF/181208 OPR/BAW RVR/075 RMK/LAHSO NOT AUTHORISED TCAS EGLLBAWC LHRWYBA RALT/EGLL BIKF CYWG KSAN
  12. phil747fan

    hover over airport METAR

    without a picture i will think this is the weather trend but you need to show us what you have to help you out.
  13. you can go to the
  14. phil747fan

    ETOPS Planning V2

    we needed to be always 180min fron airport and it was in canada ....