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  1. Check the prosim forum. You need to update the pfpx placeholders.txt file in psu and add the line <fix>
  2. PFPX is a Flight Planning Tool. It takes aircraft performance as input as well as routes, weather and atc restrictions. It is NOT an EFB or moving map tool to be used in flight. It has a very good aircraft and template capability that allows new aircraft information and performance to be added. We should not expect the authors to provide this for every new aircraft that are released by 3rd parties. Yes, it would be nice to have those supported, but that is outside the scope of PFPX implementation. One area I think might improve the operational capabilities and flexibility is in flight plan exports. The forum is full of requests to support exporting to various different simulators and formats. If PFPX took the approach to provide a Export template mechanism similar to the OFP templates, it could have an option to 'transform' the flight plan export using a designated Export Template. This template could then transform the internal PFPX flight plan format to what format ( and target location ) the user selected. As new sims or external flight plan formats appear, it would only require a template to be built to transform to the new external format. I have played with this using the existing OFP templates and created an XML output template that will transform any PFPX flight plan to an xml file. This same technique could be used to transform to PMDG, X-Plane, abc or xyz format.
  3. I have not yet received the OFP from the original post, so I cannot construct the PFPX template.
  4. The TOC temperature is &TOCTemp and the TOC ISA is only available as ISA Difference &TOCISADev There are two formats TOCTemp[0] is +xx -xx and TOCTemp[1] is P00 M00 For Cost Index you have to determine if the flight was planned using a fixed speed, mach or CI The following extract will show the speed based on how it was entered in the Cruise/CostIndex field <&IsCostIndex_Begin><&b>CI<&b> <&InitCruiseSpeed[1]> <&IsCostIndex_End><&IsFixedSpeed_Begin><&InitCruiseSpeed> <&IsFixedSpeed_End><&IsMach_Begin><&InitCruiseSpeed><&IsMach_End>
  5. Charlie: What fields are you looking for? PFPX already has Local time for the following: ETA ETALocal ETD ETALocal STA STALocal STD STDLocal EstimatedTakeOffTime EstimatedTakeOffTimeLocal EstimatedLandingTime EstimatedLandingTimeLocal
  6. Christian: Thank you so much the updated Template guide. The new format is an alphabetical listing of all the fields. Nice. One addition that is needed is to indicate which fields must be encapsulated within Sections. For example, there is are several fields that can only be displayed if they are surrounded by the XXXXX_Begin/End construct. This new format does not show those dependencies.
  7. bcars

    jetBlue OFP Template

    Version 1.0.0


    jetBlue OFP Template Does not contain re-dispatch Unzip file JBU.txt into C:\users\Public\Public Documents\PFPX Data\Flightplan Templates
  8. check your pfpx private messages  regarding your UAL OFP template.

  9. Version 1.23


    OFP Template for Southwest (SWA) Includes ETOPS and re-dispatch sections, however these are not used by Southwest. **NOTE** This version requires PFPX 1.23 or later. ****** Do to changes in the Forum File Update, previous versions will now have a file name with the PFPX version. The current version will be swa.txt The ZIP file will contain all previous versions as well as the current version. Installation: Copy the file swa.txt into C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\FlightplanTemplates and restart PFPX. Notes: The ATC flight plan is part of the OFP so you can deselect "ATC flightplan" when printing the OFP. The Page Header can also be deselected since the template prints the Title Dispatch Release. Template will be updated as PFPX adds new variables.
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