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  1. I'd like to second that request for an updated version of the FP template guide!
  2. I get the very same error since a couple of weeks. For some reason, PFPX now uses the aircraft's registration instead of the callsign used for the flight, and leaves the registration empty in the remarks section.. I got this error for the first time yesterday, while planning a new flight from my flight schedule. Plane is selected, flight has a (alphanumeric) callsign assigned to it. So just to clarify: Stephen, in your screenshot you can see that in the first line, a 'normal' callsign is submitted. (ESA7903), and the aircrafts' registration is placed in the remarks' section. (REG/ECETK). This is how it's always been for me. But for some reason, as of yesterday, I get the same outcome as Torben; it replaces the callsign with the aircrafts' registration, and leaves that blank in the remarks' section. (FPL-ECETK-IS while it should've started with (FPL-ESA7903-IS.
  3. Hi all, I recently reinstalled Windows 7 (64bit) and everything with it as usual. However, I'm unable to start the Extended Connected program so I can use the webserver.. It gives me the 'Side by Side comfiguration' error, both for the A318/19 and the A320/21. Any ideas? Everything else (like the configurators and route managers) work fine, and I have all the C++ and .Net Frameworks installed.. Thanks, Stefan
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