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  1. Check the prosim forum. You need to update the pfpx placeholders.txt file in psu and add the line <fix>
  2. PFPX is a Flight Planning Tool. It takes aircraft performance as input as well as routes, weather and atc restrictions. It is NOT an EFB or moving map tool to be used in flight. It has a very good aircraft and template capability that allows new aircraft information and performance to be added. We should not expect the authors to provide this for every new aircraft that are released by 3rd parties. Yes, it would be nice to have those supported, but that is outside the scope of PFPX implementation. One area I think might improve the operational capabilities and flexibility is in flight plan exports. The forum is full of requests to support exporting to various different simulators and formats. If PFPX took the approach to provide a Export template mechanism similar to the OFP templates, it could have an option to 'transform' the flight plan export using a designated Export Template. This template could then transform the internal PFPX flight plan format to what format ( and target location ) the user selected. As new sims or external flight plan formats appear, it would only require a template to be built to transform to the new external format. I have played with this using the existing OFP templates and created an XML output template that will transform any PFPX flight plan to an xml file. This same technique could be used to transform to PMDG, X-Plane, abc or xyz format.
  3. I have not yet received the OFP from the original post, so I cannot construct the PFPX template.
  4. bcars

    Flightplan Temple

    The TOC temperature is &TOCTemp and the TOC ISA is only available as ISA Difference &TOCISADev There are two formats TOCTemp[0] is +xx -xx and TOCTemp[1] is P00 M00 For Cost Index you have to determine if the flight was planned using a fixed speed, mach or CI The following extract will show the speed based on how it was entered in the Cruise/CostIndex field <&IsCostIndex_Begin><&b>CI<&b> <&InitCruiseSpeed[1]> <&IsCostIndex_End><&IsFixedSpeed_Begin><&InitCruiseSpeed> <&IsFixedSpeed_End><&IsMach_Begin><&InitCruiseSpeed><&IsMach_End>
  5. Charlie: What fields are you looking for? PFPX already has Local time for the following: ETA ETALocal ETD ETALocal STA STALocal STD STDLocal EstimatedTakeOffTime EstimatedTakeOffTimeLocal EstimatedLandingTime EstimatedLandingTimeLocal
  6. bcars

    Flight Plan Template Guide 2.0

    Christian: Thank you so much the updated Template guide. The new format is an alphabetical listing of all the fields. Nice. One addition that is needed is to indicate which fields must be encapsulated within Sections. For example, there is are several fields that can only be displayed if they are surrounded by the XXXXX_Begin/End construct. This new format does not show those dependencies.
  7. Muhammed: Update: I found the Message To Crew. The OFP Field Name is <&MsgToCrew>
  8. Muhammad: There are two Remarks type fields you can use in the OFP: 1. Under the General Tab/ Route Remarks ( I think this is the one you saw) This field is referenced in the OFP template as <&RouteRemarks> 2. Under the Advanced Tab, Remarks section. OFP Remarks. This field is displayed as <&Remarks> ( Note this has to be encapsulated between <&Remarks_Begin> <&Remarks> <&Remarks_End> You can use these fields to display what you want. If you put a heading of Message To Crew and use the value from the OFP Remarks that will display those remarks for your message. There are 2 other remarks fields on the OFP pages, that are not displayable from the OFP fields - Message to Crew and Dispatcher Remarks The latter ( Dispatcher Remarks ) will show up on the Schedule List in the remarks column when you release a flight(or create a new schedule entry) This allows you to annotate entries in the schedule.
  9. After installing the 1.28.9c hot fix, the selected OFP is always showing Alaska ( or whatever the 1st ofp in the list of available ofp's ). It still appears to be using the last one used, but the drop down list is no longer showing the 'current' ofp as selected.
  10. Since there have been several new undocumented OFP fields added in the last several releases, it might be easier to document them in the Release Notes or a readme file that is part of the release. This could be a one line like : New OFP Template Field added <&ETPWeight> shows weight at ETOPs ETP This would get the word out, without having to create a new Template document.
  11. When manually planning a flight, omit the sid/star from the Routing: Example, a possible routing from KLAX to KSFO might be VTU7 RZS J501 BSR BSR2 The Venture 7 departure and BigSur2 arrival. (this is the non rnav sid/star routing) When entering the route in the flight plan. just enter RZS J501 BSR leaving out the Sid/Star and then press Compute Flight. The generated OFP will not contain the Sid and Star.
  12. Click the Settings button on top menu ( the wheel cog) In the Customize page ( 1st page) at the top is Application Style. There you can Edit the Text Font /size
  13. Stefan: The latest template guide can be found here. http://www.flightsimsoft.com/downloads/ Click View More details to expand the list. Rev 12 is the latest one, however, it is missing some of the newer values. I too, am hoping an updated version can be produced, or at least a list of changes when a new version of the software ( 1.28.X ) is released Change log / readme could contain the new / changed template variables until a new template guide is produced.
  14. This is something that has been introduced in the recent release. This used to work. I am trying to go back and determine which version broke it.