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  1. ok because I'm confused about flight plan from FACT to GOBD normally flight in even FL and pfpx made odd FL with westbound heading on some section.
  2. What is the definition of Cruise table SA SO YY.. when you highlight an airways in PFPX world map? all the best Marc
  3. Hello how I can get access to the performance module after releasing the flight plan. I m able to compute t/o and landing perf before but not when my flight plan is released. Marc
  4. Hello did you support topcat airac NDB? Marc
  5. yes working :D (in my head pfpx open and fill without import it) All the best
  6. Hello Guys, is possible to add feature to export f-pln in new IVAO system. https://fpl.ivao.aero/home nb: this feature is already available with simbrief. All the best Marc
  7. Hello i have many problem with fuel capacity and weight. every time i have an error. 

    1. albipizzi


      error type? do you have any screen?


  8. Hello Guys Is it possible to do an addition or subtraction to get a delta? Regards! Marc Ex: LDW - Structural LDW = i want to know TOW - Structural TOW = I want to know
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