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  1. Yes! If you add 100 to the parameter field, you will get +/- . If you add 1000 to the parameter field, you will get P/M . For example <&FromUTCDiff[104]> will give you something that looks like this: +0100
  2. Is anyone else experiencing the above issue?
  3. METAR & TAF were working earlier, but now they both appear to be stuck. In my case at around 11z (19/11).
  4. Now the application has kicked me out and it’s asking for the product activation code. However when I enter it, nothing happens and the program hangs. I’m really worried that they’ve pulled the plug on PFPX and now I’ve lost everything! :-(
  5. I’m unable to download weather or NAT tracks and the server subscription just says “connecting”. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  6. I'm in the process of customising my own OFP template. In the ETOPS Entry and Exit summary, is there a field that I can use that will return the distance from the EEP and EXP to their respective airports, rather than 'X' NM before a waypoint? Many thanks, Martin
  7. I was under the impression that the weather suitability period used in the ETOPs section is from 1 hour prior to first possible use, until 1 hour after? However in some cases the suitability period is only 20min long, can anyone explain what these times represent? Regards, Martin
  8. Can someone delete this thread please, it’s sorted itself out. thanks!
  9. Good evening, I'm having an issue with PFPX whereby the TAFs are out of date, they're all dated 191008. The program is showing that the weather source has been refreshed and the METARs are all showing correctly. Any ideas what the problem could be? Many thanks, Martin.
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