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PFPX hotfix 1.28.8

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this hotfix solves several issues...


Note: this is not a full installer, but a replacement of the original PFPX.exe file. Unzip the file and place it into the following directory:

c:\aerosoft\Professional Flight Planner X\


Important: PFPX requires 'Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 x86'.


Best regards,

PFPX Hotfix 1.28.8.zip

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Since installing the hotfix 1.28.8, I cannot export flt plns, and even trying to print then in pdf only the wind charts are generated. However it shows that a OFP was generate from the summary page.


Also aircraft database is never available from the quick access menu after restarting the program.




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I'm still having issues with selecting "add new aicraft"


I click the icon, but the selection becomes transparent and then does nothing.


I've done a fresh install of 1.28.8 and nothing works.


Also get a CTD when I select FIND ROUTE in advance options.

pfpx aircraft issue.jpg

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3 hours ago, Tom A320 said:


Please follow the instructions in the following topic. It has helped many other users to get their problem solved.



Thanks for this. Didn't realise it was considered a runtime issue :)

Will have a look now!

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Hi guys,


I have Windows XP SP3 and upgraded my PFPX version to 1.28 with both fixes *.4 and *.8. I have the very same symptons as some users, i re-installed M VisualC ++ latest version for 32bit did the usual troubleshoot by uninstalling (full uninstall of the "bye" files, and the registry), rebooting, reinstalling, rebooting again to no avail.
My 1.26 was working fine and i manually updated to 1.28. I now wanted to plan a few flights so I decided to roll-back to version 1.26. Problem is that once i roll-back and set my activation code, the "Continue" p/b doesn't become active therefore i can no longer activate any previous versions.
I have just purchased my yearly subscription for PFPX and now I'm stuck. Any ideas, input is highly appreciated,
Thanks in advance.


P.S.- I didn't mention but upon Running as admin the PFPX.exe file, it doesn't load PFPX at all. Nothing shows up in the task bar

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I did exactly as described.  And I'm STILL having PFPX crash ONLY when I try to select an Alternate.


Windows 7 64


Placed the 1.28.8 file in the PFPX folder overwriting the 1.28 version.

Uninstalled the C++ x64


Ran the new C++ x64


Ran PFPX and I can set up a route but when I select an alternate, bam, crashes PFPX.


Someone please enlighten me on how to fix this?



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On 3/6/2017 at 3:02 PM, B777ER said:

With this version when exporting to Vatsim, the alternate airport is in the remarks section and not in the proper alternate airport data field.


Any chance we'll see a fix for this or maybe we should rather create a support ticket?

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