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  1. There also seems to be a problem with sending the flightplan directly to the vPilot (at least for xPilot), which complains about the format.
  2. I would also like to chime that bell to ask whether we will see updates to the TOPCAT planes. As far as I know, the TOPCAT data files are kind of special, so it is only the devs that can add/remove those. I am particularly thinking about the newer Airbus engines, that is missing.
  3. Hi all, I have a couple of questions regarding the APM functionality in PFPX? 1: Short and clear. What is Gross Weight? The weight of the airplane at TO, the current weight of the airplane, or something else? 2: How do I keep my measurements? I made a bunch of measurements on the TBM-930 yesterday and applied them to the airplane, but then when I did some measurements on the A320neo today, both my measurements for the TBM-930 and the applied values was gone. Cheers, Michael
  4. Sorry if I haven't been completely clear on this, but my problem is not so much as what data I need to put into the profile, but more how to obtain the data? More specifically, what is the usual workflow? Do you ask the developers of the airplanes for the data or do you get the data yourself, the hard way? In any case, I have sent an email to Asobo, who is the primary developer of the airplanes in MSFS2020, if they have any data available. Until some of the third-party devs gets around to producing accurate airliners, it is a good start.
  5. WIll there be a fix for the inability to automatically validate flight routes? It somehow seems stuck at the moment.
  6. You mean the fuel and drag bias option? I am already doing that, but I would also like to find out how to make my own profiles. So if it is not done the hard "hack" way, how is it done then? You simply ask the manufactures for the data? When I look at the flight profile, the only name numbers for a select weight scheme. I have even found a profile for a Cessna 172R with only one weight scheme. Cheers, Michael
  7. Hi all, I have been looking for an aircraft profile for the a320neo, but haven't been succesfull so far, so I thought I might try to make on myself. The thing is that I have absolutely no idea on how I do it specifically. I have access to a flight recorder that can give me details about the airplane as I fly it, meaning that I can get the fuel weight, consumtion, airspeed, etc. at various altitudes. So I hope that some people might be able to answer my questions here. 1: As has already been described in great detail, the main content of a flight profile is weight, altitude, sp
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