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  1. Owepilot

    Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    I was lucky there! Good support from excel...
  2. Owepilot

    Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    Hello fellow Captains, I did an upload of four files in the dowwnload section today. They are as follows: BRA and SCW: OFP for operation with Braathens Regionals AT-72 and RJ's respectively. SAS which is a OFP modified SASWIF file with inspiration also from RAFA, showing how SAS OFP looks like. Last i uploaded my try of the DC-8-62 with JT3D-7 engines taken from an old AFM found on the net. I hope you enjoy the little addition to our common files repository!
  3. Owepilot

    Douglas DC-8-62 PW JTD3-7.txt

    Version 1.0.0


    Hi, I made shot at the fantastic DC-8-62, found an old AFM on the net and went for it. The file covers climb at 250/280/0.78 Cruise at M 0.82, 0.80, 0.78 and LRC. For Descent it is .80/280/250 covered. Holding is also covered. No engine-out is covered.
  4. Owepilot


    Version 1.0.0


    SAS is a try on the OFP of Scandinavian Airlines. It covers ETOPS. I have gathered inspiration from RAFA and the editors og SASWIF OFP template. Thanks for that!
  5. Owepilot

    BRA.txt and SCW.txt

    Version 1.0.0


    BRA.txt: this is a shot at the OFP used by Braathens Regional ATR-72 fleet. Braathens Regional is based at ESMS and covers domestic routes in Sweden. SCW.txt this is a try on the OFP used by the same company but for their RJ85 and 100 fleet. Braathens Regional fly mostly to ESSB, ESMS, ESGG and quite a few serial charters with their Avro fleet.
  6. Owepilot


    For clarification, I mean possible to enter into the FMGC on the bus. There is a format difference for ATC plan and how to enter in a FMC.
  7. Owepilot


    Yes and it works, the strange thing is that when reading the OFP, the format is correct and that works well also when inserting the wpt into FMGC on my bus. As I am flying with Scandinavian Virtual, we have a SVATT-NG tool which creates a .pln, when pating the route created with PFPX, I need to correct the lat/long wpt's to the aforementioned format. My AIRAC is Navigraph...
  8. Owepilot


    Hi, I am having the same format error with AIRAC 1210 and 1302, and when hovering a wpt in PFPX it shows the format correct e.g. 5520N. I am using 1.27 for the moment, som y 50 cents is that it is a PFPX bug/feature... Owe Wiktorsso SAS108