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  1. Maybe I'm wrong, but I would say unable, because to calculate the required track miles I multiply my FL for 3/10 and add a mile for each 10 knots above 250kt. So 150 * 3 / 10 = 45 which is much higher than 24 without considering the speed. Anyway I think that the ATC should reason the same way and sounds strange that he asked if 24 is enough given a calculated track miles of 45.
  2. In the OFP route section, because in most real OFPs route is displayed in this way
  3. Hi, is there the possibility to add a feature to show the route with only FL steps? EG: LOGDI Y663 EKDIR/F370 DCT LOMED instead of LOGDI Y663 EKDIR/N0427F370 DCT LOMED Thanks
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