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  1. cant say anything better Pierre. another moderator from the old forum. Phil
  2. you may need to do some experiment in different phase of flights. the older version of 744 and f were off by 10%.
  3. thank you Mathijs and team. look like you re pionneer on the new plaftform and you re setting the path for others. good luck for all and merry christmas from frosty and snowy north ...
  4. it is not a weight change but a unit change and there is no way a flightplanning software will do it ... try look up for the gimli glider to understand why, Stephen s suggestion is the best way to do it.
  5. Jon with airliner performance is working on one.
  6. sabre was the lastet they are using im aware but no more in the dispatch job for a while so it can have changed ...
  7. your RALTs has been calculated and if i run the same kind of plan with edto of 90 min, i have etps scenarios so definitely a problem with your flightplan format. ups3066.pdf
  8. it is different for all of us. on the a350 it is very hard to get datas and i do not know how accurate is simbrief. i will check with some real world flightplans and report the difference between pfpx and sim brief. the lack of answer from a developper for a product that is working is not surprising: pfpx is working and they are fixing the server when there is a problem. now topcat, it is very simple judith said in the past anybody with the skill to program can contact them i doubt a lot has done it ...
  9. hello Paul, i cannot comment on why you re not using them or not but for me they re working the way they should.
  10. sone of the aircrafts in the new ms version are already covered by pfpx and other profiles so not that much to worry about.
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