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  1. Dear Christian and Judith, Despite giving my unfiltered opinion about the replies I got regarding TOPCAT from Judith on mail in several of my streams, I would still like to express my thanks for providing the community with two fantastic products. I couldn't imagine doing flights without PFPX, even though I need to do a bit more hoops and jumps to get it too Vatsim/IVAO. When I look at TOPCAT and PFPX, my main concern is longevity. Yes, PFPX has some quirks and some bugs, that would be nice to get fixed, but the program works as intended and more importantly, it's longevity is ensured by the community itself to be able to make aircraft profiles, OFP templates and add airport information to the program. As I see it, it is here the issue lies with TOPCAT. I can certainly understand if TOPCAT is written in an old language, that it may be more cumbersome to update it and that it could possible really need a port to a more recent codebase (it is hard to speculate about without knowing the language it was written in). I, unfortunately, have only been able to use TOPCAT on one plane, the X Plane 11 Zibo Boeing 737, but boy, does it shine. The direct integration with PFPX and the detailed info about seating arrangements, weight distribution and likewise, is second to none. But, herein also is the longevity issue with TOPCAT. The inability of the community to create performance profiles for the program. I have the ToLiss Airbus A321, A340 and FFA A359 and I would love nothing more that to use TOPCAT for each and every of those planes, even though they have their own calculators, simply because the fantastic integration with PFPX. But sadly I can't, because of lacking profiles. So, personally, I would say that some way of giving the community ways to make TOPCAT profiles, would come a very very long way. Not only for the community, but probably also for your sales of TOPCAT and PFPX. Sincerely, Michael Hansen
  2. Hi all, I have found that the doors are better controlled via the "AirbusFBW/PaxDoorModeArray[0-7]", than the AirbusFBW/PaxDoorArray[0-19] used in the original file. I have tried replacing the entries in both files and it works flawlessly. The doors are new registered as OPEN, when the jetway is connected and close when the jetway is moving away. The datavalues are 0 for "closed" and 2 for "open". Value one, is for "auto". Sincerely, Michael
  3. Neither are we, which is very sad. Especially because both PFPX and TOPCAT are really good programs.
  4. I very much disagree. I have used Simbrief on several occasions and for a quick and dirty flightplan, it works fine. But if you want just a tad more granular control, especially on the routes, then PFPX is the tool to go. Also, I have found that the fuel predictions and calculations of PFPX seems to be better than Simbrief. We just need someone to pick up the mantle and continue supporting both PFPX and TOPCAT.
  5. Are there server maintenance again? Because the servers are down for me. Sincerely, Michael
  6. Yes, I found that out by trial and error, but thanks for the quick reply. Do you happen to know if I can put the Message to Crew in Details into the plan somehow? Sincerely, Michael Hansen
  7. Could someone maybe be so kind as to give an example on how to put in pilot and crew info. I have tried with <&crew1>, <&crew2> and <&crew3> but I only get text fields. No names or anything. If I do the same in the ofp, crew1 is second officer, crew3 is third officer and crew2 is not showing anything. can someone help, please? Sincerely, Michael Hansen
  8. Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I am at a loss here. I am trying to find the keyword for the Pilot In Command, but I cannot find it. Also, I have tried to include fields with Crew 1 to 3 in a crew info file, but it doesn't seem to work. My template is as such: PIC: | <&Crew1> ________________|_____________________________________________________________ 2nd Officer: | <&Crew2> ________________|_____________________________________________________________ 3rd Officer: | <&Crew3> ________________|_____________________________________________________________ Update: Nevermind, for some reason it just worked...... Sincerely, Michael Hansen
  9. There also seems to be a problem with sending the flightplan directly to the vPilot (at least for xPilot), which complains about the format.
  10. I would also like to chime that bell to ask whether we will see updates to the TOPCAT planes. As far as I know, the TOPCAT data files are kind of special, so it is only the devs that can add/remove those. I am particularly thinking about the newer Airbus engines, that is missing.
  11. WIll there be a fix for the inability to automatically validate flight routes? It somehow seems stuck at the moment.
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