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  1. I must admit, I'm getting somewhat irritated by the fact that PFPX seems to be ignoring its customers. I've now submitted my 3rd support ticket for the above issue and still not had a reply. Again... there are hundreds of airports in PFPX with TAFs that are dated 02nd March 2021 - They're NOT updating!! There's been no SIGMET/AIRMET data since this date either. Are you aware of this issue? Are you working to fix it?
  2. Thanks Judith! Winds are up to date now, but there are lots of TAFs that have still not updated since the 2nd March and SIGMET/AIRMET is missing since the 2nd also. Is there any news on this issue?
  3. Thinking about it... It's very strange not to receive a response for such a long time. I do hope that Judith and Christian are ok? 😞
  4. The least time consuming workaround for now is to create a route using PFPX and then copy and paste it into SimBrief to generate an OFP with accurate leg times and PBRN. The AirBerlin OFP format is probably the closest to the default PFPX template.
  5. It's such a shame that it's becoming so unreliable lately. I've put so much work into creating custom OFPs, routes, sub-routes, APM etc but it's all pointless without accurate weather.
  6. Have you received a response from the developer about the out of date FTs and missing SIGMETs? I've heard nothing.
  7. Wind data seems to have stopped updating now too. (22MAR 0600).
  8. There's been no SIGMET since 02nd March. There are also lots of airfields who's TAFs are stuck at 02MAR21. I've raised a ticket, but no response as yet. I really think just a simple reset of their server will fix it.
  9. For some reason some of the TAFs seem to have got 'stuck' on the 2nd March, not sure if it has something to do with the server outage on that day. I've tried refreshing the weather multiple times and have also signed in and out from the programme, but it doesn't appear to have fixed the problem. Here's an example of the some of the airports that are affected: LFMN LSGG LFLL LSZH Best regards, Martin
  10. Yes! If you add 100 to the parameter field, you will get +/- . If you add 1000 to the parameter field, you will get P/M . For example <&FromUTCDiff[104]> will give you something that looks like this: +0100
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